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Werewolf | ID Card of Ben Shaw
« on: October 16, 2008, 11:01:10 am »
Ben (Benjamin) Shaw

Ben the GrouchRe-

Appearances and Mentions:

Mercy Thompson 1: Moon Called
Mercy Thompson 2: Blood Bound
Mercy Thompson 3: Iron Kissed
Mercy Thompson 4: Bone Crossed
Mercy Thompson 5: Silver Borne
Mercy Thompson 6: River Marked
Mercy Thompson 7: Frost Burned
Mercy Thompson 8: Night Broken
Mercy Thompson 9: Fire Touched

Short Story: In Red, With Pearls
Short Story: Redemption


[Pack Affiliation] See Columbia Basin Pack
[Former] See London, England Pack

Classification Description:

  • red
  • taller and leaner than usual, as if he'd been bred for running rather than fightingMC-262
  • Ben, like Honey, was beautiful—and he was vain enough to enjoy the attentionIK-
has been a wolf for 6 or 7 yearsChat 2007-07-21

is probably a little younger than Mercy 25 or soChat 2007-07-21

Significant Other:
See Tri-Cities, Washington

A computer geekBB-101; Information Technologies, ITSB-102
Ben was officially a database administer, better known in the IT world as a DBARe-

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory which is affiliated in some arcane manner with the Hanford Nuclear SiteBB-101

has a red truck MC-54; ChevyIK-

Physical Description:
  • has a British accentMC-54
  • didn't quite sound like Prince Charles, but closer to that then Fagan in OliverMC-56
  • not bad looking, a trifle effeminate for Mercy's tasteMC-55
  • looked boyishly charming when he smiledMC-
  • fine featuredBC-72
  • Ben looked almost fragile—though that was deceptive because he was tough as nailsIK-
  • has pale hairIK-99; blond hair almost whiteBC-28
  • is taller than AdamIK-258

Character Traits & Facts:

Education, Work Experience & Languages:

  • Ben was raised in London and had lived there until a year and a half agoSB-38
  • at work, when they get bored, they issue challengesSB-102
  • writes his own code; is a top flight computer guruRe-
  • Ben’s cubicle was the farthest one, and he liked it that way because people with random issues usually stopped elsewhere before they got to himRe-

Spirituality & Personality:

  • Ben's problems are personality problems, not werewolf relatedChat 2008-10-11
  • Ben hates women. He'll do whatever he can to bother themChat 2007-05-20
  • Ben mostly he just hates everyoneChat 2007-05-20
  • a petty, nasty and violent manBB-57
  • everything he said came out like a sneer or a threat, all in his nifty British accentBB-57
  • thinks he's handsome, clever, wittyBB-
  • believes you only run if you have hopeIK-
  • Ben was a misogynist of the highest (or lowest, depending upon your viewpoint) order with the added bonus of a foul mouthBC-
  • when he extends himself beyond his usual nasty personality, people tend to find Ben reassuring; may be his nifty British accent and composed appearanceSB-170
  • was bitter when he first arrived; Eastern Washington is a big comedown from LondonSB-185
  • his British accent gave him a civilized air he didn't deserveRM-39
  • Everyone at his work was scared of him except his friend Rajeev because Rajeev was on the other side of the worldRe-
  • Ben was starting not to recognize himself. He needed to know if that was a good thing or a bad thingRe-
  • Ben threw away what he knew and tried to go with what he felt—which was difficult for him because facts had never failed him the way emotions hadRe-

Talents & Skills:

  • Ben made a really, really scary boogeymanIK-
  • wouldn't win a verbal skirmish with KyleBC-
  • he's in charge of sending out the information for the pack email listSB-
  • Ben is good for defense if you need itFB-
  • know how he’ll be around kidsFB-
  • Ben was also a computer geek. Warren could get by on the computer, but Ben makes himlook like a complete LudditeIp
  • had always been considered brilliant—troubled, obnoxious, criminal, occasionally violent, but always brilliantRe-
  • All of his life, Ben had always been considered brilliant—troubled, obnoxious, criminal, occasionally violent, but always brilliantRe-

