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Briggs Book Club Chat Transcript: Bone Crossed *Spoilers*
« on: April 24, 2009, 06:12:34 pm »
**Spoilers for Bone Crossed | Hunting Ground | Silver Borne**

I tried to block out the major spoilers and left some open speculation. All the spelling mistakes are our own in all their glory. Forgive their existence. ;) I didn't clean up the transcript at all. Enjoy!

Part 1

Welcome! You have entered [Hurog Chat] at 5:19 pm
[Elle] 5:21 pm: Welcome to the Bone Crossed Book Chat.
[Hurog Chat]: has has entered at 5:52 pm
[Elle] 5:52 pm: Has has entered. lol
[has] 5:52 pm: hey Elle!
[Elle] 5:53 pm: Hi. :)
[has] 5:53 pm: I thought the chat didnt start until later but saw Charmed's post
[has] 5:53 pm: but I thought I would pop in to say hi!
[Elle] 5:53 pm: Glad you could make it if only even for a little bit
[Elle] 5:54 pm: I was just rereading the book earlier today. Actually doing some Mercy's World stuff...refresh the memory.
[has] 5:54 pm: I am glad too! Didnt think I would stay up this late but its turned into family reunion at my house and we all had a chatfest - everyone else has just now gone to bed!
[Hurog Chat]: ellyll has entered at 5:54 pm
[Elle] 5:55 pm: Hi ellyll. :)
[Hurog Chat]: charmed has entered at 5:55 pm
[has] 5:55 pm: I plan to do another reread later - hey guys!!!
[Elle] 5:55 pm: Hi charmed. :) yay! I was hoping to see some people in here. I wasn't sure though if anyone would remember. :D
[Hurog Chat]: ellyll has left at 5:56 pm
[Hurog Chat]: ellyll has entered at 5:56 pm
[has] 5:56 pm: I thought the time was wrong?
[Hurog Chat]: e_booklover has entered at 5:56 pm
[ellyll] 5:56 pm: Hi, all.
[charmed] 5:56 pm: Hi all. My net keeps cutting in and out so I may be in and out a lot
[Elle] 5:56 pm: hola
[e_booklover] 5:56 pm: Hi :)
[has] 5:56 pm: I think I am going to get myself a can of coke and stay up for an hour! need Caffinne - hey E!
[charmed] 5:57 pm: :)
[Elle] 5:57 pm: excellent. :) I'm glad to see everyone.
[e_booklover] 5:58 pm: Me too
[has] 5:58 pm: yep!!!
[Elle] 5:58 pm: Has anyone reread Bone Crossed lately?
[charmed] 5:58 pm: no :D
[e_booklover] 5:58 pm: no :( but I do have my copy with me at the computer
[Elle] 5:59 pm: Me too e_
[Elle] 5:59 pm: lol...although I did do a refresh earlier today I mentioned to Has
[has] 5:59 pm: I recently reread favourite parts but not for a real reread
[Elle] 6:00 pm: I was rereading the part with Stefan feeding Mercy...I admit prior to the book coming out...I was worried about this particular part
[Elle] 6:00 pm: not that I don't trust Stefan...but I don't trust Stefan
[charmed] 6:00 pm: worreid?
[charmed] 6:00 pm: ah
[e_booklover] 6:00 pm: lol
[Elle] 6:01 pm: I like him...but...still...vampire
[e_booklover] 6:01 pm: true, I can't quite tell what his motivation is all the time
[has] 6:01 pm: I found that scene pretty hot or it is just me- But I agree with Elle although Stefan is honorable
[Hurog Chat]: ellyll has left at 6:01 pm
[Elle] 6:01 pm: Patty's vamps are mostly freaky to me. Wulfe especially...and guantlet guy
[has] 6:02 pm: Gauntlet guy was more scary than Blackwood- and I think he was the real threat
[charmed] 6:02 pm: yeah, tehy are spooky those two
[Elle] 6:02 pm: Hot? I guess I like Adam/Mercy too much. Are there any Stefan/Mercy 'shippers in this room?
[charmed] 6:02 pm: I knwo there are at KA
[Hurog Chat]: has left at 6:03 pm
[Elle] 6:03 pm: What's said in this chat room stays in this chat room. :D
[Elle] 6:03 pm: Heh
[has] 6:03 pm: Im an Adam/Mercy fan all the way but I did find that scene hot - and yep there are a few at KA
[has] 6:03 pm: lol :D
[Hurog Chat]: has left at 6:04 pm
[Hurog Chat]: ellyll has entered at 6:04 pm
[e_booklover] 6:04 pm: It was a hot scene but I don't see Mercy with Stefan
[Elle] 6:04 pm: I liked that we saw some vulnerability from Stefan in this a way the next novels his healing could mirror Mercy's
[Elle] 6:05 pm: I'm not understanding his devotion to Marsilia though....I need more details...cause I think I would have cut her loose after what she did
[ellyll] 6:06 pm: I think it's a Renaissance thing
[has] 6:06 pm: Perhaps its something about the courtly devotion - Stefan and Marsillia hails from that period
[e_booklover] 6:06 pm: Like fealty?
[has] 6:06 pm: and it looks like Stefan has the same view towards Mercy
[Elle] 6:06 pm: you guys have a point...I never thought of it that way
[ellyll] 6:06 pm: I think it's exactly what has is saying
[charmed] 6:07 pm: I agree
[Elle] 6:07 pm: so as Adam's foundations couched in the '50s and his actions reflect that so does Stefan's? totally makes sense!
[e_booklover] 6:08 pm: Altho I would think that same loyalty should also go the other way. Unless Marsilla is the lessor of the evils out there
[Elle] 6:08 pm: I like that...and can understand him better for it
[has] 6:08 pm: yep- its like he has these feelings for her and would like more but is unable not because Mercy is involved with Adam but because hes a vamp and that is something that Mercy is unable to get over fully really
[Hurog Chat]: carolkat has entered at 6:08 pm
[has] 6:09 pm: hey Carolkat!
