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Werewolf | ID Card of Leah Cornick
« on: October 16, 2008, 08:52:59 am »
Leah Cornick

Appearances and Mentions:

Mercy Thompson 1: Moon Called
Mercy Thompson 2: Blood Bound

A&O 1b: Cry Wolf
A&O 2: Hunting Ground
A&O 3: Fair Game


[Pack Affiliation] See Marrok Pack | Shares dominance with Alpha due to Mate Bond See Werewolf Ethology

Classification Description:

  • Gold and silverMC-79
[Changed] N/A

[Stepson] See Samuel Cornick
[Stepson] See Charles Cornick

Other Relatives:
[Step Daughter-In-Law] See Anna Cornick

Significant Other:
[Mate] See Bran Cornick

See Aspen Creek, Montana

Gunmetal gray LexusCW-70

Physical Description:
Dark blond hair nearly as long as Charles'CW-70

Character Traits & Facts:

From Chat Transcripts:

  • Leah knew what she was getting into when she mated with BranChat 2007-05-20
  • Leah is afraid of Charles when Bran isn't around. She's dominant to Charles but she's not brave enough to push itChat 2008-04-05
  • when Bran is around she likes to pit them against each otherChat 2008-04-05

From Cry Wolf:

  • doesn't like OmegasCW-73
  • dislikes CharlesCW-123
  • no one, not even Bran's sons are allowed to be disrespectful of the Marrok's mateCW-123
  • likes to make Charles dance to her tune; she would force him to be rude and Bran would intervene because he allowed no one to be disrespectful to his mateCW-123

From Blood Bound:

  • doesn't like Mercy, the I'll-kill-you-if-I-get-the-chance kind of not like; she'd tried it a couple of timesBB-112

From Hunting Ground:

  • Dana Shea calls her a whiny fashion plateHG-40

From Fair Game:

  • when Asil had come to Montana she had flirted with him; he taught her not to play games with himFG-19
  • she's afraid of AsilFG-19
  • pack's finances were taken away from Charles and given to a finance firm and Leah to handleFG-27

Character Traits & Facts:

Education & Languages:


Talent & Skills:

Health & Fitness:

Personality Quirks:


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