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Character | Adam Hauptman
« on: July 18, 2009, 12:23:57 pm »
The following are Questions/Answers pertaining specifically to Adam

Species | Werewolves

ID Card:

Adam Hauptman


  • Okay, I keep wondering about the wolves. If they're older, do they like modern music? - Chat 2008-05-02
    • Adam tends to like Big Band era music and the folkish rock of the late 60's. He does not like heavy metal.
  • Mercy's Bug - See Mercy's FAQ's
  • Martial Arts practiced by Adam

  • Is Adam's in between shape common for werewolves to have or is it just an innate ability that he has due to being an alpha? Chat 2008-02-09
    • Not common. Mercy's never seen it before. I think it's something Adam just invented. He was so angry, but needed to stay human enough to talk. Maybe now, other wolves will try it.
    • It looked like it took a lot out of him and others in the pack?
    • Yes, not an easy thing to do.
    • So even he was really peeded off he had that much control over his shape?
    • More like too much control to change all the way -- and settled into something that did the job. Werewolves without control don't survive. Adam has a terrible temper -- so he needs more control.
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