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Werewolf Ethology
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MC - Moon Called
BB - Blood Bound
IK - Iron Kissed
BC - Bone Crossed
SB - Silver Borne
RM - River Marked
FB- Frost Burned
SF - Silence Fallen
NB - Night Broken
FT - Fire Touched
SF - Silence Fallen
SC - Storm Cursed
SmB - Smoke Bitten

AO - Alpha & Omega
CW - Cry Wolf
HG - Hunting Ground
FG- Fair Game
DH - Dead Heat
BuB - Burn Bright
WS - Wild Sign

Si - Silver
Gr - Gray
Fg - Fairy Gifts
Se - Seeing Eye
Sd - Star of David
Rw -Roses in Winter
Ip - In Red With Pearls
Ug - Underappreciated Gifts
Ml - Must Love Cats
Ad - Asil and the Not Date
Re - Redemption
Hj - Hopcross Jilly
Ho- Hollow

This is a breakdown of the characteristics of werewolves in the Mercyverse. Behaviour, physiology as well as pack magic and bonds.


From Chat Transcripts:

  • the average pack is 20-30 wolves; they fluctuate depending on how jobs and moving goesChat 2007-05-20
  • wolf magic doesn't come from the moon, it's internal; part of what makes a werewolf a werewolfChat 2007-11-03
  • originally the Weres were all Europeans, they came over with the rest of the immigrantsChat 2008-04-05

From Moon Called:

  • packs sometimes take their public name from their leader; more often they find some geographical feature in their territoryMC-42
  • many as 2 thousand in the US, 5 or 6 hundred in Canada, and about 4 hundred in MexicoMC-34
  • it's an anomaly to have a pack in the Tri-Cities areaMC-10
  • packs usually settle in bigger areas where they can hide better, or, rarely, in smaller places where they can take overMC-10
  • they have a tendency to do well in the military and secret government agenciesMC-10
  • despite all the physical benefits they gain, the average lifespan of a werewolf from his first Change until his death is ten yearsMC-201
  • most werewolves died in dominance fights with other werewolvesMC-201
  • werewolves' instincts are inconvenient--that's why they don't tend to live longMC-04
  • werewolves are hot-tempered and aggressive, but they aren't evilMC-39
  • werewolves respect bravadoMC-50
  • the trick with werewolves is to never confront them straight onMC-10
  • werewolves don't take to strangers wellMC-11
  • There’s all sorts of protocols they insist upon when a new wolf comes into someone else’s territory, and something tells me that Mac hasn’t petitioned the packMC-11
  • some werewolves can tell if a person is lyingMC-165

From Alpha&Omega:

  • a cornered wolf is a dangerous wolfAO-65

From Cry Wolf:

  • as werewolves age they gain abilitiesCW-209

From Hunting Ground:

  • packs only moved into open territory or territory they had killed to takeHG-91
  • werewolves talk as if they and the wolves they shared their skins with were one; some werewolves had nothing more wolfish about them, even in wolf form, than a nasty temper and a need to kill things that ran from themHG-45

From Blood Bound:

  • wolves communicate well without wordsBB-115
  • all wolves must wear a collar when they run in the city that identifies them as someone's petBB-05

From Iron Kissed:

  • the pack is always aware on some level of the other pack members; they know when one of their own was in distress; they know when one has diedIK-113

From Silver Borne:

  • wolf play is a simple game with no losers that they do with the ones they love; it didn't often happen in the pack as a whole, but among smaller groupsSB-14
  • most werewolves have all the change they can deal with the first time they become wolf; other kinds of change are tough to force on themSB-25
  • fear brings violence out in the wolvesSB-62
  • werewolves, like their natural brethren, are territorial, and they don't share their hunting ground easily with other predatorsSB-25
  • some werewolves had trouble driving because they could be a little distractibleSB-48
  • can take out Kodiak bearsSB-53
  • showing weakness to another is a sign of trustSB-56
  • wolf superseding the man usually happens in the middle of a fight, the only thing to do is lie low until the man takes back controlSB-65
  • wolf instincts them them that direct eye contact is a challengeSB-88
  • the wolf longs to hunt, to feel blood in its teethSB-110
  • werewolves tend to lose their human halves when badly injured, but they can be recalled to themselves by a mate or by a more dominant wolfSB-168
  • wolves are blunt creatures, mostly impatient with the soft-pedaling that the rest of the world considers politenessSB-183

From River Marked:

  • wolves communicate much more clearly than humans do in an emergencyRM-91

From Frost Burned:

From Night Broken:

From Fire Touched:

Night Broken:
Werewolf packs hunt at least once a month on the full moon,” I told them firmly. “Around here, we mostly hunt rabbits or ground squirrels. Other places, they hunt deer, elk, or even moose. Just like timber wolves do, though werewolves avoid domestic animals like cattle as a matter of course.”

