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Mundane | ID Card of Jesse Hauptman
« on: October 16, 2008, 09:20:23 am »
Jessica Tamarind HauptmanMC-247

See Alan MacKenzie Fraser(X)
See Ariana Brewster
See Auriele
See Ben Shaw
See Darryl Zao
See Honey
See Jacob Summers
See Jared
See Kayla
See Natalie

See Samuel Cornick
See Warren Smith
See Zee
Jesse | Jesse AdamstochterSB-287



Classification Description:
Human with no supernatural power

15 yo during the events of MC

See Adam Hauptman

See Christy Hauptman
[Step-Mother] See Mercy Thompson Hauptman


Other Relatives:

Significant Other:
[Boyfriend] See Gabriel Sandoval
[Ex-boyfriend]Gabriel broke up with her in September before leaving for collegeFB-15

[Former] Eugene, OregonMC-52
[Present] See Tri-Cities, Washington

[Former] Student | private school for brilliant and eccentric kidsMC-52
[Present] Student | Finley HighIK-106

Physical Description:
Sprite of a girlMC-51
Various Hair Colors & Styles:
  • [Moon Called]Day Glo orange in riotous curlsMC-51
  • [Moon Called]inch long strands tipped with glittery goldMC-280
  • [Iron Kissed]cotton candy blueIK-98
  • [Bone Crossed]blue and black striped hairBC-193
  • [Silver Borne]pinkSB-188
  • [River Marked]green; dark brownRM-28; orange with glittering purple stringsRM-184
  • [Frost Burned]canary yellow and orangeFB-6
Night Broken  purple

Character Traits & Facts:

From Chat Transcripts:

  • Jesse has real issues with her mother. She's learned to be the parent with her mother and she tries to mother Adam as wellChat 2008-05-02

From Moon Called:

  • calls the Supernatural...werewolves, fae, etc "Wild Things"MC-53
  • Met Mercy for the first time when she was nine years oldMC-53
  • at nine she was already a practiced steamrollerMC-53

From Silver Borne:

  • trailed noise and cheer everywhere she wentSB-18
  • watched several forensic police procedural TV shows regularlySB-200
  • has her father's clear eye for strategySB-203
  • still a teenager with a streak of dramaSB-203

From River Marked:

  • was planning on reusing Mercy's wedding dressRM-43

From Frost Burned:

  • broke Darryl's mixer when she and her friends made brownies with itFB-4
  • doesn't trust her mother's promisesFB-4
  • Adam bought her the movie Psycho when she was thirteenFB-6
  • has a misguided belief in Ben's wisdomFB-8
  • Mercy taught her how to change her own oil and she helped in the garage sometimesFB-9
  • Gabriel broke up with her in SeptemberFB-15
  • even though they're no longer a couple she flirts with Gabriel when he comes home from college during holidaysFB-10
  • loved Mercy's little RabbitFB-10
  • Jesse smells like Adam so her presence helps settle agitated werewolves from his packFB-29
  • likes to roll her eyesFB-39
  • doesn't like being told to take the sidelines when trouble startsFB-54
  • some parents pulled their children out of school to truck them elsewhere when it was revealed that Jesse's father was a werewolfFB-56
  • doesn't have a lot of close friends once the werewolves came out; some students follow her around just to talk about werewolvesFB-56
  • she and Tad flirt lightlyFB-70
  • likes to read paranormal romancesFB-295

Night Broken

“Dishes suck,” said Jesse, with feeling. She was working as a waitress for running-around money and had done a couple of stints on the dishes when someone else missed their shift.
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