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Vampire | ID Card of William Frost (X) [Master]
« on: July 23, 2009, 05:07:12 pm »
William Frost

The NecromancerFB-296 | Puppet MasterFB-296 | Gauntlet BoyFB-296

Appearances and Mentions:

Mercy Thompson 4: Bone Crossed
Mercy Thompson 7: Frost Burned
Mercy Thompson 8: Night Broken


[Seethe Affiliation] See Frost Combination Seethe | Master

Classification Description:
[Bound By] N/A
[Turned By] N/A

Vampire Powers:
  • has one of the rarest of vampire powers; necromancer or he could have been a necromancer before he was turned
  • controls ghosts and can reanimated bodiesFB-
  • can control vampires as well; not the stronger ones but the younger or less powerful would be at riskFB-
  • a master vampire gains power from those who serve him. Frost has many who serve him nowFB-
  • he still had thirty vampires dancing to his tuneFB-

[Human] perhaps @the Inquisition 12th century
[Vampire] No one knows how old he isFB-; could be very old if he was a witch; witch family who had those spells over the dead were among the first destroyed in the wars in Europe

See Bernard
See Estelle (X)
[Present] Combination Seethe | Reno | LA | Portland |


Physical Description:
  • soft features, wide-spaced eyes, and an upturned noseBC-225
  • a light breathy voiceBC-225
  • ice blue eyesFB-

Character Traits & Facts:

Education, Experience & Languages:

  • He started amassing power five years ago, taking over one city after another. He sees himself as the vampire’s version of BranFB-
  • He intends to bring us out the way the werewolves have come out, the way the fae have come outFB-
  • The Necromancer wants the world to know exactly what a vampire is, reveal ourselves in our full glory to completely terrify our prey, let the humans know once and for all who is the dominant species. He doesn’t just want to rule the vampires, he wants to take down the human government. He wants to ruleFB-
  • owned the winery were Adam's pack was kidnapped; he's the money manFB-

Spirituality & Personality:

  • not a vampire easily refusedBC-80
  • quite forcefulFB-
  • You are a show-off who wastes resources making himself look impressiveFB-

Talents & Skills:

  • could be a witchblood vampireFB-
  • necromancer witch would control the dead—and ghosts and zombies weren’t the only kind of dead; vampires as wellFB-
  • his magic appeared to be a black spiderweb of nastiness that tried to stick to her. Greasy threads of power slithered from him to his puppet vampiresFb-
  • Frost’s vampires had strings of his will tied around each hand and foot and a whole slender web around their headsFB-

Health & Fitness:

  • Frost had been trained in some sort of hand-to-hand, too. It looked to be a relatively effective if piecemeal style, like the techniques the army teaches its new recruits—a style adjusted for vampiric strength and speedFB-
  • grabbed the ghost and ate him. Not with his physical mouth. It was as if his body turned into a giant mouth and engulfed the ghost. To my sight, Frost’s body flared—and then he stood up, wiping his own blood from his mouth with the back of his hand. The damage Marsilia had done to him was just goneFB-
  • Coyote Mercy ripped out one of his eyes and she killed him with Zee's sword HungerFB-
  • Adam ripped out his throat until Frost lost his headFB-



    With Mercy:

    • hired fae assassins to kill herFB-
    • she was using her lamb to destroy his magicFB-

    With Marsilia:

    • gave Bernard and Estelle to Marsilia as giftsBC-80
    • only if she violated vampire laws could Frost steal my vampires by stealth; If Bernard and Estelle had instigated a rebellion, Frost could have claimed he was coming to my ‘aidFB-
    • Frost cannot take my seethe by murder or he risks the Master of Milan’s remembering that his job is to destroy vermin—even all the way across the world. Frost was not skilled enough to take over my seethe by stealth. So he is left with a frontal attack—and this is a problem. He is not entirely certain that he can take meFB-
    • Frost was worried about fighting Marsilia, the vampires had told me. That’s why he’d chosen a challenge of three. He didn’t like the odds of going against her by herself, but he thought he could come up with two other vampires stronger than hers. FB-

    With the Vampires:

    • wore the gauntlets to connect him to the truths of The ChairBC-227
    • he killed Estelle; broke her neck and removed her head after she attempted to take Marsilia's seetheBC-
    • killed the Master of Portland and took over his SeetheFB-
    • invited Thomas Hao to join his seethe; is afraid of himFB-
    • the Masters who are farther east feel Frost is at the limits of what he can control. An illusion Frost has done his best to fosterFB-
    • most of them think that Frost’s desire to bring out the vampires and allow them to feed where they will is the best idea they’ve ever heardFB-
    • He overestimated his hold on them because they didn’t die when he did, but they have no ability to direct themselves anymoreFB-
    • Wulfe had to go hunt the other vampires he broke in his citiesFB-

    With the Wolves:

    • Bran moved the Portland pack to Eugene, Oregon where they would be safer and out of Frost's reach; Frost is not ready to take on BranFB-
    • Frost moved south from there instead of north to Seattle; because the werewolves in Seattle have a very strong hold on their territoryFB-

    With the Ghosts:

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