“When wolves hunt, there is a hierarchy. Someone directs, others follow.


From Chat Transcripts:

From Moon Called:

  • have a distinctive musk-and-mint scentMC-03
  • werewolves usually have markings that are more doglike than wolflikeMC-47
  • werewolves are very densely muscled; they tend to have a difficult time swimming even if they want to, because, like chimpanzees, they have too much muscle and not enough fat to floatMC-96
  • for all their size werewolves still resemble their gracile cousin the timber wolf more than the mastiff or Saint Bernard who are closer to their weightMC-62
  • werewolves can run faster than greyhoundsMC-178
  • werewolves' front legs are built more like a bear's or a lion's than a timber wolf'sMC-198
  • werewolves use their claws to rip and tear fleshMC-198
  • they aren't really built for running, they are built for fighting, and there is a deadly beauty to them that comes out only in battleMC-62
  • cells repaired themselves and removed damage of age, disease and experienceMC-168
  • are very good at sensing arousal; not just smells, but elevated temperature and increased heart rateMC-129
  • arousal in werewolves tends to bring out the fighting instinct in all nearby malesMC-129

From Blood Bound:

  • cannot be mistaken for wolves; much bigger and a lot scarierBB-02
  • have strength; semi-retractable claws and inch long fangsBB-15
  • werewolves don't like the heatBC-237

From Silver Borne:

  • they can't swim; their bodies are too denseSB-50

From River Marked:

  • werewolves are seldom out of shapeRM-48
  • werewolves are quick; not cheetah fast, but faster than timber wolves or dogsRM-48

The Effects of Silver
  • werewolves scar with wounds caused with silverChat 2007-06-24
  • prolonged exposure to silver increases sensitivityMC-258
  • silver ammo makes wounds that don't heal fast; there is a chance of bleeding outMC-259
  • silver is harder than lead, and the bullets sometimes blow right through and leave the wolf sick, in pain, and aliveSB-50
  • silver bullet doesn't mushroom like a lead bullet doesRM-179

How to Kill a Werewolf
  • werewolves are too tough to die easilySB-50
  • there aren't many ways for a werewolf to commit suicide
  • silver bullets have some difficultiesSB-50
  • the most popular choice is death by werewolfSB-50
  • drowning is the next popular choice


From Chat Transcripts:

  • most disabilities would be healed by the changeChat 2008-04-05

From Moon Called:

  • most people don't survive the Change if they're already too sickMC-104
  • usually when a wolf lives through the Change but doesn't survive his first year, it is because the human cannot control the instincts of the wolfMC-110
  • any person bitten by a werewolf doesn't turn into another werewolf; it takes an attack so vicious that the victim lies near death to allow the magic of the wolf to slip past the body's immune systemMC-21
  • in the US, most werewolves are brought over by friends or familyMC-21
  • there are occasional attacks by rogue werewolves; it is one of the duties of a pack to kill rogues and find their victimsMC-21
  • werewolves can take as much as fifteen minutes to shift shapeMC-13
  • shifting is not easy or painless at the best of times, and it was worse without the aid of the moon's callMC-46
  • sometimes the shift helps werewolves heal faster; usually the shift from human to wolf but the other way works as wellMC-95

From Alpha&Omega:

  • There are rulesAO-31
  • First is that no person may be changed against their willAO-31
  • Second is that no person may be Changed until they have been counseled and passed a simple test to demonstrate that they understand what that Change meansAO-31

From Cry Wolf:

  • usually when a wolf Changed someone, it was drawn back to the new werewolf for a while; some genetic imperative to make sure that an untaught, uncontrolled werewolf wasn't going to draw too much unwanted attentionCW-201

From Blood Bound:

  • John Hopkins has a whole team looking for a virus or bacteria that could cause the ChangeBB-03
  • females don't survive the change as well as malesBB-111


From Chat Transcripts:

  • wolves don't leave their mates lightlyChat 2007-05-20
  • marriage is a convenience from the wolves' standpointChat 2007-06-24
  • there is a connection between a wolf and his mate similar to, but more intimate than the connection between a wolf and his pack. If the mate is a wolf, generally the bond is stronger what means for a mated pair is individual to each pairingChat 2008-05-02

