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Briggs Book Chat: Mate Bonds May 02, 2010
« on: May 02, 2010, 08:27:59 am »
Hurog Chat
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Elle from x.x.x.139 cleared the room 13 days ago

Elle: Hi Patti :)
Patti: Hi, Jax should be here momentarily too.
Elle: Let's start then :) Mate bonds. There's no restriction so it could be the ones that we've seen or what we want those to develop into etc
Patti: Maybe Talyn too.
Varg: Hi Patti
Patti: Howdy.
Patti: I'll start by saying I think a lot of people don't recognize a difference between pack and mate bonds.
Varg: LOL Howdy always makes me picture someone tipping a hat for some reason.
Patti: Western.
Varg: How so?
Varg: yes western :P
Elle: You mean from the thread convo?
jax from x.x.x.34 joined the chat 45 minutes ago
jax: hello
Elle: Hi Jax :)
Varg: Hi Jax
Patti: I get the impression that people think Mercy will have as much insight toward and input to/from the other CB pack members as she does with Adam.
Varg: Yes, it seems like the two get confused or melded for some.
Talyn from x.x.x.175 joined the chat 44 minutes ago
Talyn: Hello all
Varg: Hi Talyn.
Elle: I see what you're saying. I see it more like an echo. It's there but it's definitely not as strong as the Mate bond
Elle: Hi Talyn :)
Varg: True. And it seems to me that the mate bond is much more of a two way street than the pack bonds
Elle: I do love how now Mercy's and Adam's mate bond is secure now
Talyn: Wonder how it will affect their relationship? Now that the bond is secure?
Varg: Yes. That is good. And I really liked how she visualized the bond.
Elle: I like how we saw how strong Darryl and Auriele bond was
Varg: Ideally it should let them grow closer and more comfortable together.
Patti: Good for finding each other at a distance.
Elle: it seems like Anna is experimenting with her bond with charles...I want to see Mercy do that as well
Talyn: That last bit at the end, was that Mercy talking to Adam's wolf through the bond?
Elle: Are Anna and Charles able to link telepathically? or is that something special to the M/A bond/
jax: I would like to see where the pack/mate bonds take Adam/Mercy. And I'd love to see more of Sam/Ari
Varg: It seemed like that to me Talyn
Mikel from x.x.x.214 joined the chat 39 minutes ago
Elle: Talyn, interesting. I'm not sure if that's just how she views him...she accepts his wolf so it's just him to her

victorymon from x.x.x.24 left this message 38 minutes ago:
hi ^
victorymon from x.x.x.24 joined the chat 38 minutes ago
Patti: Hi, Wycked, Vic.
Elle: Hi vic
Mikel: morning all, evening to those 12-13 hours ahead
Elle: Wycked
Varg: Hi Wycked and Vic
Elle: I wonder how much more we'll see of Bran/Leah
Patti: There is some back & forth in the pack bond, as Mercy found at the beginning of SB, but Adam said in BC that it waxes and wanes according to the moon.
Elle: their bond seems so think
Elle: sorry thin :D
Talyn: Hi Wycked and Vic
Janilee from x.x.x.204 joined the chat 36 minutes ago
Mikel: I personally think that Mercy has a problem with the bond because she thinks of herself as a Coyote in the Wolf's den and not as a Coyote in her Family of Wolves
Varg: Hi Janilee
Elle: Hi Janilee
Janilee: Hello all!
Talyn: Hi Janilee
Mikel: morning Janilee
Patti: She has thought of herself that way, but she was basking in the belonging at the end there.
Elle: Mikel, I think her mate bond with Adam seems pretty secure now
Talyn: I think she is getting over the coyote among wolves issue
Varg: Good point Wycked, maybe that will change now, that her mate bond has been mostly sorted
Varg: Seems like she was starting to belong more
Elle: Remember this first hour is about Mate bonds. We can open it up to pack bonds as well after the first hour. :)
victorymon: for me it looks like several wolves still dont like her
Patti: So different couples get different enhancements through mate bonds.
Talyn: That is a given Vic, she is a coyote not a wolf.
