Author Topic: Who is more dominant? Samuel or charles?  (Read 9423 times)


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Who is more dominant? Samuel or charles?
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In Bone Crossed, Mercy says that Samuel is the second most dominant wolf in North America.  In Moon Called, we're told that it's Charles.  Who's more dominant?  If it's Charles, why was Samuel the Marrok's second until he left? 

Who is Bran's third - Asil, Tag, or some unknown wolf? 
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Re: Bran's Pack
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Hi cavaliergirl,

Here's a post from Mike and Patty regarding the dominance of Charles and Samuel:

Patty asked me to drop a quick line with the following information:

There's some ambiguity an whether Samuel or Charles is more dominant.   Dominance depends upon a number of factors, and unlike height or hair color, can change.  A wolf who is healthy, and focused on protecting his pack mates is more dominant than the same wolf would be as a lone wolf.  A wolf preoccupied by other problems, or questioning his place in the universe is not as dominant as he might otherwise be.   Generally, in a pack, a fairly strict hierarchy is established; the pack runs more smoothly if everyone knows their place.

So Samuel is the older brother, and by a very long time.  He's also age-sick, living in another alpha's territory, and sort-of pack-mates with another alpha's mate.  He's not at his best, which is why everyone is worried about him.

Charles, however, is not only very alpha, he has a job that brings out all the alpha characteristics, and he's part of a very strong pack.  Healthy, aggressive, defending his people, his natural dominance fully expressed.

As far as which is "more alpha", it's hard to say.  They're brothers, they're naturally going to give one another a hard time.  They're not likely to ever get into a serious fight for dominance.   Since they don't even belong to the same pack, there's no reason for them to really need to sort it out. Based on their birth order and their historical role, Samuel is considered the more dominant by the wolves who like to keep everything neat and tidy.  In the real world, it's not an issue, and things aren't necessarily so clear cut.

(<Patty> I'm sorry for the stupid errors that crept in to Bone Crossed.  I'll try to do better next time.)

Regarding the information about Sage and Bran's third. I think we'll learn more about that as the novels progress.

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