From Cry Wolf:

  • love isn't necessary for the mating bond--acceptance was, trust wasCW-293
  • it takes more than attraction to seal a couple together as a mated pair; they must make love and there's a formal ceremony under the full moon that cements their bonds -- a weddingCW-106
  • without those anyone wolf can make a play for one of the pair without retaliationCW-106
  • love and sex would bind human to human--then the wolf would choose, or notCW-118
  • Charles and Anna have a bond that happened backwards; his wolf chose her wolf and left them to followCW-112

From Silver Borne:

  • in werewolf terms, it means something slightly different for every mated pairSB-13
  • some mated pairs can barely perceive the difference...and some virtually become the same personSB-13
  • different from a pack bond--softer, stronger, and deeperSB-324

From River Marked:

  • is a lot more permanent than marriageRM-49
  • usually, if you find your mate, he's not going to be someone you need to divorceRM-49
  • abuse is almost not possible when two people are connected by a mating bond; it gives you insight into your mate that allows you to avoid the nastier fights that snowball into cold distanceRM-49
  • the mating bond is pack magicRM-49


Pack magic, I’d learned, was real. And if enough of the pack wanted you to do something, it was difficult not to do it.

Joining a Pack

  • wolves are added into a pack by passing blood and flesh to a new member from the AlphaBC-69
  • walkers are able to join werewolf packsBC-69
  • traditionally packs are informed and introduced to those who intend to become membersBC-71
  • the Marrok will interfere with an Alpha's decisions if someone is being harmed by itBC-105

“Look me in the eyes with no offense taken or meant, Zachary Edwin Drummond.”
Zack raised his chin and met Adam’s gaze. “I see you, Adam Alexander Hauptman, Alpha of the Columbia Basin Pack.”
“Will you join with us, to hunt, to fight, to live and run?”
“Under the moon,” Zack said. “I will hunt, fight, live and run with you and yours who shall be mine.”
“We claim you,” Darryl said, and pulled out a pocketknife and opened it one-handed.
“We claim you,” I said when Adam glanced at me.
“I claim you,” said Adam, and he took Darryl’s knife and cut a chunk of meat the size of the tip of my little finger off his forearm with practiced ease. “Alpha’s flesh and blood you shall be.”
He offered the bloody bit to Zack, who ate it off his fingers. Blood welled up from the wound on Adam’s arm. Four fat drops fell to the carpet, and then the gouge scabbed over. In less than an hour, there would be no sign of the wound at all. A simple cut would have healed even faster.
“From this day forward,” Adam said. “Mine to me and mine. Pack.”
“Yours to you, mine to me,” answered Zack. The smoothness of his answer told me how often he’d done this.
Magic sizzled and zipped between us, burning in my chest as if someone had set a match there. But I shared that power with the whole pack, who received Zack along with me. Zack got the whole of his end, and he cried out and wrapped his arms around his chest and sank down on the bedspread.
It would have taken more than a jolt of pack magic to make me touch that bedspread.
Darryl was made of sterner stuff. He sat down beside Zack and wrapped one of his long arms around the other man’s shoulders.
“Breathe through it,” he advised. “I know it burns like freaking nitrous. But it will be over before you know it.”
“Better joining than leaving,” said Zack in a tight voice. But the worst was over, and his muscles started to relax. Until he noticed that Darryl was holding him.

Mechanics of the Pack Bond

  • as a member of a pack, one is all but immune to enthrallment from outside sourcesSB-322
  • pack bonds are not built to subdue indivduality to the Alpha or enforce behavior of any kindSB-322
  • a pack needs all its differences and they find strength in thatSB-322


  • a bit of wolf magic that encourages humans to see a dog instead of a wolf, but it is only a little bit of magic, and if someone is looking they'll see a wolf and not a dogSB-81
  • the pack magic works in broad daylight but the darkness helpsRM-76
  • one werewolf was a tough creature--but the real power of the werewolves lay in their packsRM-82


  • when the moon comes, you can't stop the changeMC-26
  • out of control through no fault of their ownCW-95
  • when moonstruck the werewolf would kill anyone near himMC-188
  • the downside of being dominant if you did go Moonstruck, you took everyone who was less dominant with youMC-76

