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Species | Werewolves
« on: July 29, 2009, 02:41:31 pm »
The following are Questions/Answers pertaining to werewolves as a species

ID Cards

Werewolf | ID Cards

  • Mike's comments on dominance
  • Sam vs. Charles
  • Regarding Adam becoming Alpha
  • Warren vs Darryl
  • Regarding Ben's dominance
  • Are magic and dominant/submissive personalities related? Honey is dominant, so is she strong in magic, or are they unrelated matters? Chat 2007-11-03
    • Yes. But werewolves are often unaware of the magic they use (other than the change). Submissive wolves aren't necessarily less endowed with magic, but it is a different kind of magic than the dominant ones. The wolves magic is somewhat determined by will of the pack. It would be subtle. And rank in the pack is both actual and magical. Their magic is more inherent than acted upon like, say, a witch's magic.
  • The Mercy series, in one book (Moon Called, maybe?), it says females are at the bottom of the pack until they marry, at which point they take their husband's place in the pack. In another book (Iron Kissed?), Mercy thinks that Honey dropped a lot in the pack placement upon her marriage to P. How could she have dropped in the pack if she were already on the bottom? Chat 2008-10-11
    • Ah -- yes. Consistency is tough (and is getting tougher). However, some of this comes because I have a pretty good feel for things in my head. Official pack policy and what really happens are sometimes two different things.
    • Once a female is mated -- there is an actual change in their status -- via the pack magic.
    • Before they are mated. Their status "official" is traditional -- but a dominant female can still back off a less dominant male.

Female Wolves
  • Children
    • Pregnancy Discussion thread
    • The weres lose their babies when the fetus is disturbed by the change. Usually in the first trimester, but sometimes they make it a little longer than that. (See, I can fix my worldbuilding oopses) Chat 2008-05-16
  • Mating
    • Are female werewolves always mated/married to male werewolves? If so, why? Chat 2007-06-27
      • The male werewolves would like to ensure that it is so. Because there are so few female wolves and they are, really the only chance a male werewolf has to avoid the eventual aging and death of their mate. however, the heart is fickle. So. Adam has an un-mated female in his group (the firefighter, remember her?). I haven't done much with her yet. but I expect I will. I don't know if she'll find a mate or if he'll be werewolf. It's one of the things I might use in future books.
  • Information on Lone females

Science and Health
  • Regarding Experimenting and Changing/immune system
  • Werewolves Body Temperature
  • is it possible that a were can have Split Personality Disorder with one submissive and one dominant personality Chat 2007-08-25
    • Yes. It is rare. Usually if the werewolf is not mentally healthy, the wolf takes over. These poor wolves are killed.  I would tend to think that a person who already is mentally ill, would not make it through the Change.
  • Charles has a piercing, but how does that happen with the fast healing Chat 2008-05-16
    • Charles keeps his earring in his ear and re pierces it as necessary. Earrings were common for the Flathead Indians of his time.
  • I have a general Were question. With the fast healing of Weres, could a bone be healed into a wrong position and cripple them or does the magic take care of that? Chat 2008-07-28
    • yes. I think I said something about that in Moon Called, when Adam was hurt -- Samuel had to rebreak something and wasn't happy.


Pack Info

European Wolves
  • I'm curious about the European Wolves. Will we be seeing more of their interaction with the American wolves. Chat 2008-01-06
    • We'll definitely be seeing more of the Europeans. Not in Cry Wolf particularly, but certainly in the Anna and Charles books.
      • See Hunting Ground

Lone Wolves
  • What happens if a local lone wolf is more dominant that the resident pack Alpha? Would the pack kill him if they ever ran into him? Chat 2008-01-06
    • A lone wolf has to have permission from the local Alpha-- who is unlikely to welcome someone seriously more dominant. But, remember too, that dominance isn't really set in stone.
  • Lone vs Rogue wolves

  • Male were's can obviously take take human mates. But, can female were's take human mates. And do they hold pack rank? Chat 2008-06-01
    • Yes. But she'd have to do it before the male were's in her pack figured out what she was doing.
  • Are Wolves capable of infidelity and can the human side of the wolf over-ride these instincts? Chat 2008 -01- 06
    • It could be done. Look at Leo's mate and she was crazy. It's not common though, but it can happen with consequences. A wolf can't lie to another wolf.
  • Is possible that two wolves would claim the same female?

Omega Wolves
  • Omega Mates
  • How common are Omega werewolves? Charles said that Anna was almost unique. Are there any more out there alive? Chat 2008-01-06
    • Yes, there are others alive. Not more than ten--and I don't know if there are any others in the US.
      • See Hunting Ground HG-126

    • Aging explained
    • This is sort of a continuation of the older Wolfs question earlier. I was wondering if they become picky eaters as the years go by? My Grandfather used to get really irritable about store bought produce because he used to farm. I was thinking about beef - pastured vs industrial McDonald meat - Chat 2008-05-02           
      • And yes. The old wolves get grumpy about processed food. But they are wolves -- and they will eat anything.
      • Bananas, Charles tells me, don't taste nearly as good as they used to.
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