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Character | Stefan Uccello
« on: July 18, 2009, 01:59:22 pm »
The following are Questions/Answers pertaining specifically to Stefan

Species | Vampires

ID Card:

Stefan Uccello

"Please note that while multiple versions are used sometimes in the forum, Stefan is the correct spelling of the name."

  • Why is Stephan so different from the other vamps? does he have part of his soul and that is why he can resist the leader? Chat 2007-20-05
    • Stephan was a sheep for a different vampire and changed by Marsilia. He's also extremely strong willed That makes him different. I don't know why he likes humans more than other vamps do, though. He hasn't told me yet

  • My friend just asked me... can Stefan and other vampires fall in love? Also, do your vampires have souls Chat 2007-06-27
    • Yes. They do. Stefan was in love with Marsilia until she killed it with her neglect. He loves, in his own way, all of his sheep. He loves Mercy -- though he doesn't really understand her or he wouldn't have killed two innocents in order to protect her. Or at least he'd have realized she'd never forgive him for it. As far as do they have souls? Yes. They'd probably be better off without them, eh? The vampires themselves are divided on the issue though, most of them think they do not. Mercy doesn't know.

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