Author Topic: BC- Tell what to Marsilia's Soldier?  (Read 5784 times)


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BC- Tell what to Marsilia's Soldier?
« on: May 07, 2009, 12:28:23 pm »
Thank you for your wonderful books and this great place to discuss them.

I was wondering... At the trial in Bone Crossed, Marsilia goads Mercy into giving a speech about what would happen if the seethe created another demon-ridden vampire, and then she whispers to Mercy that "That was for my Soldier. You tell him that."  I was confused about exactly what "that" was:  that Mercy wasn't a threat unless vampires forced her to be, that creating another demon-ridden vampire would get vampires wiped out so nobody should do that, that humans were more than "food"...  What did Marsilia intend to give Stefan through Mercy's testimony?

Thanks, and happy writing!

Patty Briggs

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Re: BC- Tell what to Marsilia's Soldier?
« Reply #1 on: August 05, 2009, 09:24:00 pm »
Marsilia goads Mercy into defending herself -- and basically allows that Mercy did not act against the Seethe so she is safe from Seethe justice.  And she (Marsilia) did it as a gift to Stefan, reparations for the trauma she felt she was forced to deal to him.
Patty Briggs