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Characters | Miscellaneous
« on: July 29, 2009, 01:37:20 pm »
The following are Questions/Answers pertaining to miscellaneous characters

  • What would happen if a female wolf challenged Leah, and won? Chat 2008-04-05
    • Mmm -- she'd actually have to face it off with Bran, not Leah. Remember the werewolves are still stuck in the dark ages -- a male protects his mate. Much as we'd all like to see Leah dethroned...
  • Does Bran have a need for Leah that would prevent him from trying to break his mate-bond with her? It seems like he dislikes her a lot and that she causes problems with his relationships to his sons - Chat 2008-05-02
    • Yes. and yes.
      • See Cry Wolf CW-292


Old Joe Coyote-Mercy's Father
  • I'm pretty sure that her father doesn't have any close family. Chat 2007-08-25
  • Havenly -- Mercy's dad is dead -- resurrecting him is probably not something I'll do. Chat 2007-08-25

Kara Becksworth
  • Will we ever hear more about John Beckworth's daughter Kara? Is Bran looking out for her? Chat 2007-05-20
    • Yes. There will be more about Kara -- and Bran is looking out for her. Kara will age to her mid twenties and not be stuck as a teenager the rest of her life. Chat 2008-02-09
    • Kara will age to her mid twenties and not be stuck as a teenager the rest of her life. Chat 2008-02-09

  • Will Honey ever have the chance/ability to move up in the ranks despite her being mated to a wolf who is not dominant? Chat 2007-11-03
    • I don't know. That's a good question. There's some magic involved in a pack ranking, more than I originally thought. And that might mean the answer is, 'no.' No. Honey is not happy where she is--she's a dominant wolf. Dominant wolves don't like to obey orders.

  • Was he a witch before he was changed? Chat 2007-11-03
    • Wulfe hasn't told me that either. There are several kind of humans who can use magic. Certainly he was one of those.


  • Patty, have Adma or Jesse ever mentioned to you anythign about the possibility of Jesse trygin to turn Were? Chat 2008-07-28
    • Not at this point. I don't think Adam would go for it -- and Jesse isn't interested. Her life is tough enough without turning hairy once a month or more.


"Snow Elf"
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