Moon's Call

  • when a wolf's voice [maybe Alpha only] holds the power of the moonMC-271
  • Adam threw back his head and howled, a wolf's song rising from his human throatMC-269
  • died away to silence but not an empty silence; more like the deadly quiet that precedes the start of the huntMC-269
  • he howled again and was answered by every werewolf within hearing distance
  • when he called a third time the moon's call sang through the trees to catch the rest of the wolves and forced them into their wolf form
  • he stood in the moonlight which somehow seemed brighter than it had before
  • he opened his eyes and looked at the moon's face. This time he used words
  • didn't speak loudly but his voice, like his song spread through the area like a roll of thunder, powerful and unavoidable. And the wolves cameMC-269

Moon's NightBB-44

October Changes

  • [Moderator's note:]may be limited to the Marrok pack only
  • the last full moon of October all those who choose to try to become werewolves were allowed to come forwardMC-74
  • in a formal ceremony they are savaged by Bran or by some other wolf that loves them, in the hopes they would rise ChangedMC-74
  • most of them didn't make itMC-74

Hunting Song

  • instinct takes over when a wolf is on the huntMC-79

Hunting Rage

  • An adrenaline rushMC-28

Spell of SilenceMC-204

Shadows Spell
  • used by packs to conceal fights or kills or anything else they didn't want the rest of the world to know aboutHG-101


Banishment Ceremony

  • cutting loose the pack bonds with a full blood-and-flesh banishment ceremonyCW-240


  • the first chance the Marrok saw to present the werewolves in a favorable light, they were coming out to the publicHG-83
  • werewolves were being blackmailed by government agencies; family members were threatened or held under implied threadHG-91
  • in the effort to deal with any further blackmail, The Marrok made the decision to reveal the werewolves; bring the secrets out into the open in order to give the unnamed government agencies who threatened exposure no more ammunitionHG-91
  • the Marrok offered a five year window to allow any wolf who wished to migrate to the United States that opportunityHG-91
  • the Marrok was also willing to consider the migration of whole packsHG-91
  • certain conditions had to be met; they must submit to the Marrok and agree tot he rules that his packs live by in his territory; they must agree to go where they are toldHG-92
  • in return, they will receive the benefits that all of the Marrok's wolves do--protection and aidHG-92

  • werewolves had outed themselves a year and a half ago--though they were careful what they told the publicRM-22
  • they didn't tell the public everything; one of the things Bran was not telling the public about werewolves was that they were immortalRM-168


  • twice a year the Alphas meet with Bran at Bran's corporate headquarters in Colorado; they sometimes brought their seconds or thirds - but never the womenMC-203
  • one of the things done at the meetings is to update the pack membershipsAO-40
  • Alphas are supposed to keep the Marrok informed when people die, or when new wolves are ChangedAO-40


See Supernatural Hate Groups

  • in the Tri-Cities, a place not noted for political activism or hate groups, the local anti-werewolf groups had been getting noticeably strongerIK-46
  • werewolves are a potential ally against political attacks since they are the only other supernatural group who admits its existence to the general publicRM-78
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Re: Werewolf Ethology
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From Chat Transcripts:

  • there's some magic involved in pack rankingChat 2007-11-03
  • rank in the pack is both actual and magical; the magic is more inherent than acted upon, like say, a witch's magicChat 2007-11-03

From Moon Called:

  • matter of safety to always know where you rank in the packMC-214
  • rule of keeping pack trouble in the packMC-67
  • wolves are meant to run in a packMC-130
  • there are all sorts of protocols they insist upon when a new wolf comes into someone else's territoryMC-11
  • wolves who can't control themselves are eliminated for the safety of the packMC-105
  • two unmated male werewolves always get territorial in the presence of a femaleMC-121
  • a pack won't accept a wolf who causes too much troubleMC-129
  • they are strongly discouraged to discuss the matter of being a werewolf with anyone other than permanent mates; punishment for disobedience was harshMC-135

From Alpha&Omega:

From Cry Wolf:

  • it always took a while for a new wolf to establish his place in the packCW-217

From Hunting Ground:

From Blood Bound:

  • pack law is necessarily brutalBB-51
  • werewolves, outside of a well-run pack, will kill the wounded or weakBB-135
  • 2nd and 3rd--most cases the ranks were so close that there was always some tension between the wolves who held them, especially without the Alpha aroundBB-45
  • Dominance among werewolves is a combination of force of personality, strength of will, physical ability and a component of other that can't be explained to anyone without the eyes, ears, and nose to sense it-and those with the proper senses wouldn't need it explained; willingness to fight is as close as it can be explainedBB-137
  • it is because of that other that, outside of a pack, the natural dominance of a wolf changes within a fairly broad range; some days they are tired, depressed, happy-all of these affect natural dominanceBB-137