[Elle] 6:09 pm: I'm soooo glad that Patty resolved any romantic triangles
[Elle] 6:09 pm: hi CarolKat. :)
[e_booklover] 6:09 pm: Hi CarolKat
[carolkat] 6:09 pm: Sorry I'm late actually got comp time
[has] 6:09 pm: I cant wait to see how Mercy and Adam develop their relationship- esp after a period of time
[Elle] 6:09 pm: or I guess quandrangle? mercy/adam/stefan/samuel
[carolkat] 6:09 pm: There are no posts are we saving?
[Elle] 6:10 pm: sorry carolkat...are you talking aobut saving the chat?
[carolkat] 6:10 pm: Yes
[Hurog Chat]: has left at 6:10 pm
[has] 6:11 pm: I dont know if that is possible with this room
[Elle] 6:11 pm: I'm doing partial saves throughout the chat. so I guess my statement of what's said in here stays in here was a lie. ;)
[charmed] 6:11 pm: I was wonderign about that also
[charmed] 6:11 pm: LOL
[Hurog Chat]: has left at 6:12 pm
[Elle] 6:12 pm: I will have hard evidence so any Stefan/Mercy shippers best watch their step. :D
[charmed] 6:12 pm: bad mod :evil:
[charmed] 6:12 pm: :D
[e_booklover] 6:12 pm: ROFL
[has] 6:12 pm: lol
[Hurog Chat]: has left at 6:13 pm
[ellyll] 6:13 pm: * snicker *
[carolkat] 6:13 pm: Gotta love it so where were we?:D
[Elle] 6:13 pm: Back to Bone Crossed. Heh. Maybe if you guys are okay with it...we'll talk a bit later about Sam spoilers? If not...we can leave that for another time
[has] 6:13 pm: I dont mind either way but I think there will be alot of crossover with that
[Hurog Chat]: has left at 6:14 pm
[charmed] 6:14 pm: Sam spoilers?
[e_booklover] 6:14 pm: I am all ears...and opinions ;)
[ellyll] 6:14 pm: But, but, but...
[Elle] 6:14 pm: Were you happy with the resolution of the Adam/mercy sex scene?
[ellyll] 6:14 pm: Yes
[charmed] 6:14 pm: I like spoilers :)
[charmed] 6:14 pm: yes
[Elle] 6:14 pm: We'll save him for last. Like dessert.
[e_booklover] 6:14 pm: Yes I was because it was healing and it didn't make it seem like Mercy was "magically" perfect
[Hurog Chat]: has left at 6:15 pm
[Elle] 6:15 pm: I absolutely loved Adam in this story. How he was with Mercy was wonderful...I agree with you e_
[charmed] 6:15 pm: and it felt real, like they were regular people
[has] 6:15 pm: I would have liked a more detailed scene but I agree it fit with the whole healing and taking things slow - it def wouldnt have worked if it was hot and heavy - esp so close from the rape
[charmed] 6:15 pm: you didn't feel liek he was too soft on Mercy, not his usual arrogant self/
[carolkat] 6:16 pm: It was perfect because he was helping to heal her just like a spouse or boyfriend would have in real life
[has] 6:16 pm: No - I think this was his real side
[Elle] 6:16 pm: did you think he was soft charmed?
[Elle] 6:16 pm: I don't imagine that Patty will ever get more detailed than that.
[carolkat] 6:16 pm: Adam is never soft, it was his love that made this scene the real Adam
[has] 6:17 pm: remember before he was on edge because of the love triangle plus Jesse being kidnapped and then stress from the demon possessed vamp
[charmed] 6:17 pm: somewhat. a lot of peopel at KA felt that Patty sort of neutered Adam in this book
[ellyll] 6:17 pm: Neutered?
[Elle] 6:17 pm: wow. me he was very much the Alpha
[has] 6:17 pm: I dont think he was - at all
[ellyll] 6:17 pm: I didn't see that.
[Elle] 6:17 pm: very much in charge and the leader here
[e_booklover] 6:18 pm: I think just like Adam turned off/down the Alpha when he and Mercy were talking he would do whatever it took to heal her and if that meant showing the softer side so be it.
[ellyll] 6:18 pm: He was worried a lot. That's not the same as neutered.
[charmed] 6:18 pm: no, I didn't either but i wondered
[has] 6:18 pm: and from what I remember there was lots of criticism about him being too alpha and domineering in MC/BB and IK
[Elle] 6:18 pm: I find it fascinating how others see
[ellyll] 6:18 pm: I think a lot of people like the u b***h a male
[charmed] 6:19 pm: yeah, that's very popular these sdays
[ellyll] 6:19 pm: okay, that was weird. I wrote u b e r a l p h a
[Elle] 6:19 pm: I was wondering
[Elle] 6:19 pm: lol
[e_booklover] 6:19 pm: lol
[carolkat] 6:19 pm: gotta watch the words with b followed by h
[Elle] 6:19 pm: I'm no real fan to the uber seems too unrealistic
[charmed] 6:19 pm: apparently so :D
[ellyll] 6:19 pm: I like the more 'real' male.
[has] 6:19 pm: chatroom censors - :P u can swear but u cant say those words
[Elle] 6:19 pm: carolkat. lol...true...censors.
[carolkat] 6:20 pm: Adam was be considerate and loving who could ask for more
[ellyll] 6:20 pm: And strong in the ways that matter
[charmed] 6:20 pm: true, and very cute too
[Elle] 6:21 pm: the best scene was him in panic mode and adding Mercy to the pack
[ellyll] 6:21 pm: And he left Mercy her own strength, too.
[e_booklover] 6:21 pm: To me it made him more of a 3-d character instead of just 1 or 2 dimensional
[has] 6:21 pm: I was so surprised about that
[carolkat] 6:21 pm: absolutely he was so sure she was going to lay into him about that
[charmed] 6:21 pm: my fave scene wasn't with Adam but Bran
[Elle] 6:21 pm: I loved it...what suprised you about it has?
