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Mercy's Abilities
« on: August 12, 2007, 10:42:19 pm »
These are questions posed in chat sessions, I've split them up according to subject.  Anything in {these things} are comments/additions I added to make more sense, since some words are left out due to it being from a chat room session.

has: will Mercy show more abilities in the future
Patty: Mercy, like all of us, will learn and grow. However, I don't think I'll be lightly adding to her power base.

   Unpublished:  since she's a walker, can she be turned?
Patty: Unpublished -- I don't think anyone knows if Mercy can be turned. But if someone tries (remember it takes a long time) -- I suspect that neither Bran, Adam or Samuel would lef the vamp live long.

   HaveMercy!:  Does Mercy age like a human?
Patty: As far as Mercy knows (and me) yes, just like a human

   Psyko: Does a Walker age just like a normal human, or is their lifespan a little longer?
Patty: Psyko -- no one has told Mercy what age will do to her. If Bran knows, he hasn't told her either.
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