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Mercy and Children
« on: August 14, 2007, 03:48:11 pm »
These are questions posed in chat sessions, I've split them up according to subject.  Anything in {these things} are comments/additions I added to make more sense, since some words are left out due to it being from a chat room session.

Unpublished: Patty, you mentioned in the first book that Mercy can help a werewolf have children. Some human, some werewolf, some skinwalker. Does she herself feel like children would be for her?
Patty: Children are something that Mercy hasn't seriously considered. Maybe it's because of her experience with Samuel. I might just pose that question to her, and see if it creates ideas.

   missyb: Kids add even more a complex story i think, she prob. wont have any till close to end ??????? :)
Patty: I think Mercy will be really frustrated with men trying to "baby" her even now
Patty: Babies are hard to write fantasy novels around -- they should be better protected than adventuring people can make them.
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