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Briggs Book Chat - Masques - November 6 Transcript
« on: November 08, 2010, 04:49:23 pm »
*CarolKat*: Hi welcome to the Masques chat Day 1 15:44


*CarolKat*: Falcon in the cage?6:14 PM

*Zealith*: At the begining. A very good place to

start. :D6:15 PM

*Patti*: That is where the original opened; start

there, or with her
meeting Wolf?6:15 PM

*CarolKat*: Oh loved the prologue6:15 PM

*CarolKat*: I wish it ahd been alittle longer so we

knew where she took
him to heal6:16 PM

*Zealith*: I did really like that addition. I'd

pictured more of her
resqueing him from a trap from the foot when I'd

originally read it.6:16 PM

*Zealith*: And how she explained to the captain about

her bringing a
wolf back with her6:16 PM

*Patti*: Good point, Carol; I doubt he would have been

very welcome with
her training army group.6:17 PM

*Patti*: Oh, I wonder if that has anything to do with

that line in her
file about "doesn't take orders, may occassionally

consider suggestions"
came from?6:18 PM

*Zealith*: Or some event along those lines.6:18 PM

*CarolKat*: Well I think if she brought Wolf back

there would nave been
harsher things there.6:19 PM

*Patti*: Maybe that helped with the decision to move

her from 'scout' to
'spy', flat out?6:20 PM

*Zealith*: True. But if she hadn't brought back the

-repaired wheel?-
there would be some pretty harsh things in her file

for that too.6:20 PM

*Patti*: Axel. She might have delivered it & taken

off.6:21 PM

*Zealith*: Thanks. I lent out my book so I couldn't

double check.6:21 PM

*Patti*: I've got a mental picture of it.6:22 PM

*CarolKat*: That would be a good explanation -

delivered and goodbye6:23 PM

*Patti*: After raiding the medical supplies, or she

might sneak back for
them.6:24 PM

*CarolKat*: Medical supplies would come in handy.

Wonder how she met the
spymaster6:25 PM

*Patti*: I have been wondering for a while how the

Ae'Magi knew where
Myr's eyes were pointing when he was talking to

Aralorn in the cage,
though.6:25 PM

*Zealith*: Watching Myr really closely?6:25 PM

*CarolKat*: maybe he sensed the actual conversation?

