Author Topic: A question about the bond between Mercy and Stefan in Bone Crossed.  (Read 6777 times)


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First off hi everyone and thanks Patty and Mike for creating a place for us to discuss your books. It's such a treat to have fellow reader and author (!) feedback on questions/queries about the Mercy Thompson universe:)

Ok so to my question. You'll have to forgive me if it's been posted somewhere, I searched and wasn't successful in finding the answer so maybe I've missed it or maybe it was lost when the server glitched.

In Bone Crossed Mercy agrees to form a bond with Stefan in order to break her bond with Blackwood. Mercy asks if the bond that is formed between her and Stefan is permanent and Stefan responds that Marsilia and Wulfe have the ability to break his (Stefan's) hold on her (Mercy) but that if they do that she'd be vulnerable to Blackwood again. Later, Blackwood breaks the bond between her and Stefan  by feeding from her again and thus Stefan can't come to Mercy when she calls him. After the whole Blackwood issue is resolved Stefan tells Mercy that their bond was broken by Blackwood (p.305).

Wouldn't it mean though that once Blackwood was dead the bond between Mercy and Stefan would be restored, or at least Mercy would be as "vulnerable" to Stefan as Stefan claims she would've been to Blackwood (p.167)? Maybe Stefan isn't being as forthcoming about their bond as he should be, after all he warns Mercy time and time again that he's not a "good guy."

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Re: **Spoiler Question from Bone Crossed** Vampire bonds
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I don't see any reason it should go back to Stephan.
It's not stuck to anyone.  It's more like cowboy A catches a mustang (Mercy) Horse thief B(lackwood) steals it.  Cowboy gets the mustang back.  Horse thief B steals it again, and then dies.  The mustang goes free.
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