Elle: Yes, Patti. I wonder what Leah gets if anything from her bond with Bran except for power
Varg: It seems that way from what we have seen so far Patti.
Mikel: If Mercy lets herself go and stops thinking of herself as a Coyote with a Wolf, but as a Mate with her Mate, then the bond will get stronger, and with that, she will also gain with the pack bond as well.
Elle: I'd like to learn more about Honey/Peter bond
Janilee: Honey once said it was restful being with Peter. That could be coming through the bond
Elle: They're an interesting pair
Patti: Yes, that one has to be interesting; do you suppose that Peter ends up with something like a cross between submissive and Omega with Honey's dominance coming through the bond?  Or could he?
Elle: Good point, Janilee. We don't know what Honey was pre-mate bond. Peter could be very good for her that way
Varg: interesting. Very little info to speculate with here
Patti: Truly!
Varg: That makes it fun though.... ;)
Elle: I think with all the bonds...I want to see Anna be able to use Charles' magic to change like he does. :D
Patti: I wonder if mate bonds are stronger because they're one wolf to one wolf and one human to one human.
Varg: Yes!
Varg: to both of you.
Elle: I'm not sure if Adam could use Mercy's to do the same...that would be kind of fun as well
victorymon: I dont think so...
Janilee: I was wondering if Mercy's bond to Adam might make his change easier, like her Coyotes.
victorymon: Anna might use some of his strengh but she cant use real magic
Elle: Good point, Patti. Not as diluted
Patti: Like people are usually more themselves with each other one on one than one to a group.
Elle: She did talk about it in Hunting Ground...I think something may develop over time.
Mikel: I really like the Anology of Peter being somewhat of an Omega to Honey's dominance
Varg: Hmm, I tend to think that transferense of more than wolf power through the mate bonds would at least be more feasible from wolf to wolf than cross species
Patti: Anna did SEE magic, though, in CW.
Talyn: And, Anna's wolf used some of Charles power to break the bonds
Varg: Yes she did, by way of her wolf and the wolfs connection to Charles
victorymon: yes. she can see magic. but seeing someone driving a car and driving yourself (without ever doing it) is impossible
Elle: Good point, Talyn.
Varg: Don't agree there Vic, she did actually do magic, allthough she pictured it as somethng physical
victorymon: I still dont see how Adam could use Mercys gift. when he would be able maybe the whole pack and by this way other wolves could do the same thing
Elle: I guess it comes down to each mate is specific to the mates...I know Mercy mentioned that some wolves actually become very similar to each other...almost like one
Piper from x.x.x.158 joined the chat 26 minutes ago
Patti: Vic, you're equating the mate bond with the pack bond again.
Talyn: Or there was that one pair, the woman was blind and she could "see" when her mate was in the same room.
victorymon: you mean the witch?
Varg: yes she could, but that wasn't just the mate bond, he was also her familiar.
Janilee: The blind white witch in Strange Brew used her mate bond to see through Tom. Could visualzing the other's side be a strength of the mate bond?
Talyn: I don't think so, wasn't that mentioned in like book 1?
Patti: Not Tom & Moira in Seattle, a pair in Oklahoma
Elle: The bonds are special vic. It's not something you can look at as black and white. It's how the mates develop
Elle: Hi Piper
Varg: Hi Piper
Piper: Hi all!!
Talyn: Hi Piper
Piper: Hi
victorymon: anyway, I still dont understand how Bran was able to contact Mercy in the last book. was it over a pack-bond?
Mikel: morning sleepy
Patti: Yes.
Elle: Didn't Charles mention that Bran and Leah's bond all they could do was know where each one was?
Varg: yes Vic, I think he said so specifically.
Elle: vic. :) the chat for the first hour is mate bonds only
Piper: Hi Mikel
victorymon: I know Elle. but thats what I wanted to say with that
Elle: we can expand that to pack bonds in a half hour or so
victorymon: ok ;)
Varg: time flies!
Janilee: Mercy seems to feel, but not be dominated by, what Adam feels through the mate bond.
Patti: I wonder what Arthur & Sunny's bond was like?
Mikel: Intense patti
Elle: I don't think he actually realized they were bonded until she was killed
Piper: Poor Sunny!