He was awful harse
on Aralorn after that.6:26 PM

*Patti*: That's just his way, though.6:26 PM

*CarolKat*: I wonder did Aralorn know at the beginning

of this that Wolf
could change shape6:31 PM

*CarolKat*: or if she only suspected6:31 PM

*Zealith*: I think she was realiatively certain. After

all, she let him
know she thought he had ridden Sheen.6:32 PM

*Patti*: I think Carol means from finding him in that

trap.6:32 PM

*Zealith*: Ah. I don't think she knew then.6:33 PM

*Patti*: I'd forgotten about that spell that made the

twin she was
practicing staff with nearly beat her to death.6:35 PM

*CarolKat*: I wish I had more time to reread before

this. Did Myr kill
his guards to leave the castle or did someone else do

it and give him
the blame?6:48 PM

*Patti*: I'm thinking he had one who got killed, and

he got the blame, &
that's when he ran.6:50 PM

*Artangel*: Yeah, I figured he was framed for all of

it6:50 PM

*Zealith*: I agree Patti. Maybe there was a spell

involved?6:50 PM

*Patti*: The elemental that had taken it over, on the

Ae'Magi's orders,
tried to attack him, now I remember. He killed it and

it reverted to the
guard.6:51 PM

*CarolKat*: Was Wolf with him as his magician

then?6:51 PM

*Patti*: I don't remember if that's how he got out or

not. Shall I
rummage for my copy - of the new?6:52 PM

*Zealith*: I think so, but I'm not sure we ever got an

exact time that
wolf joined him.6:52 PM

*Artangel*: Didn't he meet Wolf after Myr left? I

thought they met in
the wilderness6:53 PM

*Patti*: He who?6:54 PM

*Artangel*: Didn't Myr meet Wolf after fleeing to the

mountains6:54 PM

*CarolKat*: I'm just seeing where Aralorn the mouse

gets picked up by
Wolf the Man. I love that she bit him6:56 PM

*Zealith*: I agree. I love how she does that.6:57 PM

*Artangel*: lol, Aralorn is hilarious6:57 PM

*Artangel*: she's good for Wolf, he's too serious6:57


*Patti*: --sorry, Canny's being a butt, to use Bill's

phrase. I get the
impression that was the first time she saw Wolf in

human shape.6:57 PM

*Zealith*: I think it was as well. Do you remember if

she recognized
him?6:58 PM

*Zealith*: Right away, I mean6:58 PM

*Patti*: It took hearing his voice a couple of times &

his introducing
her to Myr.6:59 PM

*CarolKat*: Yep but she was real suspicious because of

his eyes.7:00 PM

*Patti*: So, what else? I'm curious about the Old Man.7:05 PM

*Artangel*: I wish I had my book. the Old Man was a neat story...7:06 PM

*Artangel*: I wonder if Patty would ever write their story7:07 PM

*CarolKat*: The old man in the caves?7:07 PM

*Patti*: Who sent her out with the other name of the sword...7:07 PM

*Patti*: And, with his love, led the refugees to the valley.7:07 PM

*Patti*: I liked the way the books would slap closed or move if they
were dangerous to her.7:08 PM

*CarolKat*: And how she stood between Wolf when he was bound with the
spelled ropes7:10 PM

*Patti*: Between Wolf and...? Oh, when the person was halfway to making
another zombie?7:12 PM

*Patti*: That wasn't The Old Man or his lady love, that was Aralorn;
different subject.7:12 PM

*Patti*: Funny, the different things Aralorn is interested in, isn't it?
Staffs, old tales, spying...7:16 PM

*Artangel*: old tales and spying go together... curiosity7:16 PM

*Zealith*: I loved her story telling. Adds more than a bit to the
world.7:17 PM

*Patti*: Telling a story is one way of getting information...7:17 PM

*Patti*: I do wonder what Aralorn's mother looks like in her basic form,
and if they'll ever meet.7:18 PM

*Artangel*: yup, and she blends better with the locals if she pretends
to be a bard. I wonder if that was how she started spying? Maybe Ren
needed a storyteller?7:18 PM

*Artangel*: Meeting her mother would be neat. I wish we saw more of her
father7:19 PM

*Patti*: Wonder what her singing voice is like?7:19 PM

*Zealith*: Spoiler: I think in wolfsbane it was implied that her mother
had died.7:19 PM

*CarolKat*: I don't think we were told much at all about her mother in
Masques7:20 PM

*Artangel*: Does Ren know she is a shapeshifter? I can't remember7:21 PM

*Patti*: Nope, not that I recall, just the story of her being delivered
to the Lyon as a babe. No... unless he's not telling, of course.7:22 PM

*Artangel*: right. I bet he does know... he knows everything!7:22 PM

*Artangel*: I'd love to see a story about him7:22 PM

*Zealith*: Speaking of Ren, I really liked how in the new copy it was
clear that he wasn't under the influence of the charisma spell7:22 PM

*Artangel*: yeah, that was much clearer7:23 PM

*Patti*: Or at least not as deeply as anyone else.7:23 PM

*Yulerule*: how many people have read wolfsbane? I have, but I don't
want to spoil it for others7:27 PM

*Zealith*: I have too.7:27 PM

*Patti*: I'm partway through, not quite what I'm in the mood for.7:27 PM

*Janilee*: I like the mystery of the Old Man of the Mountains. I've read
Wolfsbane.7:28 PM

*Yulerule*: Yeah, I liked the old man too7:28 PM

*Artangel*: I haven't read it yet7:28 PM

*Janilee*: Is he talking to a ghost? Or is she still in a healing
sleep?7:28 PM

*Zealith*: I interpreted it as a ghost7:29 PM

*Patti*: Ditto.7:29 PM

*Artangel*: me too7:29 PM

*Janilee*: Sadder that way, but I was edging towards that
interpretation.7:30 PM

*Patti*: One who is kindly inclined toward humans, in spite of her abuse
by them.7:30 PM

*Yulerule*: Yes, he mentioned something about dying7:30 PM

*Patti*: One of the smart folk, who knows that a few bad apples don't
spoil the whole barrel, not right away.7:30 PM

*Janilee*: Most of her abuse was due to the curse of the magician, if
Aralorn's story was correct.7:31 PM

*Janilee*: It was also interesting to puzzle out if the dragon and the
Old Man's love were the same person.7:33 PM

