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Silver Borne Question
« on: August 08, 2010, 02:05:48 pm »
In Silver Borne, Ariana used Jesse to find Gabriel in the fairy queen's Elphame and she was unable to do it when Mercy was kept there. I remember that it was clarified that Ariana couldn't use any of Mercy's things, because they were burned in the fire, her cars didn't work as a close enough tie, and Ariana couldn't go anywhere near Adam, because he was having such a difficult time controlling himself with Mercy missing.

But what about Samuel? By the end of the book, Ariana was able to touch Samuel without having a panic attack. Mercy and Samuel may not be mates, but in the beginning of the book, Mercy and Samuel's wolf had a short conversation in the hospital about Samuel being about to draw on her strength, because in a way, they're pack. So, it seems like Mercy's ties to Samuel would be more than strong enough for Ariana to use him to find Mercy in Elphame. So, why didn't she? Did Samuel just not think to offer himself, because he didn't think of himself as having a strong enough tie to find Mercy? And I know Bran doesn't know everything (even though it often seems like it), but I would think that he'd suggest that Ari try to use Samuel, if only to make sure that he wasn't overlooking a possibility that would lead them to Mercy.

Just something to nagged at me after I reread the book and was hoping you'd be able to clarify. Thanks! :) Also, I wanted to say that I really loved the Mercy series and I'm really looking forward to River Marked coming out in January. I hope that you and Mike are well! :D
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