Elle: such an egomaniac
Mikel: I need to jump in the shower brb
Talyn: Arthur was a crazy guy who didn't realize he already had what he wanted
Janilee: Leah only seems to get power, not emotion through her mate bond, perhaps because of what Bran feels about her.
victorymon: same here Patti. he was able to feel that she was dead. but what might she get for that?
Elle: Talyn, exactly. He had what he was looking for all the time...just too stupid to know it
Varg: Arthur seemed to be crazy, and it is true that the pain of his mate dying seemed to take him by surpise
Elle: I have to say that I'm curious what the next book will bring with the Mercy/Adam mate bond. Full strength it is going to be something to behold for sure
Patti: They all referred to her as his mate, not just wife, so it shouldn't have been that much a shock, save she was his first mate.
Janilee: Killing Sunny was a step in his plan and only the plan mattered. The pain of severing the bond was something he should have anticipated. Crazy works. I wonder if Sunny
recognized crazy through the bond?
Varg: Any thoughts on the pain Anna feels when Charles closed the connection between them. is there a constant connection in all bonds?
Elle: Let me know if the chat starts to get laggy everyone. I can clear the board
Elle: Interesting Varg! I forgot all about that
Janilee: Mercy seems to loose and regain her bond regularly.
Talyn: It should be more... permanent now hopefully
victorymon: right. maybe its getting weaker next time... I dont hope but everything is possible
Patti: Doubt it; Adam & Mercy's ebbs & flows, but B&L seem to be steadily weak
Janilee: She feels the pain of its loss.
Elle: I think when we see the visualization of Mercy with the strong golden rope if that's what Anna and Charles have closing that off must have been incredibly painful
Varg: Crazy and ruthless, that is Arthur. Also vain, Sunny could not have been his mate since he finally found his Guinevere again.
Varg: In his mind
Varg: Yes, if it is a healthy well functional bond with both the wolf and human involved I think closing it would be painful.
Janilee: Every villain needs a flaw.
Varg: Maybe that is why Leah, only gains strength and nothing more? Because their bonds is between the wolves and leaves the human halves out of it?
Patti: I don't know; was it Asil who said some bonds are barely more than a sense the other is there, and which direction 'there' is, while others are very close?
Varg: @Janilee LOL true!
Elle: Makes you wonder what the Bran/Blue Jay woman bond was like....
Janilee: I was wondering if the severing of the mate bond is responsible for the suicide of Mercy's step-father.
Varg: Yes, I think he said something like that. So there is clearly individual factors.
Patti: Oh, absolutely, Janilee
Janilee: He didn't just loose his life partner. He lost the second voice in his head.
Varg: Hmm, I think that is implied yes.
Varg: Not the second voice but the bond
victorymon: and I´m still curious how a bond between a wolf and a human would be
Elle: We could assume they were bonded but what their bond was is hard to say
Janilee: I also thought it interesting that Mercy views Darryl and his wife's bond as solid gold and hers as a frayed rope.
Patti: Bonds have different strengths just like human loves, but with more immediacy in the mind/heart of the bonded.  Some people marry casually, and it doesn't hurt when the
partner leaves/dies.  Others grieve a short but appropriate time, and move on.  Others don't get over it ever, although they may re-marry if there is a reason.
Elle: the Mercy/Adam bond was damaged though's a solid gold rope now
Janilee: Unless we get another Mercy vision, we may never see that human/wolf bond as a visual.
Varg: That is true, there is no reason why there should not be variations like this in a mate bond too.
Elle: I like that Patty is giving us different variations on the mate bond
Janilee: I just thought the visuals made interesting insight into the psyche.
Patti: But, it's still not entirely a human/wolf bond, remember how magical Mercy is.
