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The following are Questions/Answers pertaining to errors found in the books

ID Card:


  • Adam
  • Charles
    • Charles vs. Sam - dominance
    • My question is really just nit picking. In Iron Kissed Mercy says I'd never seen Charles drive a car (pg 83) but a few pages later while she is talking to Samuel she remembers "So while Samuel waited for me, Charles was driving me down to Libby ..." (pg 90) . I probably just read it wrong but it confuses me. How could Charles have driven Mercy to the train station if she has never seen him drive Chat 2008-05-16
      • Me -- that is an error on my part.




Continuity/Interaction Between Series
  • Leo's Second and Charles inability to contact him.
  • Charles changing - Potential error, unconfirmed.
    • She'd never watched him shift and, although she knew his change was miraculously swift, she hadn't known it was beautiful. It started with his feet. then like a blanket of red fur the change rolled up his body.AO-71
    • "There were a couple of meaty pops and Leslie winced. FG-156
    • "Yep." "That hurts," Anna agreed. "This is why, if you're around a recently change werewolf - either direction - you walk softly for awhile. Pain makes the best of us pretty cranky. - Describing Charles change FG-156

  • Blood Bound
    • Uncle Mike to Mercy:  That demon sorcerer bears carries violence like a stream carries little fishies. BB-149
      • Should be either "bears" or "carries", but not both.
    • Aspen Springs typo instead of Aspen CreekBB-159
  • Cry Wolf
    • Potential continuity error
      • "Asil clipped a few brown-edged roses..." CW-166
      • "..setting down his knife..." CW-167
      • "...picked up his shears." CW-169
      • "He threw down the shears again..." CW-170
  • Hunting Ground
    • "...St Stephen being crucified - upside down, as tradition holds." HG-142
      • Should be St. Peter not St. Stephen.
  • River Marked
    • "....female werewolves were few and far between: Adam's pack only had two." RM-274
      • This is an error and should have said three.
    • "...most of the ghosts I've seen have all been human." RM-55
      • Potentially meant to be either, most or all.
    • Potential name switch error
      • "Calvin Seeker was leaning against a chain-link fence when we parked..." RM-135
      • "There was a sign behind Gordon, but I couldn't read it." RM-135
        • Gordon is not in the scene
  • Fair Game
    • Potential world error
      • "I have tried," Charles said, feeling about thirteen. "Fasting and sweat lodge haven't worked. Running. Swimming." FG-48
    • Potential continuity error
      • "In the next years' group of victims, Charles recognized two of the three." FG-61
        • The implication is that this is for 1985
      • "Charles knew three of the victims in 1985..." FG-62
    • Potential continuity error
      • Goldstein is described as being in his fifties FG-56
      • In reference to Leslie - "She might be in her mid-forties..." FG-37
      • Goldstein -  "Here's where we came in, the FBI - it was before my time.  I first hit this case as a rookie in 2000." FG-61
        • If the book is set around 2012 this would mean that in 2000 Goldstein would be in his forties and Leslie early thirties. This could either be a continuity error or they both entered the FBI as older rookies through internal or external movement/enlistment.
  • Silence Fallen
    • Potential error
      • "Ariana, silver-borne fae who…" SF-368
        • The Silver Borne generally refers to the artifact created by Ariana rather than Ariana who has an affinity for silver.
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Re: Corrections/Mistakes
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Error at the end of Silence Fallen, Cast of Characters, Friends and Foe, last entry:
”Ariane, silver-borne fae who…”
Ariane isn`t silver borne but made the fae artifact the Silver Borne.

SB chapter 12 paperback page 232:
Ariane… “forged it of silver and magic and her blood”
FB chapter 2 paperback page 26:
“The Silver Borne was an artifact that she`d created”
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