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Character | Mercedes Thompson
« on: July 18, 2009, 12:01:47 pm »
The following are Questions/Answers pertaining specifically to Mercy.

Species | Walker

ID Card:

Mercedes Thompson



  • Aspen Creek Females
    • When Mercy left Aspen Springs she was sixteen.  Leah (Bran's mate) hated her and all the females of the pack (at that time) followed suit.  Some just following Leah, some because Mercy was a Coyote not a wolf.  Most of the human spouses (remember they are not always mates) of the male wolves were unhappy with a young unmarried woman running with the wolves where they could not go.  And a number of them were currying favor with Leah.  Even so, not all the women disliked her, but the important ones, the ones she spent much time with after her foster parents died, did.


Native Magic
We will see more of that with the Charles books and later with Mercy and how it works.

  • If Mercy is immune to most magic and if the change from human to vampire or werewolf is magic, wouldn't that make her immune to a conversion or is it after the human converts they get the magic? Chat 2008-02-09
    • Mercy says her immunity is not total. The more likely the magic is likely to hurt her, the less likely her that her immunity will work. I think her being a walker would definitely impact a Change to werewolf or conversion to vampire. Vampire is unlikely anyway. Bran would never allow a vampire to hold her long enough for a conversion. Bran wouldn't let Stefan hold her either -- even if she wanted him to.
  • With Mercy being only half of a walker, does that mean her immunity to magic is weakened. And if not, does it have to be trained. Chat 2008-06-01
    • I see walker being a thing you are or you are not. She's half Native American, but all walker. The immunity sort of comes with as an innate ability -- and not something she can affect (I'm pretty sure at this point).
  • Am I right in assuming that most of the power pertains to the Native American legends and magic? Chat 2007-11-03
    • Right. Although the Indians I know tell me that division magic/not magic human/not human is the one that they really recognise.


  • Life Span:
    • Answer
    • Will Mercy ever become immortal so that she can happily end up with Adam or Sam? Chat 2007-05-20
      • I have a little problem with having Mercy be immortal. I don't know if she is -- and neither does she or Adam/Sam. I like to keep my characters underpowered when I can
  • Aging
    • Won't Mercy Age?
    • Does Mercy age like a human? - Chat 2007-05-20
      • As far as Mercy knows (and me) yes, just like a human


Martial Arts

  • I think Adam likes the bug. What do you say Patty? Chat 2007-05-20
    • I think Adam is ambivalent about the graffitied VW. He enjoys flirting with Mercy -- but he likes things neat and orderly
  • Mercy's jewelery- Sheep Pendent
  • Mercy's Tattoos: See General | Books/Titles
  • Firearms
  • Mercy is pretty mundane in her music selection:  no opera, no jazz (though I like some of both) mostly she enjoys pop and eighties rock -- and anything Bran or his sons sing. APA 2010-3-19
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