Piper: me too Elle
Elle: wolf to wolf , coyote to wolf, witch to wolf....maybe down the road we'll see fae to wolf. :)
victorymon: or vampire to wolf
Elle: Janilee, I like how Mercy knew it wasn't right
Janilee: Bran implied it was made in haste and could grow to be strong through time
Elle: yeah, so it was nice to see it so beautiful at the end
Elle: Bran knows his stuff. :)
victorymon: hey elle, you remind me about something. Samuel and the fae looks like a nice couple to me too ^^
Elle: I liked Tom and Moira...I'd love to see more of them and how they  work as a team
Janilee: He's had time to learn. Patty has made him mysterious enough that we may never understand how his bonds have worked through time.
Patti: That whole thing should have taught Bran to stop being so secretitive.
Elle: vic, maybe sometday down the road they'll be mated and then we can see
Varg: True, he is mysterious. A good and a bad thing.
Elle: Do you guys every think that Warren and Kyle will mate? we'll see a wolf/human bond there
Piper: I hope they do
Patti: I'm hoping so, for Warren
victorymon: talking about seeing: I like the fact that Bran was amused (I had the feeling he was) how Mercy saw the connection-lines
Janilee: Hmmm... It has been implied that they are mated. When Warren wouldn't hurt Kyle when he was crazy with pain after the sorcerer attack.
Talyn: Or Kyle could go wolf, he didn't seem that bothered by it when he thought he was going to become one
Elle: that would be an interesting take on the bonds that we havent' seen yet
Varg: I hope so to, they seem to have a good thing together.
Varg: Yes, but him going wolf is very risky, survival and all that.
Elle: what I enjoy about them most is that they're not all the same and that we see such variety in them...not just we're bond. done
victorymon: not so sure. yes, they are a nice couple but the wolves dont like them. I mean all that g stuff... and a g-couple... hard to imagine that the others would like that
Janilee: If Bran has had to do this (Show bonds) for others (as implied) he will have seen many impressions of bonds and how they reflect the personality of the person being trained.
Piper: Oh well they will just have to deal with it IMHO
Patti: exactly, so maybe try it in a few decades
Varg: Well, vic wether or not the other wolves approve does not really enter into wether or not they will mate, does it? IMO they grin and bear it
Patti: have cat impared typing again today.
Elle: Hang on a second everyone I'm just going to clear the room

Hurog Chat
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Elle from x.x.x.139 cleared the room 21 minutes ago
Elle: thanks :)
Janilee: I don't know if Warren is out or not (as a wolf), so his lack of change of appearance may make decisions  for Kyle.
Mikel: ACK! WHITE OUT! ACK I AM BLIND! guess that was a bad time to come back to the room >.>
Piper: LOL
Patti: they could be driven out of the pack, although hopefully not, under Adam
Varg: Hi CK,   Went to fix coffee and all went white :o
Elle: I think it's close enough to the hour to open the chat up for free for all. :)
Mikel: *drips on Piper*
victorymon: ok, time for dinner. I have to go. bye
Varg: I think warren is not outt. But I can't remember it stated specifically
Janilee: Their bond might have to be braided, knotted golden ropes for the trials they would be going through.
Talyn: Bye Vic
Varg: Bye Vic.
Janilee: By Victorymon.
Mikel: laters Vic
Piper: Bye victorymon
Varg: Braided bonds, I like that Janilee
Piper: LOL Mikel!!  I like that to Janilee!
CarolKat from x.x.x.58 joined the chat 18 minutes ago
Elle: Hi CK
CarolKat: Hi all, like the idea of braided bonds
Piper: Hi CK!!!
Mikel: *pounces Carol* hey Carol, help me wrangle Piper into posting those pics from UCLA
Janilee: I thought it interesting that the wolves pack bonds were silver (an anathema) while the mate bonds were gold.
Piper: Nooooooooo its only one. :P
Piper: did you all cove
Elle: they were only how Mercy perceived them though. I'm sure the other wolves see them differently
Janilee: ???
Piper: aaahhh sorry guys. kiddlet
Mikel: I think that goes with Mercy's outlook that she is a Coyote in the Wolf's den
CarolKat: Yes Piper! I got the impression that all the bonds would be viewed differently by each wolf
Mikel: are we having Kiddlet Stew for breakfast Piper ? I have the pot for it... >.>
Elle: I wonder how Bran views his
Varg: Yep, as i see it that was just her image in her head.
