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Vampire | ID Card of James Blackwood (X) [Master]
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James Blackwood

The MonsterBC-111 | Jim | Boogeyman of SpokaneBC-

Appearances and Mentions:

Mercy Thompson 4: Bone Crossed
Mercy Thompson 7: Frost Burned
Mercy Thompson 9: Fire Touched


[Seethe Affiliation] Spokane, Washington | an unusually large territory for a single vampireBC-108 | held it for the past sixty yearsBC-

sounded like Blackwood’s gates were a little more upscale than Marsilia
Blackwood’s house was smaller than Adam‘s, smaller even than Amber’s, though it was meticulously crafted out of warm-colored stone. The grounds encompassed maybe five or six acres of what had once been a garden of roses. But it had been a few years since any gardener had touched these

Classification Description:
[Bound By] Name Unknown
[Turned By] See Catherine
  • killed and ate his makerBC-270

Vampire Powers:
  • power over the deadBC-264
  • can take powers of those he feeds fromBC-270
  • can look dozens of years younger after feedingBC-272
  • can alter the memories of his victimsBC-155
  • was able to call people to him during the day
  • This one had power over the dead. Ghosts who obeyed him. No one escapes, he’d told me. Not even in deathBC-
  • can walk in sunlight; thanks to the oakmanBC-
  • he supped its power down as he drank its blood
  • could steal the abilities of the supernatural folk he fed uponFB-



Spokane, Washington

[Present] head of Blackwood IndustriesBC-129; deals in specialty ammunition used to kill werewolves; knew Gerry WallaceBC-268

Physical Description:
  • round faceBC-127
  • has a hint of a British accentBC-127
  • short; slightly balding
  • plump hands that had three thick gold rings on them
  • eyes were a pale, pale blue, almost as pale as Samuel's wolf eyes

Character Traits & Facts:

Education, Experience & Languages:

  • doesn't hunt in forestsBC-108
  • holds a lot of territory for a single vampire; doesn’t allow visitors. There are no packs, no fae, nothing but a few powerless creatures who manage to stay out of his sightBC-
  • a client of Corban Wharton
  • the Monster who kept his territory free of vampires or anything else that might challenge him
  • He would have another house, I thought. One suitably grand with a professional garden and lawn service that kept it beautiful. There he would receive his business guestsBC
  • His prey never escapesBC-
  • He experimented and figured out that the longer he let them live while he fed, the longer he could use what he’d gained from them
  • Blackwood sells his stun gun to ... certain government agencies who want to question prisoners without showing any harm. It’s a lot hotter than anything Taser makes

Spirituality & Personality:

  • Blackwood hadn’t sounded like a vampire who would do anyone’s bidding
  • round face was merry, and his handshake was even more practiced than Corban’s had been
  • he’s obsessively possessive—and tough
  • Blackwood doesn’t have the reputation of doing anyone favors
  • Blackwood isn’t a team player
  • This place, with its neglected and overgrown gardens, was his home; What did it tell me about him? Other than that he liked quality over size and preferred privacy to beauty or orderBC-
  • essentially a lazy creature, so my maker used to sayBC-
  • He was always so kind, so attentive. A nice young man
  • He’s a bully and feeds on misery as much as blood

Talents & Skills:

  • Many of the older vampires always remove any trace of themselves from their lairs and from their hunting groundsBC-
  • If Blackwood smells weakness, he’d try for more territoryBC-
  • care of what is mine
  • Brownie magic; He seeks to lock the other vampire out. The brownie was His before me, and she found her release just this past spring. His use of her power is still nearly complete; “The magic he works will leave him hungry.”

Health & Fitness:

  • You are what you eatBC-
  • killed by both the spear thrown by the oakman and Mercy beheading him


  • wore strong cologne, possibly in attempt to cover his vampire scentBC-126
  • doesn't speak ASLBC-


With Mercy:

  • James Blackwood had bitten me twice while I slept through it ... or worse, he’d made me forget it
  • you would not see my marks. He wanted you to see what he’d done
  • couldn’t smell Blackwood after he bit me
  • suppose Blackwood wanted a walker and so he sent Amber to find me and persuade me to come to Spokane
  • was keeping Mercy captive in his basement; can keep you alive for a long timeBC-
  • can’t feed from you every day, Mercy,” Blackwood said. “Not if I want to keep you around
  • last walker I had died fifty years ago—but I kept him for sixty-three years
  • He did try to make you his servant ... but your ties to the wolves and to that other vampire—have blocked him. It won’t be forever. Eventually, he’ll exchange enough blood for you to be his—but not for a few months yet

With the Fae:

  • had been feeding off the oakman for just shy of 94yearsBC-

With the Ghosts:

  • He’d used ghosts to watch MercyBC-
  • John and Catherine are tied to himBC-
  • she’s dead, so he can’t borrow her talents anymore. She can still kill if he feeds her blood. But he can’t use her now like he used to before

With the Vampires:

  • won’t be happy with Stefan for keeping Mercy from him
  • John was the only vampire James ever made; He made you vampire and played with you until he was bored. Then he killed you and kept playing until your body rotted away
  • he killed his maker; she's a ghost that haunted him

With the Wolves:

  • neither Bran nor Samuel know anything about him
  • been very successful with a variety of ammunition designed for killing werewolvesBC-
  • those very interesting tranquilizer darts of Gerry Wallace’s design. Now that was a surprise. I’d never have thought of DMSO as a delivery system for the silver—or a tranquilizer gun as a delivery system
  • knew Gerry Wallace; Gerry came to him; it didn’t suit me to do as he asked ... the Marrok is a bit larger target than I wanted to take on
  • sent Gerry on his way with an idea about building a superweapon against werewolves in some convoluted scheme sure to fail and no memory of coming to me at all

With the Mundanes:

  • he was using Amber without her knowledge or permission, turning her into his slave: a woman who left her child alone in a house with a ghost and an almost stranger
  • Amber's husband is his lawyer, and Blackwood is feeding on Amber and using her for sex
  • Amber is his minion and he used her to call Mercy into his territory; made a deal with Marsilia
  • the relationship between Amber’s husband and Blackwood goes back year
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