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Wizard | ID Card of Devonte Parish
« on: July 31, 2009, 05:59:34 pm »
Devonte Parish

Appearances and Mentions:

Short Story: Star of David


See Wizard

Classification Description:
  • Wizards aren’t exactly commonSd-
  • Sometimes I can fix things as well as move themSd-
  • He must have tired himself out with his earlier wizardry because it was traveling only half as fast as it hadSd-

16 years oldSd-225

Other Relatives:
[Grandmother] Name UnknownSd-230


Physical Description:
  • looked as if someone had taken half a dozen races and shook them up - Eurasian racesSd-228
  • there was Native American or Oriental in the corners of his eyes - and a nose that could be Jewish or Italian
  • his skin looked as if he had a deep suntan: Mexican, Greek, or even IndianSd-228

Character Traits & Facts:

Education, Experience & Languages:

  • had been with his first and only foster family for six years; they put him back into the system when the foster mother got unexpectedly pregnant and the foster father got a job transferSd-223
  • If he could have stayed with his first family, everything would have been fineSd-
  • They’d abandoned the boy like he was an old couch that was too awkward to moveSd-
  • just wants to get through school and get a scholarship so he can go to college and take care of himselfSd-224
  • was being held in the secured wingSd-
  • other hand was attached to a sturdy rail that stuck out of the bed on the side nearest the wall with a locking nylon strap—better than handcuffs, he thought, but not muchSd-
  • If he was having vampire problems, maybe a werewolf would look goodSd-
  • No one would have believed me; about vampires; They’d have locked me up foreverSd-

Spirituality & Personality:

  • People like Devonte didn’t change that fast, not without good reasonSd-
  • very smart, quiet; but funnySd-223
  • a good kid, not the kind to give anyone problemsSd-224
  • defiant sullenness to the fear underneathSd-
  • classic adolescent disdainSd-

Talents & Skills:

  • It certainly looked like more damage than one lone boy could do: ten boys maybe, if they had sledgehammersSd-
  • threw around all the furniture to garner attention to get away from his foster familySd-

Health & Fitness:

  • Devonte’s in the hospital with a broken wrist and two broken ribs and he won’t talkSd-
  • He was beaten up a bit and had a cast on one handSd-
  • When he was finished separating the vampire's head from her body, the boy was losing his last meal in the corner, an arm wrapped around his ribs; Throwing up with broken ribs suckedSd-


  • He hasn’t said a word since the incident. Won’t communicate at allSd-
  • not great at checkersSd-


With His Family:

  • his grandmother taught him not to talk at all if he had a secret to keepSd-230
  • his great grandmother survived Dachau because the American troops came just in timeSd-230
  • may be of Gypsy descentSd-230

With Stella:

  • one of Stella's special ones; never seen a stray she hadn’t brought home, animal or humanSd-
  • Devonte won’t talk to me or anyone elseSd-
  • I first met him. He was ten going on forty. He’d just lost his grandmother, who had raised him. He looked me right in the eye, stuck his jaw out, and told me that he needed a home where he would be clothed and fed so he could concentrate on schoolSd-
  • was tied up in court cases and someone else moved him to his next familySd-
  • If she’d been holding Linnford’s knife, she could have cheerfully driven it through Hannah’s neck: these people had taken one of her kids and tried to feed him to a vampireSd-

With David

  • when David learned how his first foster family abandoned him; He felt a flash of anger for this boy he’d never metSd-
  • used his power to fling a chair and empty bed at DavidSd-
  • David told him that he's not Devonte's enemySd-
  • Devonte sounded thoroughly pleased. If anyone else had called him “boy,” he’d have been bristling. He was already well on the way to a big case of hero worshipSd-
  • Devonte made an odd noise—he was laughing. There was a tightness to the sound and she knew he was scared and excited to see what it looked like when a man changed into a werewolfSd-
  • Watching him change into a werewolf is fine. But wait for a bit if you want to touchSd-
  • Cool,” said someone. Devonte. He-who-was-to-be-guardedSd-
  • the boy petted him tentatively with all the fascination of a person touching a tigerSd-
  • David gave him the name and phone number of a wizard who was willing to take on a pupilSd-245
  • David also gave Devonte his contact information and an open job offer beginning as soon as he turned eighteenSd-245
  • David could think of a thousand ways a wizard would be of use to a small group of mercenariesSd-

With The Vampires:

  • This was a family who already has fostered several children—and Devonte was a good kid, not the kind to give anyone problemsSd-
  • His foster mother says that he just went wild, throwing furniture, breaking things. When he threatened her, his foster father stepped in and knocked him outSd-
  • Mr. Linnford was here asking after Devonte. I told him that he wasn’t allowed to visit yetSd-
  • Linnford’s decided to not press assault chargesSd-
  • was able to hurt the vampires before; but not badly enoughSd-
  • She must have been pretty badly injured if she hasn’t come here already. And it probably means we’re lucky and she is alone. If there were others, they’d have come yesterday or the day before—they can’t afford to let Devonte live with what he knows about them. Vampires haven’t survived as long as they have by leaving witnessesSd-
  • Next time a vampire attacks you and you don’t manage to kill it, though, you shout it to the world. You may end up seeing a psychologist for the rest of your life—but the vampires will stay as far from you as they can. If she doesn’t come tonight, you tell your story to the newspapersSd-
  • afraid of the vampireSd-
  • You aren’t so tough. I nearly killed you all by myselfSd-
  • killed the vampire's minion when he attacked Stella; used his power to shove a chair through his chestSd-
  • killed the vampire with wooden stakesSd-
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