Janilee: True, but interesting. The moon's light which "rules the wolves" is often referred to in literature as liquid silver or the silvery light of the mooon.
CarolKat: Bran and Leah's bond must be very different from the others
CarolKat: without the love in the mix
Piper: there bond makes me sad
Patti: I'd expect the bonds are perceived differently by anyone who can perceive them at all.
Elle: there might be love there...just not a healthy one
Mikel: I picture Leah and Bran's bond as being a vine of Roses and thorns
Varg: Deep Janilee, if we look at the symbolism like that it becomes very interesting that the pack is bound together by silver.
Janilee: Oh, most probably seen differently by all. Which is why Bran is amused by Mercy's rocks in silver cages.
Varg: our mercy is after all a somewhat learned coyote
Janilee: That can be an issue in life ;)
Elle: I do love how Bran is constantly amused by Mercy
Piper: I do too Elle.
Janilee: Laughing at Mercy probably keeps him sane. Imagine her as a child.
CarolKat: I think he is do amused because she thinks she knows then finds out she doesn't and then get's her into trouble
Mikel: I think Bran looks at Mercy and sees himself...much the way I do when I look at my Daughter
Patti: nice antidote to Leah
Elle: I do like how Mercy thought she knew so much about wolves but becoming mated and in a pack she's learning so much more
Varg: heh, mercy must be a breath of fresh air, no threat to him at all but still not willing to submit at all. Also the know it all turned on his or hers head can be amusing
Janilee: She is like a child being allowed into the adult world of wolves.
Varg: That is a point also. Wycked
Piper: I like that Wycked!
Patti: I'm still surprised how deeply MJ was able to get into Mercy's head
Janilee: At the bowling alley?
Patti: yes.
Piper: I know!! With the help of others right?
Mikel: Mrs. Wycked says good morning all
CarolKat: Me too Patti especially since Adam is Alpha and should have sensed it
Varg: She had help though from the others
Patti: Oh, I need to joggle Maz to grt here
Varg: Morning to Mrs. Wycked!
CarolKat: Hi Mrs. Wycked!
Piper: That's what I thought. Go get her Patti!
Patti: hey, Mrs.Wycked, hugs & kisses!
Elle: I think the fact that their mate bond wasn't secure had a lot to do with the fact they could manipulate her so well.
Janilee: We all have insecurities to deal with. MJ used that.
Piper: Good Morning Mrs. Wycked! xoxoxoxo
Varg: Yes, and the fact nobody had taught her about the pack bonds and how they could work
Mikel: MJ already had a bad attitude towards Mercy, Adam just got used to feeling it through the bond, so when others played cover and helped MJ it made it harder for Adam, plus the
added help from the Fae
Janilee: Hello Mrs. Wycked, hope you're feeling better.
Piper: true and since the pack was so unstable it had to help as well
Mikel: thanks all, she is getting better, but it is going to be a slow process...any care package suggestions that do not include an intimate interlude...don't think the monitors would appreciate it
Patti: is she a reader?
Janilee: All of which added up to Mercy not understanding what was happening for a few hours.
Mikel: nope, we have a care package of smut that she hasn't touched already
CarolKat: I suppose that's true Wycked, and with Mercy not used things yet and the mate bond going in and out
CarolKat: How about a dipped fruit bouquet? do you have one of those shops out by you?
Varg: Hmm, lotions and creams mabe? If she has rhenal problems the skin can get very dry. I hope I remember this right, and that was some of the problems you mentioned Wycked.
Mikel: yup Carol, she said herself she couldn't understand what would even make her think of tossing a bowling ball like that, except she kept "convincing" herself it was for Adam's
good and too smooth out the angst in the Alley
Janilee: The only thing I can think of for Mrs. Wycked is extra pillows. Hospital beds are uncomfortable.
Piper: I'll put my suggestions in Patti place
Elle: Thanks for the chat everyone. :) I've saved the first hour and I'll post the transcript later. I'm heading out soon so have a great day and I'll see whoever comes in for the
later chat today
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Re: Briggs Book Chat: Mate Bonds May 02, 2010
« Reply #1 on: May 02, 2010, 11:10:30 am »
Here's the last part of the chat that happened after I had to leave:

Patti: thank you, Elle
Mikel: Patti, Sewing with a Machine
Mikel: Thanks Elle, Have a good day!