[charmed] 6:21 pm: the scene where he panicled was a good one
[has] 6:21 pm: that she actually joined the pack magically
[Elle] 6:21 pm: charmed that was delicious as well. I love Bran
[has] 6:22 pm: yep I agree - and I also loved that scene with Bran and how Mercy realized his true feelings
[carolkat] 6:22 pm: I think Bran wondered and was really happy it happended
[ellyll] 6:23 pm: it's a good reminder that, using Mercy's pov, sometimes she can be wrong in her interpretations
[Elle] 6:23 pm: good point ellyll
[e_booklover] 6:23 pm: ooh I like that ellyll
[carolkat] 6:23 pm: A speechless Mercy was excellent
[Elle] 6:23 pm: we're only seeing her side to it so it's a bit skewed
[charmed] 6:23 pm: I loved that Bran visited Mercy secretly at night; he knew her well enough to know she wouldn;t want him fussing
[charmed] 6:23 pm: vert good point Ellyll
[carolkat] 6:24 pm: and that she grabbed the walking stick to defend herself when she didn't smell anything
[Elle] 6:24 pm: I missed Warren in this book though
[has] 6:24 pm: Did anyone get the impression that Bran was under alot more pressure just not from the fallout of the rape but from other things.
[ellyll] 6:24 pm: yes, has
[e_booklover] 6:25 pm: Yes something is going to give I think
[Elle] 6:25 pm: Bran has a lot more going on that I suspected...I'm sure that pack of his keeps him on his toes...
[Elle] 6:25 pm: Hopefully we'll see more about the internal pack politics in Hunting Ground
[charmed] 6:25 pm: yeah, running the pack and hus businesses plus runnng all of the NA packs
[charmed] 6:25 pm: he's got a lot on his shoulders
[carolkat] 6:25 pm: Warren was there when she was made pack 'looking like a cat that just ate the cream"
[has] 6:26 pm: Carolkat - I noticed that as well- maybe Bran is able to mask his scent
[charmed] 6:26 pm: hee hee that was a funny line CarolKat
[e_booklover] 6:26 pm: true, I think Warren loved it because now Adam's pack has 2 or 3 non-sterotype members
[Elle] 6:26 pm: carolkat, I loved that part...but I missed him...oddly Ben as well...
[carolkat] 6:26 pm: Yeah but i'm trying to keppmy mind out of the gutter tonight:D
[has] 6:27 pm: I think Adam's pack will be a very unconventional one anyway - Adam although tends to be pretty traditional hes also open to new things
[charmed] 6:27 pm: carol - why? we are all smuthounfs here
[Elle] 6:27 pm: I was surprised at the hostility though
[carolkat] 6:28 pm: Ben was sent to watch her until Sam came home and who knows when Bran actually arrived and if Ben knew
[Elle] 6:28 pm: Aurielle and Mary Jo
[charmed] 6:28 pm: I was too but Patty did warn us that the pack would not be happy about the situatuon
[Elle] 6:28 pm: I wonder what Honey will think
[carolkat] 6:28 pm: okay then mind can go where it wants
[e_booklover] 6:28 pm: Not me, Mercy had noticed that the females didn't liek her before and now she is part of the pack it will change all of their statuses
[Elle] 6:28 pm: I'm glad it's not all puppies and christmas...good stuff coming up for sure
[has] 6:29 pm: I think Honey wouldnt mind- her doubts about Mercy was due to the fact that she thought Mercy was messing around on Adam and therefore the pacl
[has] 6:29 pm: pack
[carolkat] 6:29 pm: all the female wolves now have to face the fact that Mercy will probably be able to have children definate jealosy here
[Elle] 6:29 pm: has you bring up a good poing about Adam's pack. I think he's pushing the boundaries and it 's a good thing...he's a force of change in pack structure
[Elle] 6:30 pm: poing=point. :D
[charmed] 6:30 pm: he's n interesting mix of tradtional, conservative, and flexible
[has] 6:30 pm: and what about the magical effect? Mercy is now bonded with the pack will that somehow have an effect
[Elle] 6:30 pm: charmed I love that!
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Re: Briggs Book Club Chat Transcript: Bone Crossed *Spoilers*
« Reply #1 on: April 24, 2009, 06:14:07 pm »
Part 2

[Elle] 6:31 pm: I think it'll be interesting for Mercy to experience a pack first hand...she thought she knew a lot...guess not.
[charmed] 6:31 pm: :)
[e_booklover] 6:32 pm: true elle, she was always on the outside looking in
[Elle] 6:32 pm: she's going to have some adjusting to do as well
[charmed] 6:32 pm: Mercy grew up on the outside of the pack, so she knows more than most but was never part of the pack. Now she will have firsdt hand experience
[has] 6:33 pm: and now shes inside - and I think this is what she wants- because she didnt want to break the bond
[carolkat] 6:33 pm: I don't think she ever imagined being part of the pack and she blocked because of they don't love her
[Elle] 6:33 pm: she has abandonment issues :) I like that Adam will stick
[charmed] 6:33 pm: she thought they didn't lover ehr
[charmed] 6:33 pm: but sh eis learnign otherwise
[carolkat] 6:34 pm: but with her mate bond with Adam I think she will adjust
[has] 6:34 pm: I think its because of her outsider status - she secretly wanted a place to belong - and what cahrmed said
[Elle] 6:34 pm: what did you guys think of the ghost story subplot?
[e_booklover] 6:34 pm: I think watching the adjustments will be interesting. do the women ever fight for status or if they have a mate bond is it dependent on that bond?
[charmed] 6:35 pm: mmm, I was lukewarm on it though I did like seeing one who was not nice unlike the others
[charmed] 6:35 pm: we had met in earleir books
[has] 6:36 pm: I think the status depends on their mates -but I also think there is an innate conflict if one wolf is more dominant but is on the lower ranking ala Honey
[carolkat] 6:36 pm: but I think it was important to distract us from the Marsilla issue
[Elle] 6:36 pm: I think their status in the pack is where their male is in the pack...if no mate then maybe they fight amongst themselves to gain status...great Ask Patty question e_
[e_booklover] 6:36 pm: I think the ghosts might be a way to explain why the vampires always killed walkers when they found them because they would discover their hiding places
[e_booklover] 6:37 pm: thanks elle, has and carolkat. I might post it in that section and see.
