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Omega mates
« on: August 20, 2007, 06:22:26 pm »
I wondered how Omegas and their mates take their places in the pack.

Charles says that Omegas are outside of the pack hierarchy and Anna demonstrates several times that she is not compelled to submit to the will of more dominant wolf.

So first question:
Does a female were mated to an Omega share his place outside of pack hierarchy or does she assume the position she would hold as an unmated female?

Second question:
Will Anna share Charles position as a dominant wolf (like Mercy does when she commands Warren in BB) or will she remain outside of the dominance games?
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Re: Omega mates
« Reply #1 on: August 20, 2007, 08:05:40 pm »
ooohhh, good questions!

Patty Briggs

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Re: Omega mates
« Reply #2 on: October 20, 2007, 07:00:57 am »
Very good question -- and the answer depends upon the pack.  Because this is something that is not run into very often.  There just aren't very many Omegas. 

I can tell you that mystically speaking -- Anna is still outside of the pack hierarchy.  Not even Bran can inspire instant obedience out of her -- with pack magic.  However that doesn't hinder Bran a bit -- ordinary intimidation works just fine.

I'm not sure what Bran's pack will decide.   But unless encouraged by the Alpha, or totally out of control (like Jason), a werewolf cannot attack an Omega wolf.  That's why Leo had to have Jason go after her.