Author Topic: Two questions for Patty, after Bone Crossed (and a suggestion)  (Read 4940 times)


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This is my first post on the boards here. I just couldn't resist--I love your books and the characters are so complex and real I find myself thinking about them even when I am supposed to be doing other things. The mark of a great book is that it doesn't let you go. Thanks!

Anyway, two questions that keep bugging me and that I would love to know more about:

1) Have/ will Mercy and Jesse (or Jesse and Adam) ever discuss Mercy and Adam's relationship and mating? Jesse has been pretty emotionally involved in Mercy and Adam coming together (particularly in that scene in her bedroom in IK, when Jesse tells Mercy her dad wouldn't hold her back/overprotect her like Sam would).
But becoming mates is a pretty significant thing.  Shouldn't Adam and/or Mercy talk to Jesse about it? Its clear Jesse really likes Mercy but suddenly getting a new stepmom (stepmate?) might still raise emotional issues with her. Particularly after all she's been through in the past 4 books!

2) Will Mercy meet any other walkers in the upcoming books?
I keep thinking it would be really interesting if she were to meet another, female walker, to see Sam's reaction. Would Sam decide to put his wolf on that walker? Could this be his HEA?
It would be interesting also because if Sam were to meet another walker through Mercy, and court her, it would surely bring up Mercy's resentment towards him, towards the fact that he wanted her not for who she was but for what she was. Then again, it could also help resolve Mercy's anxieties that that is the case, if Sam were to meet another walker and NOT fall in love. 

Thanks again for creating such a wonderful world the rest of us get to live in.

Patty Briggs

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Re: Two questions for Patty, after Bone Crossed (and a suggestion)
« Reply #1 on: August 05, 2009, 09:21:02 pm »
To Q 1.   I don't know.  A lot of it Jesse has picked up (like the mates thing) -- she's not above listening at doors <grin>.  And it's pretty clear she's supportive.  Also, some things do just happen off stage.  In Silver Borne, we should see a little more of Mercy/pack/Adam/Jesse and I'll see how the story goes.

To Q2  I'm planning on it, but not in Silver Borne.  I'll have to see if it'll be in the next book or not <grin>.  It all depends upon the story ideas that put themselves together.

Patty Briggs