Janilee: I think it is interesting that Adam couldn't use the pack bonds to heal quickly when the bonds were unsettled.
Janilee: Bye Elle.
Patti: how about a catalog of patterns & things?
CarolKat: Thanks Elle, bye
Varg: Yes, the unstable situation with both the pack bonds and the mate bond could have it e asier for MJ to get thoug
Mikel: I think he could have, but it would have strained things worse Janilee
Patti: well, more deeply screwed up
Piper: thank you and bye Elle!
CarolKat: What about a puzzle book?
Varg: Thank you and bye Elle :)
Varg: Music she likes ?
Mikel: she doesn't like them Carol...that is my department...I am the book fiend, puzzle fiend, crafter etc.
Mikel: She has Satalite radio to listen to, which suprised me to find out about the hospital
Varg: You think Adam deliberately didn't draw on the pack for healing bc the pack was unsettled?
Janilee: It is hard to do anything with IVs in your arm anyway. (Yes, I've tried)
Piper from x.x.x.158 joined the chat 2 hours ago
Mikel: Varg, yes, I do
Mikel: *duct tapes Piper into the channel*
Varg: Hm, sounds like him.
Piper: *nods* I do too Varg
Varg: Hi Piper
Mikel: He doesn't "force" himself on the pack which is why he has such a strong core
Janilee: I also think it was interesting that Samuel/Sam was able to choose to draw from the bond with Mercy rather than to alram Bran by drawing upon him.
Varg: true, and what makes a good leader when he doesn't land them all in his romantic entanglements
Mikel: agreed Janilee, i also loved the fact that Mercy called him Samuel and Sam without thinking about it.
Piper: Hi Varg
CarolKat: But his romantic entanglement is what is causing the pack problems
Varg: it seems the concept of pack is somewhat loose, and to the wolf not as dependent on the formalities
Janilee: Piper here's a box cutter to deal with the duct tape.
Patti: he also didn't draw on Mercy through the mate bond, which, now that I think is odd; Sam drew through their pack bond
CarolKat: Hi piper
Piper: Hi CK!
Mikel: wrong kind of taping job Janilee, I just didn't want her to get kicked by deamons again
Varg: Why is that odd Patti? or were you talking about Adam and not Sam, because then I agree.
Janilee: Does Sam have a mate bond with Mercy or was it removed with his withdrawl?
Piper: Oooh good point Janilee
CarolKat: I don't think Sam ever had a mate bond with Mercy
Varg: They established in IK that Mercy is pack not mate.
Mikel: indirectly Carol
CarolKat: she would have to have agreed to it
Piper: Yup I remember now
Varg: However Sam considers her pack.
Janilee: She tacitly did at 16.
Mikel: then wrapped Bran's Porshce around a tree >.>
Piper: LOL loved that
Varg: LOL
CarolKat: I think it was a one way thing though and she didn't know about the mate bond Sam never told her
Janilee: We all make mistakes.
Patti: no, there was never a mate bond between M & S
CarolKat: I loved her reaction when she found out
Mikel: which is why I mentioned indirectly
CarolKat: Bran wasn't mad at her
Patti: the porsche was before 16
Varg: In Ik there is a scene where Samuel is sort of mad because he finally has to concede that he does not want her as a mate but as pack.
Mikel: why is it that a very soft and fuzzy kitty who is being all loveable can suddenly sink claws through layers of Cortech and Kevlar to draw blood?
Varg: The porsche was before 16 ???
Piper: Can they have a bond thats not mate and pack?
Patti: as soon as Bran found out & broke them up, Mercy went to Margi
Varg: It's all par of being kitty
Mikel: I was thinking the Porshe was Mercy's attempt tp run away after being told off by Bran
Patti: ghosties scare them?
Mikel: no, she was purring and still rubbing her head into my hand
Varg: No, I think it was a dare of some sort.
CarolKat: Didn't Bran tell her not to take it and she did it anyway?