From Iron Kissed:

From Bone Crossed:

  • packs are dictatorshipsBC-74
  • once in a pack, only the Alpha or the member can break itBC-105

From Silver Borne:

  • since Warren joined the Columbia Basin Pack several other packs have allowed gay wolves to joinSB-24
  • Mercy is the first known nonwerewolf mate becoming packSB-14
  • pack existed before ceremonies; magic binds more obviously, more extensively, but not more deeplySB-56
  • in the best scenario, an injured wolf will be protected by his pack matesSB-188

The Marrok

A History

  • there had been a European ruler equivalent to the Marrok at one timeHG-87
  • the first Marrok had been created after the ravages of the Black PlagueHG-88
  • he hadn't been called the Marrok, that was Bran's decision in the New World--but that's what he had beenHG-88
  • made Alpha of all the Alphas and by the power of that, able to take on any other. Or he should have beenHG-88

  • kills any werewolves who allow the wolf to lead and the man to follow; preventing-mass-slaughter sorts of reasonsSB-54

Alpha Werewolves

From Chat Transcripts:

From Moon Called:

  • twice a year the Alphas meet with Bran at Bran's corporate headquarters in Colorado; they sometimes brought their seconds or thirds - but never the womenMC-203
  • Alphas are uncomfortable outside their own territory and interact badly with other AlphasMC-203
  • it was decided in the Middle Ages, after the Black Plague, that there would be a leader over all the werewolvesMC-34
  • the Marrok and his pack have oversight of all the werewolves in North AmericaMC-34
  • the only thing it takes to be an Alpha is power, not intelligence or even common senseMC-34
  • Alphas, especially the Marrok, never look away when others are watching themMC-99
  • Alphas can help control the wolves of newly Changed werewolvesMC-46
  • in Europe, murder was still mostly the way the rule of the pack changed handsMC-64
  • the old Alpha ruled until one of the younger, hungrier dominant males decided the old one had grown weak and attacked himMC-64
  • Mercy knows of at least one European Alpha who killed any male who showed signs of being dominantMC-64
  • New World--iron hand of the Marrok leadership was mostly imposed from above -- and no one challenged the Marrok's descsionsMC-64
  • the pack is sworn to obedience to the AlphaMC-145
  • penalty for disobeying a direct order is brutalMC-142
  • an Alpha never admits weakness in front of the packMC-208
  • meeting an Alpha on his home territory puts him in a superior positionMC-214

From Cry Wolf:

  • a man made himself and Alpha, it wasn't just an accident of birthCW-197
  • consuming the flesh and blood of the Alpha also cements a wolf's place in their packCW-293
  • being an Alpha isn't easy; it's a lot of responsibilty, a lot of workCW-111
  • Alphas don't like old wolves moving into their packsCW-111
  • the Marrok has careful screening of the dominants under his rule before he allowed them to become AlphasCW-207

From Blood Bound:

  • around 150 AlphasBB-114
  • if a pack member is hurt, flesh and blood of the Alpha can help heal himBB-130

From Iron Kissed:

  • it's not an easy matter to oust an Alpha, in North America, that never happens without the consent of the MarrokIK-40

From Bone Crossed:

  • alpha werewolves don't admit to any pain in public, and seldom in privateBC-25
  • alphas heal faster then regular wolves due to the power of his packBC-25
  • alphas don't do any heavy lifting if there are capable minions aboutBC-31

From Silver Borne:
  • they don't like to be threatenedSB-106
  • strong Alphas can force the change on another wolfSB-181

From River Marked:

  • they don't deal well with commercial airline travel; having to trust some stranger to fly the plane leaves them with the need for controlRM-26

Omega Werewolves

  • there are more male Omegas--because there are more male werewolvesChat 2008-02-09
  • different Omegas are "differently abled", not stronger or weakerChat 2008-02-09
  • few Omegas seldom meetChat 2008-02-09
  • like dominance, being an Omega was mostly personalityCW-197
  • Bran liked to say, identity was partly heritage, partly upbringing, but mostly the choices you made in life; just as a man makes himself into an Alpha so does an Omega; it's not an accident of birthCW-197
  • Anna as an Omega brought peace and serenity with her wherever she went; some of her power depended upon her being a werewolf, which magnified the effect of her magic; but a larger part of it was the steel backbone that made the best of whatever circumstances she happened to be in; those were conscious decisionsCW-197

