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Aging Chat Topic
« on: August 06, 2007, 06:23:24 pm »
These are questions posed in chat sessions, I've split them up according to subject.  Anything in {these things} are comments/additions I added to make more sense, since some words are left out due to it being from a chat room session.

Unpublished:  Do the wolves stop aging when they were changed?  or do they grow to adulthood and then stop?
Patty: Unpublished -- no the wolves don't just stop ageing -- age is reversed. That is not true for vampires who remain the age they were when they were killed.

   jenglows:  Right the 13 year old, now but she was bitten when she was 9? And what about Charles? Did he become a wolf as an infant?
Patty: If changed as a child, a werewolf will grow to maturity -- they just won't age

   has: its like in anne rice claudia stuck as a child vamp or wulf
Patty: has -- a vamp could be stuck as a child -- though it takes a long time to change a human to vampire so they couldn't be a very young child. Ewe. That just gave me an aweful idea. I probably won't use it.

   jenglows:  How old do the were's look? twentyish ? thirtyish?
Patty: missyB -- Wolves stop in mid twenties, which is when our human bodies start to break down.

   jenglows:  It's hard for me to wrap my mind around power and authority in a 22 year old kid
Patty: jenglows -- how old they look sort of depends upon the weres. Less than thirty and more than twenty usually
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Re: Aging Chat Topic
« Reply #1 on: August 12, 2007, 08:30:51 pm »
I see that I didn't answer that first question quite right.  A teenager who is Changed, would age until they were in their early-mid twenties and then stop, right before a normal human would start aging.

BTW -- thank you for all the hard work Grey Drakkon and Cole!