Patti: and she had that year learning mechanics from Charles after the Porsche
Mikel: probably, my brain is in Harry Dresden's playground right now as I read the latest.
CarolKat: That's a good one Wycked enjoy!
CarolKat: I thought it was funny that she learned from charles since he hates mechanical things
Mikel: he doesn't hate mechanical things, he hates having to rely on them
Mikel: to him it is more like a hobby
Janilee: He has the patience to learn how to fix them.
Patti: and he's good with numbers
Varg: True, and thinks a lot of them are too fast to be truly useful
Janilee: and computers
Varg: A very good economy handler apparently
Mikel: he is like a friend of mine, hates riding motorcycles, but he has over 40 bikes in various states of reconstruction.
Patti: yes, not a hacker wizard, but good
Varg: ?? So what your friend really likes is the construction bit. They are no fun when they work?
Varg: So in essence Charles is a very talented somebody
Mikel: basically Varg. Once they get to where he feels they are done, he sells them off
Patti: likes the puzzle, not the result of solving it.
Janilee: Piper, I can't think of a bond not mate or pack. That may be because I'm assuming children are associate pack.
Patti: no apparent bond but regular parent between Adam & Jesse
Varg: Are you talking about sam and mercy Piper? because I seem to remember something from SB about them being pack.
Mikel: Do you think Jesse is going to want to be changed?
Patti: no
Piper: I think so. :P
Piper: On the pack thing not Jesse
Janilee: But the pack includes her as the Alpha's child. That may not be a part of the pack bond, but the function is there so to speak.
CarolKat: I don't think Jesse will want to be a wolf.   I think Jesse is kind of pack because of Adam being her Dad but she really isn't.  I think it's like extended family with the pack
Janilee: Sort of like Bran's town.
Janilee: It was the only bond I saw with the pack's besides the mate bonds and pack bonds.
Varg: yep. She is the family of the Alpha but not in the pack stucture itself. I don't think she will want to be a wolf.
CarolKat: I think Jesse will want to get married and give Adam grandchildren
Janilee: Yet, in one book during a crisis they listened to her when she told them to call Sam as the pack dithered over her Father.
Varg: LOL
Janilee: I don't see her as wanting to be a werewolf. I do see her as being involved with werewolves for the rest of her life.
Varg: Would be hard for her to escape were wolves. I can't see Adam being a distant person in her life unless she should make a break and even then he would still keep an eye on her.
Patti: I wonder what she'll choose to study in college?  Could see her as one of the doctors working to cut the number of miscarriages
Piper: jinix Patti!
Janilee: Leading the study in medical magic?
Varg: That would be interesting! Medical magic LOL
Patti: More 'medicine of magicals'; can see her asking for samples of stuff from Mercy & the pack.
Janilee: She'd have Samuel, Tad and Moira to call upon.
Piper: I can see her following in her dad's wise.
Mikel: Interesting brainstorming this morning, thanks for all the different insights everyone, enjoyed it, now I go be irresponsible, pick up the parts that finally arrived and make Noise, sparks and dust!
Janilee: I see her as more artistic than business, but that is a possibility.
Janilee: Bye Wycked.
CarolKat: Have fun Wycked see you later!
Patti: Have some good fun, Wycked.
Varg: Have fun Wycked. :-)
CarolKat: I am off too I'll see you guys at the later chat!
Has1 from x.x.x.10 joined the chat 2 hours ago
Varg: You think she would work security Piper?
Janilee: Bye CK
Janilee: Hey Has!
Varg: Hi Has, Bu
Has1: hey guys- I forgot the time :P
Has1: I thought it was later LOL
Varg: Bye Ck, my fingers run away from me
Varg: It is later too. Elle made an extra chat for the Eurogs.
Has1: Ohh good :D so I wasn't wrong LOL
Janilee: And anyone else who was awake!
Patti: The transcript of the 'chat proper' is already up.
Has1: I saw - reading through it :D
Piper: Bye Wycked
Patti: Now our thoughts are wandering to what other bonds various werewolves & side characters may hve.
Piper: Bye CK
Has1: i think with each bond its different and unique
Patti: Me too.
