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Re: Ilona Andrews
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Re: Ilona Andrews
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 LOLFrost had a similar problem with his poem about a ride on a snowy night.


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Re: Ilona Andrews
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One of my favorites was a teacher who liked to pick apart the poetry of songs, and one that we studied was „Vincent,“ by Don McLean. There’s a line that had the teacher utterly stumped as to what the songwriter was trying to convey:

„Catch the breeze and the winter chills
In colors on a snowy linen land“

She was totally bewildered by the „snowy linen land.“ I put forth the suggestion that maybe it meant that Vincent, the painter, had painted The Starry Night, which the song directly references, on a white linen canvas. She stared at me like I’d sprouted 3 extra heads and blustered over how she‘d never considered that before, but well, that was one possibility but that there was likely some deeper meaning that we were all missing.

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Re: Ilona Andrews
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I think it was The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn that had an intro where Mark Twain outright states there are no ulterior meanings. Didn't stop my high school English teacher from making us write essays on those non-existent themes.