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Faepology - Fae 101 -
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MC - Moon Called
BB - Blood Bound
IK - Iron Kissed
BC - Bone Crossed
SB - Silver Borne
RM - River Marked
FB- Frost Burned
NB - Night Broken
FT - Fire Touched
SF - Silence Fallen

AO - Alpha & Omega
CW - Cry Wolf
HG - Hunting Ground
FG- Fair Game
DH - Dead Heat

Sd - Star of David
Se - Seeing Eye
Fg - Fairy Gifts
Gr - Gray
Ip - In Red With Pearls
Si - Silver
Rw -Roses in Winter
Ug - Underappreciated Gifts
Re - Redemption
Ho- Hollow
Hj - Hopcross Jilly

All characters in the Mercy's World/Alpha & Omega are listed no matter how brief their appearance.
Any with ID cards will be linked for fast access without having to search through the various threads for the links.

Alphabetized by first names as we don't know the last names of some of the characters as yet.


1. of or pertaining to this world or earth as contrasted with heaven; worldly; earthly: mundane affairs
2. common; ordinary
3. of or pertaining to the world, universe, or earth. 

Mundane is used in the sense of an ordinary person without any type of supernatural gift
Mundane+ are those human characters with an additional power.


1. being first in time; original

Primal is used to indicate those archetypal warrior spirits that pattern the walkers.


(X) -- Characters that have died.
Main Characters and Major Recurring Characters are Bolded.


From Chat Transcripts:

  • the fae are whimsically evil-which means if you annoy them, you are likely to cease to exist--or wish that you might cease to existChat 2007-08-25
  • the fae were not happy with the wolves decision to come out to the public; they'd just gotten the humans to cal down about the fae--they were worried that the wolves revelation would stir things up againChat 2007-08-25

From Moon Called:

  • the wrong kind of fae will take your thanks as an admission that you feel obligated to them. Which means that you must then do whatever they askMC-154
  • crosses can be used against some of the nastier faeMC-157
  • prayer has some effect on some of the oldest of the dark faeMC-158

From Blood Bound:

  • the fae don't like the police prying into their businessBB-124
  • the fae weren't very organized, and tended to ignore other people's problemsBB-124
  • the fae aren't as gentle or powerless as they try to let onBB-126

From Iron Kissed:

  • the fae are a vengeance hungry raceIK-63
  • sometimes talking about the fae too directly lets them listen inIK-29
  • old creatures revert to older laws when push comes to shoveIK-44
  • fae are not able to tell a lie...but truth and honesty are rather differentIK-10
  • they are very good at making you think they are saying one thing, when they mean another, but they cannot lieIK-64
  • they can do the damnedest things with the truth, but they cannot lieIK-64
  • the fae are not fond of attracting outside attention; it can be dangerous for everyoneIK-62
  • they are also quite aware of the way most humans, including the Feds, feel about them; 'the only good fae is a dead fae' mentality is quite prevalentIK-62
  • a lot of fae in the rez, if left to their preferred diets, would happily eat people...especially childrenIK-64
  • fae who are suspected of crimes tend not to survive to need lawyersIK-47
  • the fae need humans; pure fae do not breed easily, if at all; they need to intermarry in order to keep their race going and they hate humanity for that most of all; they are proud and arrogant and they hate humans because they need themIK-134
  • a fae doesn't consort with the enemyIK-215
  • the fae are a secretive people, and even the risk of disobeying the Gray Lords' orders in not worth giving up all our their secretsIK-215

From Bone Crossed:

  • you didn't ask for favors from the fae--not only was it dangerous, but they tended to take offenseBC-39
  • they smell like the four elements that the old philosophers proposed: earth, air, fire, and water, with a healthy does of magicBC-86

From Hunting Ground:

  • with a fae it was always a good policy to bring an extra gift in lieu of a "thank you". Saying those words could be dangerous, as some fae took them to be an admission of obligationHG-33
  • they are cursed with the love of beautiful things and no ability to create them. Not all fae, of course. But many of those that are most deeply steeped in magic give up creative abilities of all kindsHG-44
  • it's not difficult to offend most faeHG-52
  • staying on the right side of the fae is an interesting danceHG-52

From Silver Borne:

  • officially, all the fae are out to the public and have been for a long time; but the truth is that the Gray Lords have been very selective about which of them the public gets to know about and which ones might upset the publicSB-07
  • fae don't lieSB-08
  • thanking a fae implies that you feel indebted, and being indebted to a fae is a very bad thingSB-08
  • most fae smell like of the elements the old alchemists claimed made up the universe -- earth, air, fire, and water; never more than oneSB-123
  • not clear if fae can figure out if someone is lying as we as the werewolves can, but any group that has a prohibition against lying that is as stringent as the fae's probably has a method to detect when it happensSB-125
  • a lot of fae are predators by nature, and among the things they like to eat are peopleSB-157
  • not all fae have their organs in exactly the same places that humans doSB-158
  • some of the fae bleed odd colorsSB-159
  • most fae gifts are mixed blessingsSB-172
  • fae often say things that sound odd to human earsSB-192

From River Marked:

  • fae have been out since the 1980'sRM-22
  • despite rumour, the fae have no trouble going into a church of whatever denomination or religionRM-30
  • it's the steel that early Christian church brought along with it that was deadly to the fae, not Christianity itself -- though sometimes the fae forget that partRM-30
  • fae never give you anything for nothingRM-77