[has] 6:37 pm: Catherine was scary - but I agree and it was a good way to introduce other characters as well tying up loose ends - with Gerry and the MC plot
[Elle] 6:37 pm: I was surprised at the Gerry mention
[carolkat] 6:37 pm: Fighting over a man so not worth it :p
[ellyll] 6:37 pm: either no one's talking, or I froze
[e_booklover] 6:38 pm: I think you froze ellyll
[Hurog Chat]: ellyll has left at 6:38 pm
[Hurog Chat]: ellyll has entered at 6:38 pm
[Elle] 6:38 pm: and I did love that we got to see another walker...and experience a bit of what they could do
[charmed] 6:38 pm: yeah that was great Elle
[Elle] 6:38 pm: ellyl back...everyone be quiet
[charmed] 6:38 pm: I did like that
[has] 6:38 pm: and how it links with deeds- its like a heroes journey
[ellyll] 6:39 pm: * sticks tongue out at charmed *
[has] 6:39 pm: In one of the interviews patty hinted that we will probably see the Walkers in book 6 and that they know about Mercy but are watching her to see what she does
[charmed] 6:39 pm: what? I did nothing
[Elle] 6:39 pm: Has, I liked that as well...I liked how he was blocked from his power
[has] 6:39 pm: lol
[ellyll] 6:39 pm: * whoops, at Elle, I mean *
[charmed] 6:39 pm: my comment was to elle's comment about walkers
[Elle] 6:39 pm: hee
[charmed] 6:39 pm: **sulks**
[ellyll] 6:40 pm: * hugs charmed *
[carolkat] 6:40 pm: and it seems mercy starts to learn of her own abilities * don't sulk charmed*
[e_booklover] 6:40 pm: *hugs* to charmed
[Elle] 6:40 pm: so Has...I missed that there an esta b***h ed group of walkers?
[ellyll] 6:40 pm: good question
[Elle] 6:40 pm: heh e s t a b l i s h e d
[e_booklover] 6:40 pm: I wonder why they would just watch instead of teach/mentor or do they think she is tainted by her association with the fae, vampires and werewolves?
[charmed] 6:40 pm: :heart::heart::heart:
[carolkat] 6:41 pm: I read that too but thats all we got
[Elle] 6:41 pm: good point e_ maybe they think she's consorting with the enemy
[charmed] 6:41 pm: maybe they don;t trust her becasue she wasn't raises as part of tehm?
[has] 6:41 pm: not sure - I think it was in the Book smugglers interview but in it Patty says that they are aware of Mercy which makes me think that Bran must have contacted them about her
[ellyll] 6:41 pm: :D
[charmed] 6:41 pm: though if they's ontro'd hemselves, that wouldn't be a problem
[has] 6:41 pm: but they didnt want to get involved and but are watching her
[ellyll] 6:41 pm: maybe they're being careful because of the Stefan relationship
[e_booklover] 6:41 pm: true, but the vampires are still hiding and so the walkers could feel like they are in danger
[has] 6:42 pm: perhaps as a baby - bran refused to let them have her
[Elle] 6:42 pm: maybe they're in hiding after being mostly killed off...a secret society
[Elle] 6:42 pm: lol...I love how we go off topic even here. :D
[has] 6:42 pm: Hes an alpha and probably had fatherly feelings for her and because of her links with the wolves and the rest makes the Walkers wary
[charmed] 6:42 pm: that would make sense, has and elle
[charmed] 6:42 pm: LOL Elle
[ellyll] 6:43 pm: what is this topic of which you speak?
[carolkat] 6:43 pm: Hiding seems like a good alternative to being dead and don't forget Blackwell kidnapped and killed one[/spoiler]
[Elle] 6:43 pm: b***h
[charmed] 6:43 pm: at least we still talking baout mercy
[Elle] 6:43 pm: or b w a h
[ellyll] 6:43 pm: * snicker *
[Elle] 6:43 pm: k...last 15 minutes of official chat. This is Sam time
[Elle] 6:44 pm: How did you guys like him in the book?
[ellyll] 6:44 pm: Yay!
[charmed] 6:44 pm: Sam, yes more Sam
[ellyll] 6:44 pm: Sam's got issues
[has] 6:44 pm: Loved him - but yep def has issues
[ellyll] 6:44 pm: But I still love him
[carolkat] 6:44 pm: He is so hurting he really needs someone for himself
[Elle] 6:44 pm: and they're getting harder for him to hid it looks like
[charmed] 6:44 pm: or a good therapist
[e_booklover] 6:44 pm: Sam needs a counselor
[has] 6:44 pm: that scene in the kitchen where he looked scary shows how on EDGE he was
[Elle] 6:44 pm: good point e_
[ellyll] 6:45 pm: he's not faking it as well as he used to - approaching a crisis point, I think
[Elle] 6:45 pm: Mercy had a great point as being with she couldn't save/change/heal him...that has to come from himself
[carolkat] 6:45 pm: Mercey won't move in with Adam until he is somewhat settled she is his rock
[has] 6:45 pm: sounds like he is going to reach it in Silver borne
[e_booklover] 6:45 pm: that is probably part of why Bran is strressing
[Elle] 6:45 pm: I like that mercy wants to keep her own territory
[ellyll] 6:45 pm: good point, e
[charmed] 6:46 pm: undoubtedly
[has] 6:46 pm: you know I was thinking - he would need a mate not one he can wrap in cotton wool but somone who can get him out of his funk and challenge him
[Elle] 6:46 pm: he's gotten better since MC but are his issues age and loss of wives and children? or more than that
[e_booklover] 6:46 pm: very true, the healor needs to be healed
[ellyll] 6:46 pm: I think more than just age and kids - not sure what, though
[has] 6:46 pm: Mercy does that but Sam isnt IN love with her which is why it wont work if they got together
[ellyll] 6:47 pm: and mercy will eventually have to leave
[charmed] 6:47 pm: Sam is think skineed, he cares too mcuh
[has] 6:47 pm: he needs to feel alive - hes not really living
[Elle] 6:47 pm: Has. excellent point.
