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Werewolf | ID Card of Bran Cornick [Marrok | NA Alpha]
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Bran Cornick

Appearances and Mentions:

Mercy Thompson 1: Moon Called
Mercy Thompson 2: Blood Bound
Mercy Thompson 3: Iron Kissed
Mercy Thompson 4: Bone Crossed
Mercy Thompson 5: Silver Borne
Mercy Thompson 6: River Marked
Mercy Thompson 7: Frost Burned
Mercy Thompson 8: Night Broken

A&O 1a: Alpha and Omega
A&O 1b: Cry Wolf
A&O 2: Hunting Ground
A&O 3: Fair Game
A&O 4: Dead Heat

Short Story: Silver
Short Story: Roses in Winter

The Marrok | BerserkerCW-262 | DeathbringerCW-262


[Pack Affiliation] See Marrok Pack The Marrok | Alpha of all North American Alphas See Werewolf Ethology

Classification Description:

  • All the shades between white and black, combining to make him appear medium gray with white tipped tail
  • pale gold eyes
  • Small for a were, almost as small as a regular wolfMC-80
[Force Changed] By the pet werewolf of his motherCW-245
  • kept captive by mother for yearsCW-224
  • he came to her call like the well-trained pet he'd once been - a long, long time agoCW-238
  • a witch had forced the Change on her son and her grandson - so she could play with them; for years she held them as pets, to do her bidding; it made her the most dangerous witch in the British Isles; and then her son broke freeCW-262
  • killed his mother and ate herCW-262
  • killed every living thing within miles; and for years nothing living within a day's walk of his den; whole villages killed, from old woman to day-old infantCW-262
  • his berserker is madness mated to cunning in an unholy combinationCW-281
  • one day...Bran had walked out of the wilderness, his son at his side; no longer berserker, only a harper, a teller of tales, and a lone wolfCW-263


See Bran | Dafydd(X)

See Cornick Witch(X) | Name Unknown


[Son] See Samuel Cornick; First born child conceived when Bran still human
[Son] See Charles Cornick

Other Relatives:
[Father-in-Law] See Grandfather(X)
[Daughter-in-Law] See Anna Cornick

Significant Other:
[Mate] See Blue Jay Woman(X)
[Mate] See Leah Cornick

See Aspen Creek, Montana

[Present] The Marrok
[Former] Welsh BardIK-249
[Former] Came to America as a fur trapper with Northwest Company and a Welsh map maker named David Thompson in 1809MC-98

gray SUVCW-288

Physical Description:
  • Sandy-haired young man with a nondescript face; he liked to be unobtrusiveMC-92
  • Looked for all the world like a college student, a computer geek or maybe an art majorCW-06
  • His skin was pale and thin, showing the blue veins that carried blood back to his heart. There were a few scars, one that ran across his ribs and one just under his right armCW-265
  • warm hazel eyes, like a sunlit oak leafMC-98
  • Welsh through and through, with sandy hair and prominent features that usually wore a deceptively earnest expressionHG-07

Character Traits & Facts:

From Chat Transcripts:

  • Bran is older than MarsiliaChat 2007-05-20
  • Bran is not infallible. He is driven to keep the wolves in his packs, all his packs safe.Chat 2007-08-25
  • Bran has, by far, the biggest territory -- and the best control of his AlphasChat 2008-02-09
  • Bran was in NA first.  He's very old and ALPHA. And no one wanted to challenge him.Chat 2008-02-09
  • Bran doesn't want to like anyone more than Leah. His wolf is mated and mostly, that is for life. Not always. But it's a lot more permanent than our marriagesChat 2008-05-02
  • Sam was Bran's only pack when he came to Montana with David Thompson. The other wolves came later.Chat 2008-07-27
  • Aspen Creek grew around Bran. He had a small trading post that turned into a small community over a long period of yearsChat 2008-07-27
  • Bran's wolf is absolutely under his control Sam call it Da's Direwolf troubleChat 2008-10-11

From Moon Called:

