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Werewolf | ID Card of Anna Cornick [Omega]
« on: August 14, 2007, 03:34:29 pm »
Anna Cornick née Latham

Appearances and Mentions:

A&O 1a: Alpha and Omega
A&O 1b: Cry Wolf
A&O 2: Hunting Ground
A&O 3: Fair Game
A&O 4: Dead Heat

Mercy Thompson 5: Silver Borne

Short Story: Roses in Winter
Short Story: Underappreciated Gifts

Wolf-tamerCW-196 | Peace-bringerCW-196



[Pack Affiliation] See Marrok Pack | Omega See Werewolf Ethology
[Former] Treated as submissive wolf in Chicago (Western Suburbs) Pack

Classification Description:

  • Coal black; special markings -- dash of white over her nose
  • Eyes -- pale, pale blue
  • small size for a werewolf, but still much larger than a German shepardAO-61
[Force Changed] 2004 See Justin
  • dated Justin a few times was going to break it off the night he took her to a small restaurant near a forest preserve
  • they went for a moonlight walk when he went back to his car to get something; he came back in werewolf form and attacked herAO-29
  • stalked her for an hour, herding her back from the edge of the preserve each time she almost got awayAO-30

23 yo HG-48


Name Unknown

Name Unknown

[Brother] Name Unknown


Other Relatives:
[Sister-In-Law] Name Unknown
[Grandmother] Name UnknownAO-25
[Brother-In-Law] See Samuel Cornick
[Father-In-Law] See Bran Cornick

Significant Other:
[Mate] See Charles Cornick

See Aspen Creek, Montana
[Former]Oak Park, Illinois | See Blueprints and Property Descriptions

[Former] See Kara MosleyAO-20

Pre-Change | Music StoreAO-29
Post-Change | Waitress | Scorci's Italian RestaurantAO-03
[Present] N/A


Physical Description:
  • 5'2"CW-34
  • too thinAO-10
  • Irish-pale complexionAO-10; porcelain skinHG-08
  • has a dimple in her left cheekCW-156
  • whiskey-colored curly hairAO-10
  • Brown eyesAO-60
  • frecklesHG-08
  • her voice touched just a little with a Chicago accentFG-

Character Traits & Facts:

From Chat Transcripts:

  • her wolf is kind of separated from her to protect her; the wolf took the lion's share of the punishment so she didn't have toChat 2008-10-11

From Alpha&Omega:

  • after being shared like a whore for the pack for a year she tried to commit suicide by slitting her wrists with a silver knife; was saved by IsabelleAO-48
  • has been a werewolf for three yearsAO-05
  • plays the guitarAO-29
  • owns a marble rolling pin that belonged to her grandmotherAO-25
  • might not be aggressive, but she had a limit on how far she could be pushedAO-59

From Cry Wolf:

  • Boyd gave her Bran's phone number because she was the only member of the pack who didn't have to follow his order to not involve the Marrok in their businessCW-14
  • had been attending Northwestern university studying music theory when she was ChangedCW-70
  • Had not talked to her family during those yearsCW-96
  • had four summers of softball experienceCW-176
  • speaks Latin phrases every now and then; used it for secret defianceCW-12
  • her father had a couple of years of Latin in college and everyone in her family picked it upCW-12
  • she could handle a pistol--her father used to take her to the shooting rangeCW-139
  • can draw strength from her wolf such that other wolves can't sense itCW-43;she'd used the wolf to get through things her human half wouldn't have survived
  • doesn't usually get hungry at the smell of bloodCW-82
  • usually more comfortable with conversation than silenceCW-139
  • had never been on a plane before the events of CWCW-20
  • sometimes babbled when she was nervousCW-59
  • her wolf isn't violent--just strong and protectiveCW-127
  • had been on a couple of camping trips with her family in Wisconsin while she was growing upCW-137
  • when she used it, she could pull in any wolf she wanted almost as effectively as Bran, though he'd have done it by sheer force of personality she made you want to curl up at her feet and bask in her peaceCW-159
  • using her Omega it was as if she could see through the strange werewolf's skin and into his soul, feel his torment, his needCW-160
  • she felt like a blind man seeing colors for the first timeCW-160
  • brings peace and serenity with her wherever she went -- at least when she wasn't scared, hurt, or upset; some of her power depended upon her being a werewolf, which magnified the effect of her magic; but a larger part of it was the steel backbone that made the best of whatever circumstances she happened to be inCW-197
  • took track in schoolCW-277
  • her brother boxed in high school and taught Anna some movesCW-279
  • she couldn't give calm that she didn't feelCW-284

From Hunting Ground:

  • untrained to use her wolf senses,someday she might not notice some danger that would get her killedHG-06
  • she likes to wear Charles' clothesHG-08
  • was rearranging them all to suit herself but manipulating Bran had a tendency to backfireHG-09
  • Charles believes that his grandfather would have called her 'She Moves Trees Out of his Path'HG-11
  • she really likes flyingHG-18
  • her wolf didn't like the troll they met in SeattleHG-30
  • music helps her focus her Omega-ness, soothing musicHG-35
  • Charles brought a deeply centered clarity to Anna; she gave him peaceHG-39
  • her older brother used to sneak downstairs at night and take the old Civil War cavalry sword her father hand hung up on a wall and fight invisible foes; and once, memorably, his little sister, whom he'd armed with a broom. She'd gotten sixteen stitches -- and he a broken noseHG-144
  • for a while after she'd be forcibly Changed, she hadn't made music at all--and not just because she'd had to sell her celloHG-54

From Silver Borne:

  • her Omega-ness doesn't affect Mercy like it does the wolvesSB-55
  • she wouldn't have been able to help Samuel with his despairSB-55; she may have been able to put Samuel back in the driver's seat but that may not have been a good thingSB-55

Guilty Pleasures:

Speaks Latin
  • Illegitimis nil carborundum | Don't let the bastards grind you downCW-12
  • Interdum feror cupidine partium magnarum europe vincendarum | Sometimes I have the urge to conquer large parts of EuropeCW-12
  • Tarditas et procrastinatio odiosa est | Procrastination sucksCW-30
  • Me transmitte sursum, Caledoni | Beam me up, ScottyCW-221
  • Crep, strep, venefica est mortua | Ding, dong, the witch is deadCW-291

Character Traits & Facts:

Education & Languages:


Talent & Skills:

Health & Fitness:

Personality Quirks:


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