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Character | Charles Cornick
« on: July 18, 2009, 01:47:07 pm »
The following are Questions/Answers pertaining specifically to Charles

Species | Werewolves

ID Card:

Charles Cornick

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  • Expanded on chat. Charles was born a werewolf and yet he obviously aged to adulthood. Was there a certain cut-off where he suddenly stopped ageing? Chat 2008-02-09
    • Right. We humans reach a point in our early to mid twenties when our bodies start breaking down. There's actually a chemical (I think) released that starts the process of ageing. In werewolves, that just doesn't happen. So if they are changed young, they age to mid-twenties and stop.

Charles Ancestry
  • What does Charles, if anything, and does any of it apply to Mercy. Chat 2007-11-03
    • He knows a lot about his mothers' father (and his uncles who, in tradition fashion, helped raise him). He knows more than he's telling his father, but not everything. None of it applies to Mercy. No walkers in Charles' family tree.

  • Okay, I keep wondering about the wolves. If they're older, do they like modern music? Chat 2008-05-02
    • Charles is pickier, but has a surprisingly wide range.

  • Charles is the only werewolf who is able to disappear/reappear his clothing when he changes. That includes earrings Chat 2008-05-16
  • Did Charlies have his powers right away like Mercy, or did he grow into them? Chat 2008-05-02
    • You're asking about his shapeshifting . . . and you know, I'm afraid to answer this without a lot of thought. I don't think that he changed as a baby, like Mercy
    • The powers that he has from his mother he had right away, but like any child, he learned to use them.  His shapeshifting . . . . you know. I think he had to start shifting that first full moon.
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