*Yulerule*: That oesn't make sense, I don't think...7:34 PM

*Janilee*: It was in my head not in the book.7:34 PM

*Patti*: Not a thought that came to me.7:35 PM

*CarolKat*: Lys is his lady right? that goes away when Aralorn is
thinking bad thoughts.7:36 PM

*Yulerule*: An interesting side note is that here, beig an empath is a
horrible curse, but in steal the dragon, it wasn't so bad (for the most
part)7:36 PM

*Patti*: Um, it was for the one who committed suicide.7:37 PM

*Janilee*: I saw the dragon eating the Uriah waiting at the door as a
possible working between the two not a coincidence.7:37 PM

*Yulerule*: Good point...7:38 PM

*Zealith*: In steal the dragon, she wasn't feeling everything anymore,
which is why I think it wasn't as bad for her.7:38 PM

*Janilee*: Isn't it based upon how powerful the empath is. Lys was so
powerful everything hurt her.7:39 PM

*Artangel*: The empathy is always bad for people with no training7:39 PM

*Artangel*: it was bad in steal the dragon, it was so bad that she
blocked off her talent7:39 PM

*Janilee*: I don't remember Rialla using the empathy until after she had
worked with the shapeshifting healer.7:41 PM

*Janilee*: Whose name is Tris.7:42 PM

*Zealith*: She used it a little bit, for example she felt the dog just
beyonf the door.7:42 PM

*Artangel*: we didn't see, but she has flashbacks to how her empathy got
blocked off7:42 PM

*Patti*: Masques! ;)7:43 PM

*Patti*: Oh, wait, I'm not modding... Never mind!7:43 PM

*Artangel*: oops7:43 PM

*Zealith*: Ah, but it does relate to Masques, we're relating it all back
to Lys, aren't we? :P7:43 PM

*Patti*: It's all the world of Sianam anyway.7:44 PM

*Patti*: I had to laugh at Wolf the Horse.7:44 PM

*CarolKat*: Hee hee - Wolf the Horse?7:45 PM

*Zealith*: Yeah. It was funny how he'd keep looking over his shoulder to
her.7:45 PM

*Patti*: Wonder if Aralorn could become one.7:45 PM

*Patti*: After he got her out of the dungeon & healed her eyes,
remember?7:45 PM

*CarolKat*: I think she could shift to anything if she really thinks
about it.7:45 PM

*Janilee*: Possibly, she has more forms and more practice.7:45 PM

*CarolKat*: she's just got the mouse goose and ice lynx down7:46 PM

*Patti*: She does need to learn more birds than the goose, I think.7:46 PM

*Patti*: Lots of types of mice & varients, like shrews & voles.7:46 PM

*Zealith*: Definately. Birds can be useful for spying too.7:46 PM

*Janilee*: She can also enlarge her form (think the cook at the end).7:47 PM

*CarolKat*: Yeah I wonder what possessed her to go with a goose, birds
of prey would have been a better choice7:47 PM

*CarolKat*: better spying eyes as well7:47 PM

*CarolKat*: So you mean with the little cakes?7:49 PM

*Patti*: Just re-read the bit with the guard who had the darned patch on
his uniform.7:51 PM

*Patti*: Funny how there's also the darn early, in the sample chapters,
in Wolfbane too.7:51 PM

*Zealith*: I think it's a nice bit of world building, reminding us that
they can't just go the a mall and buy new clothes.7:52 PM

*Artangel*: it also adds s human touch to the "bad guys"7:53 PM

*CarolKat*: But really aren't the guards just doing their job. Bad or
not?7:54 PM

*Patti*: Well, as far as I know, neither of the 2 with patches were
active bad guys. The guard was under the charisma coercion, and the
bandit... didn't do anything to Aralorn, anyway.7:54 PM

*Patti*: Not as far along as I've read, anyway.7:54 PM

*Zealith*: Yeah, the bandit was just trying to survive.7:54 PM

*Patti*: Just read where probably Lys healed Aralorn after they pulled
her & Wolf back to the library cave.7:55 PM

*Patti*: Fast, too.7:55 PM

*CarolKat*: Very fast Aralorn thought she should have been unconcious7:55 PM

*Patti*: She was, but - well7:56 PM

*Zealith*: I thought it was the Old Man who healed her. After all, I
thought we'd agreed Lys was a ghost7:56 PM