Issues with Women & the Law:

  • Ben doesn't have a criminal record -- but it's more that he didn't get caught than any good behavior on his part
    he's had run ins with the police, been suspected of stuffChat 2009-10-08
  • Ben was high on the suspect list for some rather nasty crimes involving women.  Not even Ben's Alpha knew if he'd done themChat 2009-10-08
  • had fled England to Adam's pack to avoid questioning in a brutal multiple rape caseIK-99
  • not used to meeting mothersBC-
  • he's better than he was when he first came to Adam's pack, but he's not safeRM-40
  • some part of him still hates women, still looks upon them as prey; as long as that's true, he needs watchingRM-40
  • wasn’t used to having a woman defend him. It made him feel odd. Odder than it shouldRe-
  • Women were always smiling and pretty on the outsideRe-

Health & Fitness:

  • Ben was abused as a childIK-263
  • severely abused when he was a childFB-85
  • shot with tranquilizers while saving AdamMC-
  • injuries from his Daniel and Littleton fights: here was a flap of torn skin on his hip that oozed blood, and one front leg bent oddly about two inches below the jointBB-
  • He’d attacked another male werewolf without provocation—attempted suicide, werewolf styleBB-
  • knocked into Adam's SUV by the Fideal; knocked outIK-
  • suffered smoke inhalation and burns after rushing into Mercy's burning trailerSB-
  • tranquilizer in the arseFB-; and shot with a silver bullet in the just above his right kneeFB-


  • kind of funnyBB-
  • swears a lot, but never when Adam is aroundBC-29
  • The night air keeps his head clearBC-
  • called Kyle Warren's boy toyBC-
  • never seen a fae who used modern weaponrySB-
  • is a sick, sick manSB-
  • likes MedeaSB-
  • he's creative when he swearsFB-8
  • too smart to swear at copsFB-8
  • voice he seldom uses has clear and crisp-upper-crust British accentFB-25
  • bled all over Marsilia's carFB-
  • had been used as a motivational force for good in his workplace when he tried to stop swearing to win bet with AdamRe-


With Mercy:

  • Ben likes Mercy despite himselfChat 2008-01-06
  • Mercy dislikes BenBB-
  • he shifted in order to help save Mercy after she went hunting AndreBB-
  • Ben adores Mercy. He doesn’t quite know how to deal with it yet. He’s not used to liking anyone ... and liking a womanBC-
  • rushed into Mercy's burning with Adam to help save her; rescued MedeaSB-
  • could be creepy and horrible but he was almost Mercy's friend -- shared nightmares do thatSB-45
  • Mercy told him her sisters were off limitsRM-
  • the burnt motor-oil smell that was a part of her. It used to irritate him—and now it irritated him that he associated the smell with pack and safetyRe-

With Adam:

  • Bran was pretty sure Ben was fixable which is why he was sent to AdamChat 2009-10-08
  • Adam told Jesse to stay out of his wayMC-
  • He came to Adam's rescue twice, and the second time it was only chance that he intercepted a tranquilizer rather than a bulletMC-
  • would take a bullet for AdamBB-
  • impressed with Adam's computer skillsIK-
  • along with Darryl and Warren he stood up with Adam during his and Mercy's weddingRM-
  • He didn’t think of Adam as his father. He’d had one father, and that was enough for him. But Adam was good at sorting out peopleRe-
  • Adam would never hurt him or allow him to be hurt outside of the discipline needed to keep peace within the packRe-

With His Wolf:

  • Ben had given up entirely to his wolf under the influence of LittletonBB-
  • wouldn't shift from wolf or hunt with the pack after he killed DanielBB-
  • if Ben had killed when he was wounded and shaken by Peter’s death, he could lose control of his wolf and never regain itFB-
  • his dominance is shifting and he's growing strongerFB-
  • His wolf saw all humans as weak, and people could feel things like thatRe-
  • wolf he kept balled up inside him out just enough to be scary but not enough to be dangerous, a more difficult balance than usual because the moon’s song was in his bloodRe-
  • stretched his neck and heard the bones pop, a sign that the wolf was too prominentRe-
  • A wolf’s immortality was a gift for him to use wisely or poorlyRe-
  • but he usually changed for the nights on either side of a full moon because fighting it was tough. No use at all fighting if the moon was full, she called his wolf right outRe-
  • it was a bad idea to let the wolf out while he was this angry[/sup]Re-[/sup]

