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Character | Anna Cornick
« on: July 18, 2009, 01:45:48 pm »
The following are Questions/Answers pertaining specifically to Anna

Species | Werewolves

ID Card:

Anna Cornick

  • Anna's motivations during the abuse  How did she cope - why didn't she go to police/suicide?:
    • Good question.  Why does anyone put up with abuse?  The answer is usually that they are conditioned to it, expect it, and think they deserve it.Anna didn't have any way to fight back.  She had no allies and could not go up against the rest of the pack (and remember, part of what makes an Omega an Omega is that they are mostly nonviolent -- unless someone she cares about is threatened).  She was brainwashed, beaten over and over again, and raped in a deliberate attempt to break her -- because Leo knew that as an Omega she was all but immune to the normal controls an Alpha/dominant has over his pack.  So he had to establish his control a different way.  She knew that she was a monster, something extremely dangerous -- and her pack was the only source of information on how to live with it that she had.  She's told that her life is what every unmated female were goes through (and in some places, not under Bran's jurisdiction, that really is the way the females live).

      She also knew that anyone she told would be killed, whoever they were.  Going to the police was not an option, as she never knew when she would be watched -- and she was afraid that all she would accomplish is to get a lot of police officers killed.  She wasn't willing to risk someone else's life.

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