*Yulerule*: I thought that the Old man healed her, not Lys7:56 PM

*Patti*: So? The Ukiah are zombies.7:56 PM

*CarolKat*: That's my take on it since they were once human and now live
under a magic spell of sorts7:57 PM

*Patti*: I don't know if we were told which it was. Soft voice & gentle
hands, don't know if the old man would do that.7:57 PM

*CarolKat*: The old man took7:57 PM

*CarolKat*: told Aralorn to stop thinking bad stuff cause it made Lys go
away7:58 PM

*Yulerule*: Yes, but shapeshifters are healers, and even strong empaths
aren't7:59 PM

*CarolKat*: I think I am going to read this again for the chat tomorrow
at 3 PM Eastern7:59 PM

*Patti*: Good idea.8:00 PM

*Patti*: I may, too.8:00 PM

*CarolKat*: It's been 2 hours should we wrap it up for now and continue
tomorrow?8:00 PM

*Patti*: Okay, it's 5 here, all I had for lunch was peanut butter in
celery, I'm going to boil some pasta and stuff, I'd say so, yes.8:01 PM

*Patti*: Catch you on Hurog? At the fancy named thread in Patti's
Place?8:01 PM

*CarolKat*: Ok Then Tomorrow at 3 PM Eastern - See Y'all then! To the
Place!8:01 PM

*Elle*: I can't really remember most of Masques from the first time I
read it...but I did hit spots that I remember. It was a good book.
Ithink the only thing that was muddly for me was the end when Aralon
stole Geoffry's hap9:08 PM

*Elle*: ppened so fast for me...I had to read it a couple of times9:08 PM

*Patti*: Yes. Did you two love the "Old Man of the Mountain" and his
ladylove?9:11 PM

*Ellyll*: I did. :)9:12 PM

*Elle*: I did love them!9:12 PM

*Ellyll*: Except they seem to have gone away.9:12 PM

*Elle*: i know. I was sad to not see them again.9:12 PM

*Patti*: Well, we can hope that future fiction will include them. Maybe
a short story?9:13 PM

*Elle*: I don't think I'd want a short story...but I did love them9:14 PM

*Ellyll*: I still have hopes for a Wolfsbane sequel.9:14 PM

*Elle*: Just me? Or does Aralorn totally remind anyone of Mercy?9:15 PM

*Patti*: Can you imagine Aralorn together with Shem?9:15 PM

*Patti*: Not too much, no.9:15 PM

*Patti*: Short & busty... at least a bit.9:15 PM

*Elle*: not in looks9:15 PM

*Elle*: I'm projecting the actions of wolfsbane...I forgot you haven't
read it. My bad9:16 PM

*Ellyll*: See, I never read When Demons Walk, so Shem is a blank for
me.9:16 PM

*Ellyll*: I think Aralorn has a lot of proto-Mercy in her, but Aralorn
is a bit lighter of heart.9:16 PM

*Elle*: Ellyll, that is a fantastic book. It's so funny9:17 PM

*Ellyll*: If that makes sense.9:17 PM

*Patti*: Oh, you do need to read it, there's a lot of the same kind of
fun irreverence in it. Yes.9:17 PM

*Elle*: you'd love it9:17 PM

*Ellyll*: I'll pick it up. :)9:17 PM

*Elle*: I like that...proto-Mercy...and that works for me9:17 PM

*Patti*: Aralorn was loved and wanted where she was, with blood kin,
Mercy was there in sufferance, and with no blood kin, except when her
mother visited.9:17 PM

*Elle*: it's more the person she is and her actions that I found
similiar...not really her background :)9:18 PM

*Elle*: we'll have to talk after you've read WB9:18 PM

*Patti*: I'd imagine so; I'm thinking about what formed their
characters, why they'd be similar but still a bit different.9:19 PM

*Ellyll*: Wolfsbane is a really good read.9:19 PM

*Elle*: Not really remembering the original was there a big change it
the story at all?9:19 PM

*Patti*: Mercy, walker to weres, Aralorn, half blood to the fullbloods,
all tall, blond, & beautiful.9:19 PM

*Elle*: Ellyll, I loved it. :D9:20 PM

*Patti*: The prologue was the biggest change, and some time spent
getting her from the Ae'Magi's castle back to Sianam.9:20 PM

*Ellyll*: Yes, as I remember it, Masques didn't change all that much,
other than that.9:21 PM

*Ellyll*: It must have been tough to rewrite it in any way without
changing it...9:21 PM

