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Sorry folks, this is where I get to growl and flex and show my protective nature just a little bit.  One of the reasons for adding forums to the site was to let Patty interact with her readers, without answering the same questions time and again via email (not that she doesn't love fan mail).  This is also the area that makes me a bit nervous, based on the level of nastiness we've seen on other forums.  Patty's not a delicate flower, but a seriously nasty comment can really shake her confidence for a few days. 

So, I'm adding a few rules that will apply only to the "Ask Patty" board.

1) Be polite.  You can disagree with Patty, catch her mistakes, etc.  That's not a problem, but do it politely.  If I see nasty comments here I'll drop them with prejudice. 

2) Keep one question per topic, it makes it easier for others to search this board for answers to their questions.

3) Be patient.  Patty may not be in every day, or even every few days.  Probably more like once a week.

4) Patty may decide not to answer certain questions.  She'll indicate those with something like "decline to answer".  A good example of this is the oft-repeated requests on the chat to know who Mercy ends up with.   It's flattering that people want to know, but a straight-up answer would be a spoiler of the worst kind.  Questions that would ruin the book for others won't get a "real" answer.

5) Also, if you wish to discuss a question, repost the question in the "Ask Patty Discussion" section so we do not lose the answer in a thread full of replies.This just makes it easier on everyone.

Thanks Everyone! 

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