Janilee: I think remember Tom getting a power wash from Moira through their bond in Strange Brew.
Janilee: I wonder what he gets in non-crisis moments.
Has1: Also the individuals shape the bond and its affects too- also Anna and Charles sharing abilities too like Anna shifting quickly
Patti: And the way Brother Wolf just busted past Charles to open them to Anna was interesting, wasn't it
Has1: Def!
Patti: Then, almost immediately after (wolves live in the now) he pushed her away to deal with Dana.
Has1: Yep! I loved that part :D
I would like to see more about Adam's wolf and Mercy and how that develops. I think we saw glimpses of that and the scene where she dreams she met up with his wolf interesting and I think it was foreshadowing Adam's view of his wolf and matebond
Varg: Yes, the bond/balance between brothe wolf and Charles puts an extra spin on the A&C bond.
Patti: Yes, I think you're right about Adam's wolf.
Varg: It could be that the mate bond will help him come to a better balance with his wolf.
Patti: That's what I'm thinking; Mercy will be helping Adam with that as Adam helps her.
Has1: I think that will happen Varg- Bran uses it to calm his wolf and I suspect that Adam will do the same and I think Mercy will help him face up to his issues. In many ways Bran and Adam  have alot of similarities- both are/was married to bitter and jealous women and have issues with their wolves
Patti: Adam has had since he was turned, I think Mercy is right in that.
Varg: I think somewhere in SB it is mentioned that he hates being a monster and is not at all comfortable being a were wolf.
Patti: Suddenly I'm wondering how much 'at war' or in charity some of the other wolves are with their wolves?
Patti: Warren?  Ben?
Patti: Mary Jo?
Janilee: Doen't some of that have to do with wether or not you are turned voluntarily?
Has1: I think Warren seems laid back with his wolf- I agree its the lack of choice, in many ways with Adam it must have felt like a rape and teh person he became is not one he likes esp add the werewolf persona- esp for a control freak like him
Patti: I suspect it's like having a baby from rape; some will treasure the child, regardless of origin, some will put it aside as soon as possible, acknowledging that it happened, some will want to kill the child for reminding them of the event.
Varg: I should think so to start but as time goes it becomes a question of adjusting IMO.
Varg: So badly balanced were wolves would benefit from councelling?
Janilee: Most wolves don't live a decade and probably don't get the chance to adjust.
Varg: True, if it is like a rape then it can take a long time to work through and get comfortable in your own skin again.
Varg: Also I imagine one would feel invaded. There is suddenly this other violent entity sharing ones head.
Has1: IYep I agree -i
ts like what Adam ironically said to Ben about not letting it get to you and to survive. I think he half knows that and being an alpha helps him too but I think has self hate which he hasnt dealt with
Patti: And you run into the issue that the people who survive the change tend to be control freaks - who have had control ripped from them.
Patti: Which is part of why they get in the dominance fights that kill them.
Janilee: They also take comfort in the pack rank. Remember Mercy's step-father first is Bran......
Patti: And having it sorted out.
Has1: The pack understands - its a safety zone and buffer for them too
Patti: What's a buffer?
Varg: Yes, control freaks takes comfort from knowing where theyn fit in the scheme of things, which might also contribute to the fights for rank. They NEED to know the rank, uncertainties makes the world unsafe.
Janilee: Dicotomy of role
Varg: ??? Janilee
Janilee: Needing the safety of the knowledge of pack rank and needing to fight to be in control of pack rank
Varg: Ah, that is a slightly different spin to it.
Janilee: being both a safety zone and a place of conflict is a place of dichotomy. (spelled right this time!)
Janilee: Yes, wolves could use counseling!:)
Has1: a buffer is something that protects you from something - it can be a fence or a guard
Janilee: armor or a flak jacket.
Has1: yep- but figuritively :D
Patti: well, I think I'm done for this chat
Janilee: Well, I've been here two hours and need to accomplish something else today. See you at the later chat perhaps.
Janilee: Good-by All!
Has1: I need to go too but Ill def pop in later - I am being called away :)
Has1: cya x
Varg: Bye now. Time to do stuff in real life.
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