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Leo's finances
« on: August 20, 2007, 06:16:28 pm »
Do we ever find out why Leo was in financial trouble in A&O?  In MC, you say that his income did not allow him the lifestyle he desired, yet in A&O, he tells Charles that keeping so many weres happy was expensive and Charles accepts his explanation as true.  I actually had to laugh because my thought was, Dang! 15 acres in Naperville with an old mansion?  I'm suprised he didn't sell that.

Also, do we see more of the fallout in the next Charles/Anna book?  I thought you said somewhere that the story begins the day after A&O ends, so I hope we get more of what happened.
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Re: Leo's finances
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 I don't go into details <grin>.  Just that Isabelle was very expensive to keep happy.   Leo was afraid to set her off by telling her "no" because then someone might find out she was crazy and tell Bran, who would send Charles to kill her.
 Yes, the mansion is worth a lot (I did some on-line research to make sure that there were places like this still in Naperville on a realtor's site).  However it belongs to Bran's corporation, and not to Leo personally.

And yes, we get to see something of what happens to the Chicago pack at the beginning of Cry Wolf (which is the title of the new book).

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