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Adam's ex-wife timing
« on: September 04, 2007, 04:58:18 am »
My question is about timing.  Adam stated before the pack that Mercy is his mate.  My question is when did he do this?  In Moon Called, it stated that Adam and his then-wife lived next to Mercy for a few (3,4?) years before they got divorced.  But Mercy tells herself that Adam claimed her to keep her safe from the rest of the pack.  If that were true, wouldn't he have had to do that at the beginning, when he was still married?  Or is Mercy just trying to rationalize to herself why he did it?   :D  Or, maybe his wolf liked Mercy from the beginning, even if his human self still liked his wife?  All sorts of speculation here...   ;D
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Re: Adam's ex-wife timing
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First off, Adam's ex-wife is loosely based on the behavior of several people I've known (no close friends, mostly parents of kids I know) who should never have been parents.  People I would have expected to have been better behaved.   

When Adam's x was married to Adam, she was a much better parent.  Adam took all the responsibility for daily life and she did the nurturing.  She just can't cope with being alone and responsible for everything and responds to it poorly.  She divorced Adam when he was no longer able to shield her completely from the nastier aspects of living with werewolves -- and she blames him for it and for being a monster, and for the fact that she can't cope with life on her own.

As far as the timing is concerned, I may want to use this (in a flashback) someday so I have to be vague so I don't paint myself into a corner.

Adam is not the kind of person who would declare Mercy his mate while he was still married.  It was in response to a specific incident (which Mercy doesn't know much about) where it was the lesser of two evils -- Adam saw it as his best chance to keep Mercy alive and keep his pack whole.  It happened not too long before Moon Called began.