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Mercy's Relationship Questions
« on: August 12, 2007, 10:37:29 pm »
These are questions posed in chat sessions, I've split them up according to subject.  Anything in {these things} are comments/additions I added to make more sense, since some words are left out due to it being from a chat room session.

kar: Will Mercy ever become immortal so that she can happily end up with Adam or Sam?
Patty: I have a little problem with having Mercy be immortal. I don't know if she is -- and neither does she or Adam/Sam. I like to keep my characters underpowerd when I can

   Unpublished: Patty, can you give us a clue as to who Mercy ends up with? I just got some friends hooked on your books and they're chafing at the bit for a hint
Patty: I don't want to ruin it for people --Unpublished -- You know it's the "rosebud's the sled" problem :lol:

   Jenn: Were you surprised at who Mercy chose
Patty: I was surprised about how she decided which man and why she was not chosing. I like it when my characters surprise me.

   missyb: if she does go with adam, and becomes his mate, will she have challenges from the other females wanting the post? or is that way out there?
Patty: Missyb, If she does go with Adam, she probably won't be challenged by other females -- there just aren't that many female werewolves, and most of them are mated.

   Unpublished: Oh, what would happen within the pack (especially with the females!) if goes to someone other than Adam!
Patty: Unpublished -- if Mercy doesn't pick Adam. Things will go back to where they were and Mercy will just be a stray coyote for the pack

   Sweetz: will sam and mercy ever have that conversation and hash out their pasts
Patty: Sweetz, I don't know. We'll see what the story brings.

   has: I am just wondering when Mercy chooses - will there be conflict between Sam and Adam or will they accept her choice
Patty: has -- I don't know how much conflict there will be. Iron Kissed takes place during a very short time period. The guys will have to shake out their feelings about each other/Mercy in the next Mercy book.

   Psyko: You've skated around a lot of the romance stuff in Mercy's life, but I noticed that it had started to pick up at the end of Blood Bound. Will she become a little less stubborn when it comes to relationships in Iron Kissed?
Patty: Psyko -- A lot less stubborn in Iron Kissed.

   Unpublished:  Patty, what about past relationships with Mercy? There was Sam, but has she tried with anyone else?   She seems very relaxed around men, so either Sam didn't burn that badly, or she learned to trust them.
Patty: Unpublished. She tried dating humans for a while when she was younger, but eventually gave it up -- because you can't have a relationship without being honest -- and she couldn't be honest without putting them at risk.
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