*Patti*: Some filling out of some skimpier scenes, firming the POV to
the main characters.9:21 PM

*Patti*: The one people have already noticed & commented on was the
guard who had the darned uniform.9:21 PM

*Elle*: I can't imagine trying to rewrite.9:22 PM

*Patti*: In the original, some was in his POV, how proud his wife was
that he'd speak to Ae'Magi. New version, Geoffry notices the darn & then
kills him.9:22 PM

*Elle*: Did the AeMagi kill him? It was implied in this one9:22 PM

*Elle*: oops...I guess I missed the actual killing :D9:23 PM

*Ellyll*: Yes, he did.9:23 PM

*Elle*: heh9:23 PM

*Ellyll*: In the original, it was sort of implied, too.9:23 PM

*Elle*: Reading it too fast...I guess I must re-read...sigh...such a
chore9:23 PM

*Ellyll*: I think, rather dimly, that we got more of Wolf's POV.9:23 PM

*Patti*: Not graphically in the new, just something about the darn not
being an issue any more, & making the enslaved girl clean up the
dust.9:24 PM

*Elle*: was there more of the old man in this one?9:24 PM

*Patti*: I don't remember. I'll sit down, by & by, with both, & compare.
Remind me later.9:25 PM

*Ellyll*: I don't think so? But it was a long time ago that I read
Masques.9:25 PM

*Patti*: I mean send me a PM to remind me to do the comparison & look
for that issue.9:26 PM

*Elle*: I was actually upset that the little girl got eaten. :(9:27 PM

*Elle*: all she wanted was her doll and she got dinner instead. to be dinner ;)9:27 PM

*Patti*: Yes, but better than a little girl Uriah, eh?9:27 PM

*Patti*: Bad enough it happened to Aralorn's friends!9:28 PM

*Elle*: i don't imagine children would make good Uriah's though...not
enough upper body strength. :D9:28 PM

*Ellyll*: The little girl made me cry. :(9:28 PM

*Ellyll*: Elle, on the other hand, made me laugh.9:29 PM

*Ellyll*: Upper body strength????9:29 PM

*Ellyll*: LOL9:29 PM

*Elle*: ;)9:29 PM

*Elle*: So, I must reread...but how did her friends get into the
clutches of Geoffry? Wrong place, wrong time?9:30 PM

*Ellyll*: It was never said, in either book.9:30 PM

*Elle*: ah...okay. D:9:31 PM

*Patti*: No, it wasn't. He could have almost literally called them
mentally. Or they could have been sent to guard him from some
unspecified danger, and he just took them.9:31 PM

*Elle*: I loved Myr...I'd love a story about him9:33 PM

*Ellyll*: I actually had troubles like that. We had those cool friends
and then, BAM - they're gone.9:33 PM

*Elle*: the scene where the dragon breathed over him was a great
one...and it's the dragon egg still missing?9:33 PM

*Patti*: I just blanked. He is in "Steal the Dragon" a little, isn't
he?9:33 PM

*Patti*: Dragon egg? I really need to re-read. Oh, wait... Mate to be,
right?9:34 PM

*Elle*: it's been so long since I've read it...I need to brush up on all
of them...maybe we'll have a huge sianim chat next month9:34 PM

*Elle*: the one egg queen egg was hidden by Myr's ancestor and hasn't
been found yet9:34 PM

*Patti*: Don't remember it that way; as I said, have to re-read.9:35 PM

*Elle*: the dragon we saw was the one that was asleep in the castle
tunnels right? he was woken up9:35 PM

*Patti*: Right, by the dark magic Geoffrey is using, I believe.9:36 PM

*Ellyll*: Yes, that's what I thought.9:36 PM

*Ellyll*: And the egg was the mate-to-be, if I get that right.9:36 PM

*Elle*: see? sequel bait right there! :D9:37 PM

*Patti*: I'm wondering how the attitudes are in the various kingdoms
about dragons in general...9:37 PM

*Elle*: I really do need to reread too...I plowed through them so fast,
too fast9:37 PM

*Elle*: aren't they considered mythical?9:38 PM

*Patti*: Once for refreshment, second time to savor, third time to set
details.9:38 PM

*Patti*: Considering that shapeshifters are still there & considered so,
most likely.9:38 PM

