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Pack Details | Marrok (Aspen Creek)
« on: May 31, 2013, 04:12:06 pm »
[Location] See Aspen Creek, Montana

[Size] @70 wolves in Aspen CreekMC-; 32 maybe 33 wolvesCW-273
[Den] N/A
[Wildings Size] 18 was 20 with death of 2BuB
[Hunting Ground]

[Witch on Retainer] Not needed. They have CharlesMC-81

[The Corporation] | Aspen Creek, IncFG-121
  • twice a year the Alphas meet with Bran at Bran's corporate headquarters in Colorado; they sometimes brought their seconds or thirds - but never the womenMC-203
  • the pack's corporation had condos all over the place; it made travel more discreet, no hotel charges, no strangers coming in to clean every dayFG-71

  • pack has a LearjetHG-17; six-passenger, twin-engine LearCW-20
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