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Werewolf | ID Card of Samuel Cornick
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Samuel Llewellyn Cornick

Sam | Samuel Marrokson | Samuel Branson | Samuel Whitewolf | Samuel Swiftfoot | Samuel Deathbringer | Samuel AvengerSB-267

Appearances and Mentions:

Mercy Thompson 1: Moon Called
Mercy Thompson 2: Blood Bound
Mercy Thompson 3: Iron Kissed
Mercy Thompson 4: Bone Crossed
Mercy Thompson 5: Silver Borne
Mercy Thompson 6: River Marked
Mercy Thompson 7: Frost Burned
Mercy Thompson 8: Night Broken

A&O 1b: Cry Wolf

Short Story: Silver



[Pack Affiliation] Technically Lone Wolf | Uses Mercy as Pack See Werewolf Ethology
[Former] Third | See Marrok Pack

Classification Description:

  • Winter white fur , no special markings
  • Ice blue eyes with black ringed irisMC-79
[Force Changed]
  • By the pet werewolf of his grandmother'sCW-245

at least 700 years old--was alive during the Black Plague circa 1340HG-87



See Bran Cornick

Name Unknown

[Half-brother] See Charles Cornick

His wives miscarried eighteen children between them; a handful died in infancy, and only eight lived to their third birthday. One died of old age, four of the plague, three of failing the Change. He has no living children and only one, born before Samuel Changed, made it into adulthood.MC-99

Other Relatives:
[Grandmother] See Cornick Witch(X) | Name Unknown

Significant Other:
[Wife | 1] Name Unknown | Died of choleraMC-99
[Wife | 2] Name Unknown | Died of old age
[Wife | 3] Name Unknown | Died in childbirth

[Mate] See Ari Brewster

Mercy's Trailer | Finley, Washington | Blueprints and Property Descriptions


Kennewick General Hospital (KGH)SB-47

MercedesIK-80; a new cherry red MercedesBC-231

Physical Description:
  • over 6 feet tallBB-214
  • built like a Chippendales' dancerMC-88
  • Light Blue-Gray eyesMC-89
  • Brown hair, streaked just a bit from the sunMC-89; ditch-water brown hairCW-47
  • Sam's eyes were deeply set, his nose was too long, his mouth too wideMC-89
  • Has an earth-spice musk that belonged to him aloneMC-78
  • Not a handsome man, but there was a beauty to his long features and ash brown hair that went bone deep.IK-120

Character Traits & Facts:

From Chat Transcripts:

  • Sam doesn't fit in Montana anymore, he can't join a pack without becoming Alpha--something he doesn't want; he's already responsible for all his patientsChat 2007-05-20
  • Sam is a control freak. He's trying to control the things that make his life unbearableChat 2007-06-24
  • Sam likes to torment anyone he cares aboutChat 2008-01-06
  • Sam can't stay with his father, can't go lone wolf. He needs someone to balance him. Mercy is his packChat 2008-01-06
  • Samuel is an Emergency room doctor and a dominant  Both mean he has to take care of everyone. As a wolf, he needs his pack. So much responsibility over all those years has worn him out.  With Mercy as his only pack -- and she is very independent -- he has a respite.Chat 2009-01-24

From Moon Called:

  • has an earth-and-spice musk smell that belongs to him aloneMC-78
  • had trouble sometimes because his instinct to heal was not as strong as his instinct to killMC-110
  • he always made certain to eat well before performing any kind of surgeryMC-111
  • one of his jobs had been teaching the new wolves control so they could be allowed to liveMC-112
  • liked playing practical jokesMC-78
  • was funny and charming; lightheartedness is not a gift often given to werewolves but Samuel had it in abundanceMC-97
  • has none of the traits of older wolves; drove a car, had a stereo system and a computerMC-98
  • has never been afraid of changeMC-147
  • actually liked people-even humans- and Bran used him to interface with police and government officials when it was necessaryMC-98

From Cry Wolf:

  • there had been nights he'd had to lean on the Marrok pack for stability after he had come back from TexasCW-67
  • spends a lot of time trying to figure out where spirits fit into ChristianityCW-145
  • took him years to defeat the Marrok at his worst when Anna did it with a couple of songsCW-284

From Blood Bound:

  • had a reputation as a very patient hunterBB-135
  • has a license to practice medicine in Texas, Montana, and WashingtonBB-41

From Iron Kissed:

  • Welsh was Samuel's first languageIK-43
  • easygoing exterior masks a patient and ruthless predatorIK-05
  • is a good cookIK-68
  • He looked like a person you could trust--something about the hint of humour that lurked in the back of his deepset eyes and the corner of his mouth. It was what made him such a good doctor. When he told his patients they were going to be fine, they believed him.IK-39
  • learned to write before typewriters and computers rendered penmanship an art practiced by elementary school children; his notes always looked like formal wedding invitations; lovely flourishes that made the alphabet look like artworkIK-68
  • taught Mercy to pick locks when she was fourteenIK-69
  • sometimes watching Samuel perform was more like a stand-up comedy act than a concert. It all depended on how he was feeling at the momentIK-41
  • takes his guitar or violin to work and played when he got the chance to relieve stressIK-41
  • also plays the bodhran | a wide flat drum played with a double ended stickIK-42; an old Welsh harpIK-43
  • hearing the Marrok and both of his sons, Samuel and Charles, sing together..."it's not something you forget"IK-43

From Bone Crossed:

  • has taken over the grocery shopping in Mercy's house due to her lack of adventurous food choicesBC-28
  • prefers low pulp orange juiceBC-28
  • empties all of Mercy's pockets before doing her laundryBC-306
  • sometimes he seems like the old Samuel, funny and lighthearted; a lot of times he was just going through the motions, like an actor given a cueBC-37

From Silver Borne:

  • had the gift of never being out of place, always fitting in, while at the same time he conveyed the sense that here was someone special, someone importantSB-10
  • people liked him instinctively, and trusted himSB-11
  • it served him well as a doctor but maybe a little too well as a man; he was too used to getting his way; when charm didn't cut it he used a tactical brain that would have done credit to RommelSB-11
  • shared his father's gift for wordsSB-275
  • moved in with Mercy because he needed a pack; he didn't want to be an Alpha; he didn't want to stay in his father's packSB-11
  • he wasn't quite right; broken but functional with an underlying depressionSB-12
  • not living in Montana because he didn't want his father to know for certain how badly broken he really wasSB-12
  • told Ariana that if she ever needed him he would come; it was a promise and a threatSB-269
  • tried to commit suicide by drowning; running his car off the Vernita bridge near Hanford ReachSB-50
  • he feels he no longer belongs, that he accomplishes nothing by his existence; even an Omega cannot fix himSB-55
  • Samuel the man regularly overlooked breaches of etiquette that his wolf could notSB-53
  • had forgotten that his wolf could take over; had been so long since they had battled for control; he let his wolf out to play when he chose toSB-54
  • snores but not very oftenSB-207

Guilty Pleasures:

  • is addicted to those forensic, soap opera-mystery showsIK-70
  • listens to heavy metal musicBC-34
  • watches Star Trek rerunsBC-34
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