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Fae | ID Card of Uncle Mike
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Michael McNellisIK-13

Appearances and Mentions:

Mercy Thompson 1: Moon Called
Mercy Thompson 2: Blood Bound
Mercy Thompson 3: Iron Kissed
Mercy Thompson 4: Bone Crossed
Mercy Thompson 5: Silver Borne
Mercy Thompson 6: River Marked
Mercy Thompson 8: Night Broken
Mercy Thompson 9: Fire Touched

Uncle MikeIK-09 | Green ManIK-86


Classification Description:
[Type] Green Man?
  • charisma magicIK-217
[Dropped Glamour]
  • and by his scent—spice and old beerIK-
[Glamour] Human Guise
  • Uncle Mike looked like a tavern owner ought to. As if he'd reached into my mind and pulled out all the tavern owners in all the books and movies and stories I'd ever experienced, and then distilled them to produce the perfect caricatureBB-146
  • His face was pleasing, but more charismatic than handsome
  • He was average in height with wide shoulders, thick arms, and short-fingered, powerful hands
  • His hair was reddish brown, but there were no freckles on his tanned face
  • his eyes bright hazel
  • Ireland lay thick as honey on his tongueBB-145
  • the tavern Uncle Mike’s smelled like beer, hot wings, and popcorn; also smelled like fae like the four elements that the old philosophers proposed: earth, air, fire, and water, with a healthy dose of magic.BC-

Fairyland | See Ronald Wilson Reagan Fae Reservation | Faepology

Tavern Owner|Operator See Uncle Mike's Pasco| Blueprints and Property Descriptions

See Fergus
See Biddy

Ford ExplorerIK-80

Physical Description:
See Classification Description | Dropped Glamour&Glamour

Character Traits & Facts:

Education, Work Experience & Languages:

  • his Irish is thicker than Zee's GermanIK-31
  • his tavern keeper clothes: loose ivory-colored khakies and green T-shirt with his own name in the possessive across his chest in sparkling white lettersIK-31
  • Uncle Mike’s in Pasco; there’s a spell on it that makes humans avoid itMC-
  • Uncle Mike’s was a bar of sorts in Pasco, a local hangout for the faeBB-
  • Uncle Mike’s is for the fae—though he tolerates most any kind of preternatural creature, as long as they don’t cause any problemsBB-
  • dressed in a lincoln green tunic and hose, looking not unlike one of Robin Hood’s Merry Men, the uniform of Uncle Mike’s staffBB-
  • Ireland lay thick as honey on his tongue and his voice worked its own kind of magicBB-
  • The ceilings in Uncle Mike’s are about fourteen feet in the airBC-

Spirituality & Personality:

  • The first was that Uncle Mike was one of the few who would have gone after the sorcerer. The second was that he both hated and feared the Gray Lords. The third was that he didn’t consider humans to be effluvia at allBB-
  • He’s not Zee. His loyalties are to himself and his aloneIK-
  • Uncle Mike can be pretty oblique when he wants toRM-

Talents & Skills:

  • his face takes on a pleasant blankness he used to conceal his thoughtsIK-33
  • was a sign of his power that they all waited for his judgementBB-
  • set a geas on Tad for the protection of the faeIK-
  • Uncle Mike’s commanding voiceBC-
  • Something powerful enough to control a tavern full of drunken fae seven nights a week.BC-
  • not-lying even better than Gordon SeekerRM-

Health & Fitness:


    • has an odd sense of humorBB-
    • has money and could get more if we need itIK-


    With Mercy and Adam:

    • I was amused as much at myself as at your use of the language. Even after all this time, I keep forgetting that heroes can be found in unlikely places and persons—like mechanics who can turn into coyotesBB-
    • let her know that werewolves and sorcerers were a bad combinationBB-;Demons have a deleterious effect on self control, which is very, very bad for werewolvesBB-
    • his guest, the fae couldn’t do anything bad to me without challenging himBB-
    • invoked the dragon amulet for Mercy; given it your name, no one else may invoke it, and even then it takes both word and desireBB-
    • Mercy didn't know if Uncle Mike knew about the ghostsIK-
    • was in debt to you and yours for killing the second vampire with your artifacts. Paid in full.IK-
    • feels Mercy knows too many of the fae secretsIK-
    • attended Mercy and Adam's weddingRM-
    • he offered Adam and Mercy the trailer they used for their honeymoonRM-76
    • let Mercy know that; she quenched Lugh’s walking stick in the blood of an ancient Native American monster; Violence begets violence—especially when there’s magic involvedRM-

    With the Fae:

    • But Uncle Mike is on the Council at FairylandIK-
    • he was powerful and could he keep a lid on so many faeIK-
    • cautious around Baba YagaBC-; even in the center of his power, his tavern, didn’t think he could stop herBC-

    With the Wolves:

    • Samuel, like me, had refrained from looking at Uncle Mike when he’d entered—a small power play that subtly put us in chargeThat Samuel had done it told me that he, too, didn’t entirely believe Uncle Mike was on our sideIK-
    • Uncle Mike, who has proved himself to be, at least, a valuable ally if you don’t consider him to be a friendRM-
    • thinks the wolves should should feel a kindred spirit with the otterkin, they are shapeshiftersRM-

    With the Vampires:

    • I was pretty sure Uncle Mike would figure out that the vampires had used his place to target the wolves—and if I thought that, Marsilia surely would. She must be truly furious if she was willing to anger Uncle Mike and enrage Adam in order to get to meBC-
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