[charmed] 6:47 pm: he needs a thicker skin like hsi father
[has] 6:47 pm: yep I agree but its more than that
[Elle] 6:47 pm: I dont' think Bran has that thick of a skin though
[ellyll] 6:47 pm: if he had a thicker skin, he wouldn't be Sam
[charmed] 6:47 pm: no?
[charmed] 6:48 pm: about brb I mean
[Elle] 6:48 pm: he's just as fragile in a different way...his control is iffy
[Elle] 6:48 pm: Cry Wolf issues
[has] 6:48 pm: I think hes letting it get to him tho- yep
[carolkat] 6:48 pm: Sam needs to be loved by someone unconditionally like Mercy loves Adam
[charmed] 6:48 pm: but iffy control doesn't mean he;s think sklinned
[ellyll] 6:48 pm: he already is loved unconditionally - by his father and b***h er
[ellyll] 6:48 pm: b r o t h e r
[Elle] 6:49 pm: I agree he needs to be loved but I don't envy Patty in her creation of his HEA
[Elle] 6:49 pm: lol
[e_booklover] 6:49 pm: different kind of love
[ellyll] 6:49 pm: worst censor software I've ever encountered
[has] 6:49 pm: perhaps his wolf is gaining control and his human self is relenting
[carolkat] 6:49 pm: he just hasn't found it since the business in Texas and family doesn't count
[has] 6:49 pm: its buggy ellyll- we had fun before resetting the censors - But I think with the last crash the new coding must have got lost
[e_booklover] 6:49 pm: That is what I think to
[Elle] 6:50 pm: watch your b***h 's people!
[Elle] 6:50 pm: :D
[ellyll] 6:50 pm: Mercy's right, though - you can't marry someone out of their problems
[has] 6:50 pm: do u think his mate will be a fae or another shifter ?
[ellyll] 6:50 pm: He needs someone, but he also needs to resolve whatever's wrong
[Elle] 6:50 pm: I think we'll see the foundation of what will be in the future in Silver bourne...but not an actual relationship
[carolkat] 6:51 pm: Mercy became his "pack" to get himover some of it but he needs a mate Patty promised us one
[ellyll] 6:51 pm: Actually, Mike promised. <grin>
[carolkat] 6:51 pm: Good point ellyll:)
[Elle] 6:51 pm: I'd like to see a mate for Sam...but a gradual evolution.
[ellyll] 6:51 pm: I think you're right, Elle
[has] 6:51 pm: nope Patty also said it in an interview so Mike is safe! :D
[e_booklover] 6:51 pm: yay
[ellyll] 6:52 pm: I like the evolution idea, too
[e_booklover] 6:52 pm: I think just like Mercy and Ben healing will be a gradual process so will Sam's
[Elle] 6:52 pm: I'd think I'd like it to a shifter...then I think fae to have it different...gah!
[charmed] 6:53 pm: a fae would be interesting, I wonder hwo other wolves would react to that
[Elle] 6:53 pm: she's love lived who ever it it can't be a witch
[Hurog Chat]: gryphon340 has entered at 6:53 pm
[ellyll] 6:53 pm: Hi, gryph
[charmed] 6:53 pm: hey gryph
[Elle] 6:53 pm: vampire? wolf's blood is addictive to I hope not
[Elle] 6:53 pm: hey gryph
[ellyll] 6:53 pm: No vampires, I hope
[gryphon340] 6:53 pm: hello ladies
[carolkat] 6:53 pm: I think Sam has moved on with the Texas thing thanks to Mercy but he really needs someone to understand him and what has happened maybe a fae/nurse type
[has] 6:54 pm: hey gryph!
[carolkat] 6:54 pm: Hey gryph
[ellyll] 6:54 pm: why a nurse?
[gryphon340] 6:54 pm: How was the chat with Patty?
[Elle] 6:54 pm: he needs someone more powerful or as powerful as him to challenge him like Has said
[Elle] 6:55 pm: no Patty chat gryph just us schmoos
[ellyll] 6:55 pm: yes to challenge, no to caretaker
[carolkat] 6:55 pm: common interests would know when he needed extra help
[has] 6:55 pm: Yep I agree or otherwise Sam is going to dominate her and that wont work
[Elle] 6:55 pm: interesting point carolkat
[Hurog Chat]: e_booklover has left at 6:56 pm
[Hurog Chat]: e_booklover has entered at 6:56 pm
[Elle] 6:56 pm: Patty has definitely created a great character in Sam...we're all so invested in his health
[carolkat] 6:56 pm: Trust me nurses are strong daughter's one add a twist of some other creature and who know's
[Elle] 6:56 pm: and love life :evil:
[ellyll] 6:56 pm: Very true, Elle
[gryphon340] 6:56 pm: work always brings people togather
[has] 6:56 pm: hes def got his fangirls :D
[ellyll] 6:57 pm: I squee
[Elle] 6:57 pm: He does indeed
[e_booklover] 6:57 pm: I like adam better with mercy but i really like sam too
[Elle] 6:57 pm: the problem with sam is that he's so dominate...who's gonna get in his face other than Mercy
[ellyll] 6:57 pm: Sam's got more sense of humor
[Elle] 6:58 pm: me too e_
[ellyll] 6:58 pm: The same could have been said for Charles, and he found someone
[e_booklover] 6:58 pm: Me me ooh oops nevermind ;)
[has] 6:58 pm: I think adam has one too - he just doesnt show it as much!
