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Umm.  I loved the Clan of the Cave Bear.  I still re-read it occasionally, along with books 2 through 4.  But about book #5 the characters seemed to fade away and be replaced by Doni-bots.  The carefully researched detail was still there, but the plot momentum was not.

So sorry to be a thumbs down reviewer, but without throwing in spoilers, I will say the Land of Painted Caves is a  tedious and disappointing rehash/mishmash of one of my favorite characters and series.

 It opens *no spoilers* with a group encounter with the cave lions.  It read like a cross between a lame powerpoint briefing and a Dilbert-parody of clueless executives go-a-hunting excuses (oh NO, I haven't passed my spear-thrower beta training) let's have a committee meeting on how to hunt large predators while they are staring at us.   

And I'll go on to say there are *no spoilers* for quite a ways, because an awful lot of the hefty book is a repeat of parts of the previous books in the series.   And there are many, many  repeats of tedious (after the third time through) introductions.  And there are many, many repeats of *no spoilers* another story element.   And none of the loose ends from previous books *no spoilers* I hoped would be resolved were even mentioned. 

Sigh.  I am so disappointed.    So my recommendation to one and all is to wait for it at your local library or just wait -- there should be tons of discounted copies available very soon.  So sad.  I was really looking forward to this read.    If you would rather read it for yourself (and I do understand) check out the ecfan website (Earth's Children) as the publisher made the first 50 pages available online there.


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I agree Tangent the repetition near drove me insane!   So much time and so little resolved.   :(

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How disappointing!  I was thinking of buying it, but I think I'll have the hubby pick it up from the library instead.
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