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Mercy and Bran's pack
« on: August 11, 2007, 05:05:24 pm »
My question has to do with the attitude the women in Aspen Creek had toward Mercy. In Moon Called Mercy says that most of the woman there disliked her. I could understand why the female werewolves and even the human women married to the werewolves would be jealous of her ability to give them children. But why would a woman like Lisa, who I guessed is married to Carl, care one way or the other?
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Re: Mercy and Bran's pack
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Good question Dobby :)  I was thinking about the same thing!

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Re: Mercy and Bran's pack
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When Mercy left Aspen Springs she was sixteen.  Leah (Bran's mate) hated her and all the females of the pack (at that time) followed suit.  Some just following Leah, some because Mercy was a Coyote not a wolf.  Most of the human spouses (remember they are not always mates) of the male wolves were unhappy with a young unmarried woman running with the wolves where they could not go.  And a number of them were currying favor with Leah.

Even so, not all the women disliked her, but the important ones, the ones she spent much time with after her foster parents died, did.