  • Omegas serve much the same purpose in a pack as submissives, but more soCW-127
  • not constrained by an instinctive need to obey a more dominant wolfAO-37
  • instead of following anyone's orders they follow no one'sCW-127
  • has all the protective instincts of an Alpha and none of the violent tendenciesCW-127
  • they make sure that everyone in their pack is happy and sheltered from anything that might harm themCW-127

Submissive Werewolves

  • a submissive werewolf is not incapable of protecting himself: he can fight, he can kill as readily as any otherCW-126
  • they don't feel the need to fight-not the way a dominant doesCW-126
  • they are a treasure in a pack; a source of purpose and balanceCW-126
  • protecting a submissive is far more rewarding because a submissive will never wait until you are wounded or your back is turned to see if you are truly dominant to themCW-126
  • submissive wolves can be trustedCW-126
  • they unite the pack with the goal of keeping them safe and cared forCW-126
  • torture a submissive, and you were left with the humanCW-131

Submissive wolves also got to travel because no Alpha would turn down a submissive wolf—there weren’t many of them, and they tended to help a pack function more smoothly.

submissive wolves usually do fine in pack politics because, like Christy, no one wants to hurt them

 Submissive means a wolf has no desire to be in charge.

Dominant Werewolves

  • it's hard for a dominant wolf to hurt a submissive wolf--if he's sane--their instincts tell them to protect themCW-99
  • dominant wolves heal faster than submissive wolvesMC-70
  • torture a dominant,and the wolf came to the forefrontCW-131
  • when an extremely dominant werewolf meets someone's gaze with his wolf in the fore, even humans bow to their kneesSB-57
  • arguing with dominant wolves could have unpleasant resultsSB-69
  • really dominant wolves can add a push into their voiceSB-293

In a wolf pack, the dominant members protect—they don’t need protection. I was not just the Alpha’s wife, I was his mate and a pack member.

Female Werewolves

  • a mated female took her pack position from her mate, but unmated females were always lower than males unless the male was unusually submissiveMC-39
  • unmated females belong to the AlphaBB-111
  • werewolf women can't have children.The change is too hard on the fetus. They miscarry in the third or fourth month.AO-22
  • werewolf women miscarry at the first full moonMC-97
  • females don't survive the change as well as malesBB-111
  • human women miscarry a little over half of the children they conceive by a werewolf fatherMC-97
  • human women carry to term only those babies who are wholly humanMC-97

New Werewolves

  • new werewolves have to be taught how to use their sensesMC-21
  • there is a support structure to educate the new wolf, to keep him and everyone around him safeMC-21
  • new werewolves, unless they have the guidance of a strong dominant, have little control of their wolf form the first few times they changeMC-20
  • a new werewolf just doesn't stand a chance against the older onesMC-34
  • one of the danger signs watched for in a new werewolf was a sudden change in personality or mood that seemed to have no obvious cause, an indication that the beast was gaining control of the humanCW-130
  • the wolf can supersede the man often in newly Changed wolves; they are vicious, unpredictable, and dangerous even to the people they loveSB-65

  • new werewolves were taught that the wolf was part of them, just a series of urges that needed to be controlled; it seemed to help most of them in the transition phaseCW-131

Old Werewolves

  • it's hard on the older wolves to adjust to the modern ways of thinkingBB-42
  • they're uptight, easy to anger, and especially in this last hundred years of rapid changes, were more likely to be hermitsIK-41
  • old werewolves are oddly fragileIK-129
  • many of them go berserk and have to be killed; others pine and starve themselves to death--and a starving werewolf is a very dangerous thingIK-129
  • some of the older wolves get pretty good at concealing what they are from othersCW-111
  • werewolves don't do well on their own, especially not old wolvesSB-11

Lone Wolves

  • a lone wolf is considered an outcastBC-34
  • a lone wolf is a male that either declines to join a pack or cannot find a pack that will take him in; females are not allowed that optionMC-117
  • lone wolves were, in general, an odd bunch, dangerous to themselves an othersBB-97

Rogue Wolves

  • a rogue is a wolf who has no official standing
  • when tracked down a rogue is given the opportunity to join a pack, lone wolf under the Marrok's rules, or killed
  • also a lone wolf who breaks the rules "goes rogue"  and is hunted down and killed
  • rogues can also be new wolves who don't know much and try to stay out of sightCW-95
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