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Vampire Ghost | ID Card of Daniel (X)
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Appearances and Mentions:

Mercy Thompson 2: Blood Bound
Mercy Thompson 4: Bone Crossed

[Seethe Affiliation] See Mid-Columbia Seethe

Classification Description:
[Bound By] | See Stefan
  • was the only one of Stefan's menagerie that he found in the Tri-Cities; he had been hitchhiking down from CanadaBB-207
[Turned By] | See Andre
  • Andre had never created a vampire before Daniel because he killed his menagerie's when they were close to their timeBB-210


Classification Description:
See Ghost | Traumatic
Death and Afterlife
  • his ghost rocking in the corner of Stefan’s kitchenBC-

[Human] @ twentyBB-68
[Vampire] He is very young, as our kind go


originally from Canada
See Tri-Cities, Washington | Mid-Columbia Seethe See Blueprints and Property Descriptions

Physical Description:
  • his head had been shaved, and the dark stubble turned the pale skin of his scalp blueBB-68
  • his cheeks were so sunken you could almost see this teeth through themBB-68
  • his eyes looked blind, with irises that were startingly white, and no pupils at allBB-68

Character Traits & Facts:

Education, Experience & Languages:

  • when a vampire checked into a local hotel, Daniel was sent to see why he had not contacted us for the usual permissions; It is something that we do a lot; it should not have been dangerous or unusual. It was an appropriate assignment for a new vampireBB-

Spirituality & Personality:

  • a nice boyBB-
  • Daniel is very obedient; like a submissive wolfBB-

Health & Fitness:

  • Daniel was sidetracked—he doesn’t remember how. Something aroused his bloodlustBB-
  • Daniel, even healthy, isn’t much better than a human—and starved as he has been, he’s weak as a kittenBB-
  • killed and eaten by BenBB-
  • Daniel had quit feeding because he believed he had run crazy and killed a whole bunch of peopleBC-


With Stefan:

  • he is Stefan's friendBB-
  • belonged to Stefan when Andre turned him, wasn't meant to be but an accidentBB-79
  • Daniel was one of Stefan’s when he was human. He was more fragile than he appeared and he died while he fed meBB-
  • He was bound, just barely. It doesn’t happen to all of us—but Daniel was still too new for the changeover to be certain. It was a miracle he survivedBB-
  • the only one of us Stefan found in the Tri-Cities was Daniel, and he was hitchhiking down from CanadaBB-

With the Vampires:

  • since Andre brought him over it was his responsibility to protect him, even from himselfBB-79
  • Daniel was…punished. Not too harshly, because he is young and the lust is so very strong. But now, of his own will, he won’t eat at all. He is dying from guiltBB-
  • was forced to sit in The Chair and speak his truth about the bloodlust incidentBB-
  • Daniel had been a trial, to see what Littleton could do against a new-made vampire; sent by AndreBB-
  • Andre had sacrificed him twice, once for revenge and a second time to see how powerful his monster was[supp]BB-[/sup]

With the Wolves:

  • was killed and eaten by Ben due to the influence of LittletonBB-238
  • struck up and odd friendship with Ben when they were out hunting LittletonBB-263

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