[gryphon340] 6:58 pm: Elle and Lady Elyll your letter is black my screen
[Elle] 6:58 pm: just change your background color gryph
[charmed] 6:58 pm: Adam has a sense of humro we saw it when he andf Mercy were together
[e_booklover] 6:58 pm: gryphon, try changing your screen's theme so the background color is different
[carolkat] 6:59 pm: maybe Sam get''s into a situation at work and the nurse is a hidden walker new to the hospital that could really work
[ellyll] 6:59 pm: maybe Sam hits a crisis point and needs help
[Elle] 6:59 pm: I guess for me I see the nurse or doctor pairing with Sam too much like Texas with the med student
[has] 7:00 pm: That would mean Walkers are long lived - but I am not sure if Sam's mate will be a Walker
[gryphon340] 7:00 pm: better
[carolkat] 7:00 pm: we dont know that for sure yet Mersy's bruises were fading
[has] 7:01 pm: I have to highlight ur text gryph
[Elle] 7:01 pm: Okay. Official chat is over! thank you guys this was great. I'll keep saving the transcript for as long as we're chatting though
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Re: Briggs Book Club Chat Transcript: Bone Crossed *Spoilers*
« Reply #2 on: April 24, 2009, 06:15:17 pm »
Part 3

[carolkat] 7:01 pm: sorry fingers are not working well
[e_booklover] 7:01 pm: Thanks elle :)
[gryphon340] 7:01 pm: hello
[gryphon340] 7:01 pm: hello
[Elle] 7:02 pm: I like someone completely unexpected but different from Mercy's personality
[Elle] 7:02 pm: and looking different than her
[carolkat] 7:02 pm: who says all walkers are like Mercy
[charmed] 7:02 pm: different ow Elle?
[e_booklover] 7:02 pm: grpyhon can you see us chatting?
[has] 7:02 pm: Yep I agree - but someone who has a great sense of humour as well
[Hurog Chat]: gryphon340 has left at 7:02 pm
[has] 7:02 pm: maybe its paused for him - that happens
[Elle] 7:03 pm: sorry carolkat...not talking about her(Sam's HEA) being a walker...I just want her to be different from Mercy and not a substitute like Texas was
[Hurog Chat]: gryphon340 has entered at 7:03 pm
[has] 7:04 pm: wb! Gryph
[carolkat] 7:04 pm: Yeah no substitutes the real thing this time
[gryphon340] 7:04 pm: I'm back
[carolkat] 7:04 pm: Hey gryph
[e_booklover] 7:04 pm: hi gryphon
[ellyll] 7:04 pm: Welcome back
[charmed] 7:04 pm: welcome back
[Elle] 7:04 pm: I feel bad for Patty...this chick is gonna have to rock to make it past the fangirls :D
[has] 7:04 pm: maybe his new mate will take him surprise - its usually the case when u fall in love
[charmed] 7:04 pm: lol
[has] 7:04 pm: lol
[e_booklover] 7:05 pm: rofl
[Elle] 7:05 pm: she gave us Anna though...completely different from Mercy but perfect for Charles
[gryphon340] 7:05 pm: :usa:Sage
[ellyll] 7:05 pm: It'll be a good experience for them (the fangirls)
[Elle] 7:05 pm: I trust her to do the same for Sam
[ellyll] 7:05 pm: I think Sage likes Asil
[charmed] 7:05 pm: I have faith in Patty
[has] 7:05 pm: Sage is for Asil!
[Elle] 7:06 pm: Patty has mentioned it's someone we haven't met yet so i dont' think Sage but interesing idea
[Hurog Chat]: has left at 7:06 pm
[ellyll] 7:06 pm: I have trust in Patty as an author
[e_booklover] 7:06 pm: hmmm
[has] 7:06 pm: She hasnt disappointed us yet- maybe in book 6 :D
[gryphon340] 7:07 pm: euro wolf maybe
[carolkat] 7:07 pm: I'm sure she'll find the most perfect mate for Sam can't wait to meet her but I bet at first it will be a struggle not like Charles. You have to work for the best things in life
[Elle] 7:07 pm: me too...lot of pressure though...Mike was saying Hunting ground is basically done now...
[Elle] 7:07 pm: So then get started on SB
[carolkat] 7:07 pm: I saw that and wow but that's still way before the next mercy book
[charmed] 7:08 pm: SB>\?
[e_booklover] 7:08 pm: elle you sound a little impatient :)
[Elle] 7:08 pm: Silver bourne
[carolkat] 7:08 pm: Silver Borne
[Elle] 7:08 pm: Me? Impatient?
[gryphon340] 7:08 pm: so do the wolves know who their mate is first sight
[Elle] 7:08 pm: :whistle:
[carolkat] 7:08 pm: Not necessarily
[ellyll] 7:08 pm: Sometimes yes, sometimes no
[e_booklover] 7:08 pm: hee hee
[ellyll] 7:09 pm: * giggle *
[carolkat] 7:09 pm: *snicker*
[has] 7:10 pm: lol :D hopefully we wil get some tidbits about SB from Mike! Once Patty gets writing it but its good to hear that HG is done
[Elle] 7:10 pm: charles wolf was very sure...maybe the other wolves leave it for the human to choose first and then decide
[gryphon340] 7:10 pm: maybe you win an ARC ellle
[charmed] 7:10 pm: that's nwhat it sounded like to me Ele
[Elle] 7:10 pm: maybe I will. :)
[e_booklover] 7:10 pm: Charles is unusual for a werewolf tho.
[charmed] 7:10 pm: hehe
[carolkat] 7:10 pm: Well daughter let me have this time her husband watched baseball so now I'm going to spend time with her before we fall asleep - nite all - let's do this again soon:D
[Hurog Chat]: carolkat has left at 7:10 pm
[Elle] 7:10 pm: I love charles. I can't wait to read HG
[has] 7:11 pm: nite carol
[e_booklover] 7:11 pm: night carolkat
[charmed] 7:11 pm: nite caol
[ellyll] 7:11 pm: I love Charles and Anna.
[ellyll] 7:11 pm: G'night, Carolkat
[e_booklover] 7:11 pm: I like them too but probably because I met Mercy, Adam and Sam first they are my favs so far.
[gryphon340] 7:11 pm: when is HG due out?
