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Danielle Trussoni
« on: March 22, 2010, 04:01:23 pm »
I just finally finished her book called "Angelology."

It's sort of like "DaVinci Code" in that it's got secret organizations that have been around for generation following old clues to solve ancient mysteries. They are looking for Archangel Gabriel's Lyre...which is tied in with Orpheus's Lyre, and all sorts of other things. The idea is that it can bring back the power of the fallen angels, and their descendants, the Nephilim.
It's not a quick read, but that made it a nice change of pace. Definitely one that I'll reread, and know that I'll find new things everytime. It reminds me of Neil Gaiman that way. Some of the pieces of the puzzle were relatively obvious, but there's a lot of somewhat hidden clues that you have to ponder to understand.