From Frost Burned:

  • from 1908 until a few years ago, it was the policy of the Gray Lords, to find fae of scarce but useful types and force them to marry and interbreed with humans since humans breed much more rapidly than the fae doFG-125


  • the fae change their appearance by magic--glamour, they call it...not entirely sure that the fae can see through each other's glamourBB-123
  • glamour works best for sight and touch, very good for taste and hearing, but not as well for scentIK-15
  • if glamour has a weakness it is scentIK-28
  • few of the fae are beautiful with their glamour on; beauty doesn't blend in very well. the fae, like werewolves, spent a long time learning to hide in plain siteHG-49
  • the only thing all fae have in common is glamour, the ability to change their appearance; the illusion is so good that it affects not only human senses, but physical realityIK-13
  • it's not shapeshifting, but it's as close as makes no never mindIK-13
  • with enough glamour, a fae can take on the apperance of any living thing, but something inanimate is harderSB-88
  • their true faces are concealed behind other forms -- and designed to blend in with the human race and hide what they truly areSB-124
The Gray Lords

  • AKA the Nameless OnesIK-88
  • the Gray Lords are the powerful mages who rule the faeMC-14
  • have forbidden hunting humansIK-08
  • in an effort to blend in the Gray Lords killed most of the beast lordsIK-10
  • tend to hate humans and weak faeChat 2007-08-25
  • are notoriously easily offendedChat 2008-05-02
  • they are driven to preserve their species; their methods had a strong tendency to be more expedient than fairIK-47
  • they own several law firms on the East CoastIK-47
  • have forbidden the keeping of thrallsSB-294

The Lesser Fae

  • if a lesser fae possessed something too powerful, the Gray Lords would confiscate itIK-215

The Half-Blooded Fae

From Iron Kissed:

  • a fae to take up with a human is encouraged; half-breeds are better than no children at allIK-215

From Silver Borne:

  • half-blood is not human enough to be saved by the guesting laws of the ElphameSB-305

From Fair Game:

  • half-blood fae face many challenges; for the most part they are not accepted by the other faeFG-125
  • too many of them exhibit odd properties - birth defects are very highFG-125
  • a high percentage of the halflings were abandoned by their fae parent altogether, which left them to discover who and what they were on their own - to sometimes disastrous resultsFG-126
  • a large number of the children turned out to be entirely humanFG-126
  • four out of ten halfling children survive to adulthood; they are a favorite prey of other fae if they are not protectedFG-127
  • they smell like faeFG-147

From Frost Burned:

  • glamour for half fae can go either way; they may have it or they may not look human and don't have enough magic to hide what they areFB-182


The Underhill and Power Anchors

The last gate to Underhill disappeared in the middle of the sixteenth century, cutting them off from a great deal of their power.IK-142; the gates to the Secret Place have been lost to the fae for centuriesSB-283

The fae didn't value their anchors in this world because their magic works so much better Underhill. They didn't defend their places until it was too late.IK-142

They've made new anchorsIK-142

  • is the fairy realmIK-29
  • is fickle and lonelyIK-28
  • there are glamours that hide the entrancesIK-28
  • Underhill was wherever it chose to beSB-283

The Elphame

  • magic madeSB-300
  • the fairy queen was able to tap into Underhill to create her own landSB-283
  • mortals who are taken to the Elphame cannot be killed or permanently harmed -- it's part of the magic of building a place apartSB-284
  • fairy prisoners can be rescued by stealth, by battle, or by bargainingSB-284
  • the only way to get into Elphame is by following the queen inSB-284

The Reservations

  • if a fae agreed to live on a reservation, he was given a small house and a monthly stipend; their children were given scholarships to good universitiesMC-17
  • within the reservation the fae do their own law enforcementIK-09
  • guesting lawsIK-11
  • the RWRFR was put were is was by chance-the same way the other reservations happened-no one wanted the land it was onChat 2008-02-09
  • most of the fae who live there aren't the powerful among the fae -- but there are a lot of them, more than appear on the government's rolls; there is power in that kind of concentrationSB-283

There are 4 large reservations for faeMC-17

1. Ronald Wilson Reagan Fae Reservation, near Walla Walla AKA FairylandIK-06
  • through a patch of thick growing poplar, two walls of cinnamon-colored concrete block rising on either side sixteen feet tall with concertina wire along the topIK-11
  • been there since the eightiesIK-15
  • Glamour | a particularily unimaginative suburbiaIK-21; row after row of neat, well-kept ranch houses with attached one-car garages laid out in identical-sized yards with identical fences, chain link around the front yard, six-foot cedar around the backyard; only difference from one house to the next was in color of pain and foliage in the yardsIK-15

2. James Earl Carter Jr. Fae Reservation [Nevada]
  • has a casino and a small theme park to attract touristsIK-07
  • been turned into another Las VegasIK-121

3. Name and Location Unknown
4. Name and Location Unknown

Council Members

Michael McNellisIK-13 AKA Uncle MikeIK-09 AKA Green ManIK-86
  • drives a Ford ExplorerIK-80

Yo-yo girlIK-16
  • according to Mercy has a spicy scentIK-20


Things of power evolve around the limits they are given.SB-280

See Articles of Magic | Magic Related

Government Agencies | Associated w/Supernatural Legislation

See Bureau of Fae Affairs & CANTRIP

Supernatural Hate Groups

See John Lauren Society & Citizens for a Bright Future

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