[Elle] 7:11 pm: I enjoy Anna...her growth into an Omega is fun to read
[e_booklover] 7:11 pm: Might change with HG tho
[Elle] 7:12 pm: supposed to be August but may be pushed back
[has] 7:12 pm: amazon US has a synopsis up for HG - saw it today but contains the same UK info
[ellyll] 7:12 pm: July 28, I think
[charmed] 7:12 pm: Anna is ingeresting, and I want to see mroe of her growth
[Elle] 7:12 pm: or July. :D thanks Ellyll
[ellyll] 7:13 pm: de nada
[gryphon340] 7:13 pm: Anna is cool, Sage is hotter
[Elle] 7:13 pm: I love how Anna just being Anna throws Charles off balance and balances him...I really like them together
[charmed] 7:13 pm: why, gryph?
[ellyll] 7:13 pm: Okay, gryphon, Sage is your Sam, isn't she?
[Elle] 7:13 pm: guy's POV 8s
[has] 7:13 pm: loool
[e_booklover] 7:13 pm: lol
[Elle] 7:13 pm: hee...good point ellyll
[charmed] 7:14 pm: yes, but what males Sage hotter
[gryphon340] 7:14 pm: self confidence long legs and dom
[has] 7:14 pm: I hope we get more about the Leah and Bran relationship in HG - maybe shes the reason why Bran looks tired in BC
[ellyll] 7:15 pm: fair enough
[e_booklover] 7:15 pm: thanks for explaining gryph
[gryphon340] 7:15 pm: Leah needs a bullet in the brain pan
[Elle] 7:15 pm: the leah/bran relationship is a tangled web
[e_booklover] 7:15 pm: need a replacement for her first I think
[Elle] 7:16 pm: she has issues but then so does Bran...I don't think he's an easy man to live with
[has] 7:16 pm: yep and I dont think it will end happily
[charmed] 7:16 pm: thanks gryph
[charmed] 7:16 pm: Yes, elle, it certainly is
[charmed] 7:16 pm: why do you think ti will end, has?
[Elle] 7:16 pm: will she be redeemed? or destroyed? what do you guys think?
[has] 7:16 pm: I just cant see it working out even if they tried
[has] 7:17 pm: too much bitterness and resentment has grown in Leah and a magic wand and even Anna's abilities wont help
[gryphon340] 7:17 pm: too high mantience type, loves her "power" too much
[has] 7:18 pm: maybe she gets redeemed and then dies tragically - a girl can hope and I agree with a replacement- marsillia and Leah arent my fave characters but def ones I love to hate :D
[Elle] 7:18 pm: doesn't Bran's insistence in treating Leah a certain way only reinforce her negative actions though?
[ellyll] 7:18 pm: yeah, but Bran's ruthless - he'll only give her the power he wants her to have
[e_booklover] 7:18 pm: I don't know. I would like to think she could be redeemed but she would need to be healed, and have power influence without being able to hurt people with it. I just can't see that happening
[has] 7:18 pm: yep but then he knew she was stupid and ambitious anyway before hand
[ellyll] 7:18 pm: maybe she doesn't want to be 'healed' - she may think she's just fine as is
[charmed] 7:18 pm: Bran chose her for her stupidity and jealousness
[has] 7:19 pm: its innate - if she grew out of that then maybe they have a chance
[gryphon340] 7:19 pm: still needs a bullet
[charmed] 7:19 pm: and his b***h avior doesn't help at all
[has] 7:19 pm: exactly and how could u hate sam and Charles - that woman is crazy
[Elle] 7:19 pm: but we only get Bran's thoughts on how she is though...he could be seeing her a certain way...thinking of her a certain way to justify his own actions
[charmed] 7:19 pm: lol, b e h a v i o r
[charmed] 7:19 pm: very true, Elle
[ellyll] 7:19 pm: her initial treatment of Anna said a lot, though
[Elle] 7:20 pm: not to be a Leah apologist. 'cause me no likely her
[e_booklover] 7:20 pm: I want to see her and Anna interact more
[gryphon340] 7:20 pm: she Mercy too
[gryphon340] 7:20 pm: hates Mercy too
[charmed] 7:21 pm: for a secodn gryph, I trhoght you meant you hated Mercy
[charmed] 7:21 pm: LOL
[Elle] 7:21 pm: there are always reasons why people act the way they do...fear/anger/resentment...maybe she hates mercy because Bran loves her and gives that love freely without restrictions
[charmed] 7:21 pm: Oh I think that's true for sure
[Elle] 7:22 pm: I can't help but feel bad for her...she's mated without a mate...that has to burn...I can see why she's bitter about it
[has] 7:22 pm: Def! and thats the main reason why she hates her - Mercy assumes its because shes a coyote and argubly can carry a child
[Elle] 7:22 pm: and e_ I do want to see her and Anna interact some more
[Elle] 7:23 pm: still...I definitely loved how Anna went all Omega on her and blew her off
[has] 7:23 pm: I so agree with you there about Leah mated without a mate - I dont think they are fully mated. Bran has said to charles that their mate bond only consists of him knowing where she is- no more than a pack bond
[e_booklover] 7:24 pm: I wonder if orginally Leah thought she would get more out of that relationshiop
[charmed] 7:24 pm: Ph yeah, I loved that scene Elle
[Elle] 7:24 pm: Bran has a lot of issues still...Charles' seems the healthest emotionally of all the cornick boys
[gryphon340] 7:24 pm: hers could split bond with side more committed then his
[has] 7:25 pm: he's the youngest though
[charmed] 7:25 pm: e, I'm sure Leah did, proabbaly thoguht she coudl get Bran to love ehr
[Elle] 7:25 pm: e_ I think that's where a lot of the bitterness comes from
[charmed] 7:25 pm: and htat he'd share mopre
[ellyll] 7:25 pm: I think Sam was probably pretty healthy until relatively recently
[has] 7:25 pm: and resentment about he must have fully mated with Blue Jay woman and not her and I dont think she knows the full truth about him being a berserker
[e_booklover] 7:26 pm: maybe anna can mend some part of b***h of them maybe not enough so they have a healthy relationship but so they can go their seperate ways
[Elle] 7:26 pm: maybe...good point e_
[has] 7:26 pm: I think Sam was hiding it more - hes def world weary
[Elle] 7:26 pm: you too has...I think there's a lot of hate for Blue Jay Woman
[ellyll] 7:27 pm: I think it's funny. Pre Cry Wolf, we all thought Leah was an unmitigated b i t c h and now everyone wants to feel sympathy for her.
