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Forced Changes
« on: August 11, 2007, 11:03:55 am »
OK.  In both MC and AO, you say that it is forbidden to Change someone against their will, or without them knowing.  But it seems as though there is alot of this going around.  While I know that everything in Leo's pack could be dismissed, that leaves alot of other characaters.

Honey (thinks she's a monster)
Kara Beckworth (ravished by rogue)
David Christianson
I'd have to look through my books, but I think there are several others

So, why is that?  What happens to wolves who change others against their will?  How are most weres made (willing or unwiling)? And are you going to do more with this later?
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Re: Forced Changes
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Rogues (werewolves who go around attacking humans) are hunted down and killed by the packs who answer to Bran.  If they have force Changed someone, that victim is adopted by the nearest pack and helped until they either adjust and control their wolf -- or the pack is forced to kill them.

Only in Bran's territory (which is admittedly huge) is it absolutely forbidden to Change someone against their will.  In, for instance, Europe, as long as the pack Alpha doesn't care, it is not forbidden.  Just a really bad idea if you are trying to avoid capture.

Honey is older than she looks and was not Changed in Bran's territory.  Both Adam and David were Changed in Asia, during the Vietnam war.  And you can add Ben to your list of people who were Changed against their will.