With The Pack:

  • not an out werewolf at this timeBB-
  • Ben was a pretty decent nerd and that surprised Darryl who got him a jobBB-
  • after Mary Jo was healed from death she told Ben that if he’d keep his mouth shut, she’d love to get naked with himBC-
  • it took Ben a while to appreciate WarrenSB-185
  • had to memorize the official code of conduct before he was allowed to join the packSB-
  • people outside the pack and Adam's family just weren't real to him and he considers Kyle a part of the packFB-85
  • he likes Kyle and he didn't like very many peopleFB-137
  • He didn’t care how dominant he was, he didn’t, though he disliked obeying other wolves intenselyRe-
  • has new upward mobility in the pack structureRe-

With His Previous Pack:

  • Ben’s first Alpha had been more beast than man, and he’d never explained anything about dominance other than the absolute rule that Ben had to obey everyone he couldn’t take downRe-
  • Terry had been the pack’s second in London, in Ben’s first packRe-
  • He worked for the Alpha, who was a loan shark. The whole pack worked for him, really, but Terry got paid for it. Terry’s job was to go collect from people who weren’t making their paymentsRe-
  • Shortly after Ben was Changed, he was sent to tag along to make sure matters were discreet. The Alpha felt that Terry might forget himself and hang around until the police came byRe-
  • after his real IT job, Ben got to trail Terry around three days a weekRe-
  • Terry didn’t just beat up the people because they weren’t quick with their money; he beat up people because he liked it. Ben’s real job was to stop him before there was a dead bodyRe-
  • Terry went hunting with Ben as observer; sometimes it was one of the other wolves, but mostly it was Ben—and Terry liked that part of it, too—and so did some dark part of BenRe-
  • And so it went for almost a year and a half, fourteen victims. The fifteenth lay unconscious on the floorRe-

With His Parents:

  • Back then, he’d been a good kid. He’d done exactly what he was told. The destructive anger and black despair that drove him now, that hadn’t affected him much yetRe-
  • But he was afraid, so afraid, that she knew. And if she knew . . . his world would self-destruct and take him with itRe-
  • even as he walked down the stairs to his father’s study, some part, the hidden, angry part that was growing inside and would, eventually, consume him, understood that she had to know. She was such a good mother, everyone said so. Her son was well mannered, well-groomed, and did well in school. Wasn’t he lucky to have such a good mother?Re-
  • Ben had come a long way from the good little boy of his childhood. He’d gotten in more than a little trouble that his father’s money had bought him out of. He’d never hurt anyone, but he’d done about everything else. He still wondered about the fate that made him end up a werewolf instead of dead in a dark alley of an overdose or a knife in his bellyRe-
  • It hadn’t escaped his notice that he’d taken on the role of his mother, which was bad enough. But the thing that made it nigh unbearable was that he liked it. When the woman screamed, it was his mother’s voice he heardRe-
  • The woman was like him, like Ben. A victim. And he could take the easy route, like his mother had, as he had been doing all this time, or he could stop it.Re-
  • He cut Terry’s throat, then ripped off his head. He left the body in the poor woman’s apartment.Re-
  • The wolf who ruled the rest of London had decided to take over the rival packRe-
  • The new Alpha didn’t kill Ben, but the police were looking for Terry’s accomplice. So he’d exiled Ben to the good old U. S. of A., and Ben had been given to Adam to see if there was anything worth saving inside Ben’s skin.Re-

With Vampires:

  • Ben likes Stefan quite a bitChat 2008-04-05
  • Littleton forced Ben and Daniel to fight to the deathBB-
  • Ben and Daniel had struck up an odd friendship while they were out hunting Littleton and it destroyed him after he killed himBB-
  • fed Stefan when he needed it; feels he owes himBC-

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