[has] 7:27 pm: e_ I dont think that will happen -too tidy Leah isnt like that - KABOOM is in the future whatever the outcome
[e_booklover] 7:27 pm: lol we still don't like her but still...
[gryphon340] 7:27 pm: not me bullet brain pan
[e_booklover] 7:27 pm: Has that could certainly be true.
[Elle] 7:27 pm: two sides though....Cry Wolf opened my eyes a bit to Bran's ruthlessness
[charmed] 7:27 pm: nope,s till don't like her but I do feel a litle bit sorry for her
[e_booklover] 7:28 pm: I guess I am trying to see that like Elle said two sides it isn't all leah's fault
[Elle] 7:28 pm: the consesus? we don't like her but we understand her. :D
[has] 7:28 pm: But I think Bran has to be ruthless to be where he is
[Elle] 7:29 pm: oh I totally agree
[e_booklover] 7:29 pm: I agree with that Has
[charmed] 7:29 pm: Yep, I agre also
[Elle] 7:29 pm: he wouldn't be the Marrok if he wasn't a ruthless b a s t a r d
[has] 7:29 pm: We may not agree with his choices but for the outcome of the packs his heart is in the right place but hes def selfish and a coward towards his own personal life - and I think thats a mistake which he will soon realise
[Elle] 7:29 pm: take that censors!
[e_booklover] 7:29 pm: you tell them elle
[charmed] 7:29 pm: LOL elle
[has] 7:29 pm: u can say that without being censored :D
[charmed] 7:29 pm: :awe:
[Elle] 7:30 pm: hee
[charmed] 7:30 pm: :evil:
[Elle] 7:30 pm: that's why I love the alpha/omega books so much...we get to see another side of Bran and the packs
[Elle] 7:31 pm: I'll remember that in the future Has :D
[has] 7:31 pm: lol
[gryphon340] 7:31 pm: wonder what euro wolves will be like
[Elle] 7:31 pm: yes!
[has] 7:31 pm: pyschos
[e_booklover] 7:31 pm: probably more formal and stiff necked and easy to take offense ;)
[Elle] 7:31 pm: I cannot wait to see them...and see how they're different
[Hurog Chat]: charmed has left at 7:32 pm
[Elle] 7:32 pm: I'm with has...psychos
[charmed] 7:32 pm: anyone there? or am I frozen out?
[gryphon340] 7:32 pm: b***h or french psychos
[e_booklover] 7:32 pm: lol
[gryphon340] 7:32 pm: b***h
[Hurog Chat]: charmed has left at 7:32 pm
[Elle] 7:32 pm: very much wanting to fight and exert their dominance
[e_booklover] 7:33 pm: grph put a space between each letter
[gryphon340] 7:33 pm: B ritish
[has] 7:33 pm: hahahaha
[ellyll] 7:33 pm: Has, you're a curse! * snicker *
[Elle] 7:33 pm: I wonder if we'll see a fight or two...
[Elle] 7:33 pm: B ritish. lol but I can say bastard
[Elle] 7:33 pm: I love it
[Hurog Chat]: has left at 7:34 pm
[gryphon340] 7:34 pm: or worse yet German pyshcos
[has] 7:34 pm: hey not all brits are stiff upper lipped gentlemen
[has] 7:34 pm: Hey I would love to see a liverpudlian or a geordi werewolf :D
[has] 7:35 pm: elle you can much worse :S
[Hurog Chat]: has left at 7:35 pm
[e_booklover] 7:35 pm: true, or a cock ney one
[gryphon340] 7:35 pm: or
[has] 7:35 pm: thought that meant cock eyed just then - hey its late
[gryphon340] 7:35 pm: scottish or welsh
[Elle] 7:35 pm: Hunting Ground where are you?? Why must we wait. Sigh
[e_booklover] 7:36 pm: lol it displayed differently then I typed it
[ellyll] 7:36 pm: Bran's already Welsh
[Hurog Chat]: charmed has entered at 7:36 pm
[has] 7:36 pm: yeah!! and Sam!
[gryphon340] 7:36 pm: wb charmed
[ellyll] 7:36 pm: Hi, again, charmed
[charmed] 7:36 pm: **kicks stupid compooper**
[charmed] 7:36 pm: Hi :)
[Elle] 7:36 pm: it lasted the whole chat thoug. :)
[e_booklover] 7:36 pm: hi charmed, we missed you
[charmed] 7:36 pm: true, it did
[has] 7:36 pm: wb!!! charmed
[charmed] 7:36 pm: I misse dyou guys :(
[Elle] 7:37 pm: lol
[charmed] 7:37 pm: :ninja:
[has] 7:37 pm: did u time out?
[gryphon340] 7:37 pm: Only 6 monthes to go
[charmed] 7:37 pm: not sure, timed or froze or something
[Elle] 7:38 pm: This was a good chat. I enjoyed it. You all gave me some definite food for though about some things
[e_booklover] 7:38 pm: same here
[charmed] 7:38 pm: only 6 months to live gryph?
[has] 7:38 pm: I like real time chats
[has] 7:38 pm: lol
[charmed] 7:38 pm: I do too
[Elle] 7:38 pm: me too Has
[gryphon340] 7:38 pm: no til the book is out
[has] 7:38 pm: it might be in the summer we dont know so in theory it could be 3 months- just depends on the copyeiditing
[charmed] 7:39 pm: I want it NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[charmed] 7:39 pm: :P
[has] 7:39 pm: time machine!
[e_booklover] 7:39 pm: you are starting to sound like elle :D
[Elle] 7:39 pm: if only :D
[charmed] 7:39 pm: who is?
[Elle] 7:39 pm: hey! I resemble that remark

After this we went horribly off topic. :D Enjoy the transcript and we hope to see you at the next Briggs Book chat.
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