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Character | Bran Cornick
« on: July 18, 2009, 01:35:54 pm »
The following are Questions/Answers pertaining specifically to Bran

Species | Werewolves

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Bran Cornick

  • Bard and his knowledge of the fae
    • Bran as a bard and Sam & Nemane using his eyes
  • Is there a Marrock in other countries that communicates with Bran? If not, how did Ben transfer? Chat 2007-05-20
    • Nope. Bran is the only Marrok. He was contacted by Ben's Alpha - Link to Ben
  • Since Gerry was killed, has there been a new werewolf assigned as Bran's liaison to the lone wolves? Will that person makes an appearance in any of the books? Chat 2007-11-03
    • Yes. There is a new wolf. I'm almost certain that he'll be showing up in the Anna and Charles books. But not in Cry Wolf.

  • I don't know who turned Bran. He's powerful partially because he's so old (how old? Now that's a question <grin> I know). Partially because he's just that dominant. Chat 2007-05-20

  • Bran is very old. And Sam was his son back when he was human. So Sam is very old too? Chat 2007-05-20
    • I know how old, but don't want to give it away too much for further books. He is older than Marsilia.

  • Okay, I keep wondering about the wolves. If they're older, do they like modern music? Chat 2008-05-02
    • Samuel and Bran like mostly anything.
  • Bran and Chairs and why he does it

  • What would happen if Bran were to actually find someone that he and his wolf clicked with? I don't think Leah would go quietly into the night... Chat 2008-05-02
    • Bran doesn't want to like anyone more than Leah
    • His Wolf is mated -- and mostly, that is for life. Not always. But it's a lot more permanent than out marriages.
      But if...if..Oh that might be BAD.
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