*Patti*: Tris saw one once, after all... wonder if the dragon would take
his people in protection or if it's supposed to be the other way around?
Or accidental co-existance?9:39 PM

*Elle*: Tris? sorry...I'm getting my characters mixed that Steal
the dragon?9:40 PM

*Patti*: Yes, he's the Sylvan healer Rialla almost accidentally gets
marriage bound to.9:41 PM

*Elle*: gah :D9:41 PM

*Patti*: Too many characters, from too many books.9:42 PM

*Ellyll*: It does get a little confusing.9:44 PM

*Elle*: it's a huge world there9:44 PM

*Elle*: I think world building on that level must be so's
not like twisting our reality in urban fantasy9:45 PM

*Patti*: Doing it & keeping it straight is the hard part, I suspect. If
it's a "one off", not so bad, but going back to that same world, with
different kingdoms, hundreds or thousands of miles apart...9:46 PM

*Elle*: it must be hard to not step on your own rules9:46 PM

*Elle*: especially with magic users9:47 PM

*Patti*: Depends on how well you've thought out your magic system
already & written down your rules. The big thing is to remember
TANSTAAFL. The energy of magic has to come from & go somewhere.9:48 PM

*Elle*: sorry...I don't know what that means. tanstaafl?9:49 PM

*Patti*: Keep that consistent and you're good. She's got 2 varieties of
magic in this world - three if you include the blasted gods!9:49 PM

*Patti*: Heinlein; "There Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Lunch", means
there are costs.9:49 PM

*Ellyll*: Old scifi term. :)9:50 PM

*Elle*: ;) I know what that means, just not what tanstaafl stood for9:50 PM

*Ellyll*: Patti and I are aged. So we know these odd things. ;)9:51 PM

*Elle*: :D9:51 PM

*Ellyll*: Here's an odd thing. When I read Masques a long time ago, I
was in the middle of the Mercy series, and I thought, "Oh. She's
definitely going to wind up with Adam."9:52 PM

*Ellyll*: Because Wolf is Adam.9:52 PM

*Patti*: Like good cheeses and fine wine... I wonder how that sword
ended up in Lambshold. Heh.9:52 PM

*Ellyll*: So we're stinky but flavorful, and a little drunk?9:53 PM

*Elle*: I loved Wolf...maybe because I love Adam...good point!9:54 PM

*Patti*: I wouldn't know about flavor... Wycked might... O)9:55 PM

*Ellyll*: * pauses for a brief lament for Samuel * ;)9:55 PM

*Patti*: Both too beautiful for their own good.9:55 PM

*Elle*: ah Samuel. sigh9:56 PM

*Ellyll*: Okay, I just popped into Hurog, and Patti referred to us as
"the E's" LOL9:57 PM

*Elle*: lol9:57 PM

*Patti*: Well? No E_booklover or Elifnicole, but still...9:58 PM

*Ellyll*: It made me laugh.9:58 PM

*Ellyll*: Anyway, Wolf reminded me of Adam. Even more than Aralorn
reminds me of Mercy.9:58 PM

*Patti*: I can see how that could be. Glad I gave you a laugh.9:59 PM

*Elle*: for me it was more the other way round. but I def see the
connections9:59 PM

*Ellyll*: When Aralorn flees the ae'Magi's castle, Wolf says something
like, "If I'd known you wanted to die, I'd have killed you myself. It
would have been quicker (easier?)." Adam said something almost exactly
the same.10:01 PM

*Elle*: ah...that was a good line. :D10:01 PM

*Ellyll*: And the self-hating wolf figure, and the wounded hero sort of
thing....10:01 PM

*Patti*: I tend not to do that too much, except that Aralorn with her
indifferent swordsmanship & affinity for wood reminds me of Jame Knorth
in the Kencyrath series, and that's a different author.10:01 PM

*Ellyll*: It WAS a good line. I'd have used it twice myself. ;)10:02 PM

*Ellyll*: Patti, I don't usually, either. It was more a question of
timing.10:02 PM

*Ellyll*: I'd just read one book, and came directly into the other, so
they jumped out at me.10:02 PM

*Patti*: Sounds like a good idea; maybe we can post a plan in the Briggs
Book Club area suggesting we do a binge re-read & club in?10:08 PM

*Elle*: for sure...I'll throw something in there tomorrow when I get
home as not to confuse with tomorrow's chat.10:09 PM

*Elle*: have a good one patti. :)10:09 PM

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