  • has been the Marrok for almost two centuriesMC-216
  • in the US, all the packs follow the Marrok, a title taken from the name of one of King Arthur's knights who was a werewolf. The Marrok and his pack have oversight of all the werewolves in North America.MC-34
  • sometimes he believes his own press and forgets that he doesn't know everythingMC-100
  • little psychic, he can talk to any werewolf he knows, mind to mindMC-93
  • no sense of power about Bran, very contained. Sometimes mistaken for a real wolf or some wolf-dog hybrid to account for his sizeMC-81
  • liked to appear as human as possibleMC-93
  • doesn't like lies; not even lies of omissionMC-95
  • believes that hard truths can be dealt with, triumphed over, but lies will destroy your soulMC-95
  • that dislike leads him to meddle where perhaps he should step backMC-95
  • Bran makes all his pack wear crossesMC-156
  • only speaks with a Welsh lilt when very angryMC-82
  • can use words like "blackguard" and make them sound like swear wordsMC-109

From Alpha&Omega:

From Cry Wolf:

  • has the ability to talk to his wolves in their heads, no matter how far away they areCW-209
  • can put thoughts in peoples' heads but can't take them outCW-75
  • telepathy was how his mother had enslaved him; the only reason she'd been able to catch him through his talent was that it was one she sharedCW-230
  • his mother was the reason he could no longer read the thoughts of others; after Bran killed her, the backlash had taken that talent from himCW-230
  • slowly he'd regained the ability to talk mind to mind, but never to listen inCW-230
  • didn't often dream of the past; when he did, it wasn't about the witch -- it was about all the people who died beneath his fangs after the witch was deadCW-222
  • sometimes just speaking things aloud helped him job loose whatever he'd been dreaming about; he didn't like dream warnings - he eventually remembered what they were about, but sometimes only after everything was overCW-223
  • of all the magic users he despised and feared witches above everything; probably because had matters been different, he would have been one himselfCW-230
  • he didin't deal with black witches, and most white witches weren't powerful enough to be usefulCW-229
  • a berserker lurks beneath Bran's easygoing facadeCW-291
  • it had been centuries since he had been alone in his own headCW-241

  • will kill those that need killingCW-56
  • is possessive and territorial; not like him to allow someone that belongs to him to wander offCW-74
  • only lit a fire in his study when he was worried about something; sits crossed legged in front of it, staring into the flamesCW-83
  • closes down when there is unpleasant business to take care ofCW-85
  • has a singing voice that's clean and dead on pitch with a rich timbreCW-55
  • is a subtle man, his needs and desires were very simple: to keep his people alive and safe. For those goals he was prepared to be infinitely ruthlessCW-54
  • plays the violinCW-198
  • will not tolerate rogues close to his packCW-204
  • can sometimes ward sleepCW-124
  • his wolf decided he needed a mate to replace Blue Jay WomanCW-149
  • there's something not right between him and LeahCW-149
  • what was wrong between him and Leah could not be changed; he didn't even want it to change, only regretted that she was so often hurtCW-225
  • no one lies to himCW-191
  • talked of the present or near present; ten years, twenty, but not a hundred or moreCW-267
  • never believe what you see with BranCW-270
  • his most formidable weapon is his mindCW-278
  • could maintain a steady lope all dayCW-231

  • thought he had his monster caged at last--it was unpleasant to discover that the cage he'd devised was flawed; very nearly more than unpleasantCW-292
  • the last time he'd felt that way was when Blue Jay Woman died; he'd held onto the Beast by the finest of threads--and it had scared him; he couldn't afford to love someone like that ever againCW-292
  • had taken him a few years after Blue Jay Woman's death to find Leah, a woman so selfish and stupid he was certain he could never love her; but love wasn't necessary for the mating bond--acceptance was--and love was a bonus he couldn't  affordCW-293
  • with Blue Jay Woman he'd found that the mating bond was the answer to the Beast--spreading out the cost of controlCW-293
  • he needed the mating bond to hold the monster he could become at bay; but he could not afford to lose anyone else he loved the way he had loved Blue Jay Woman; so he'd found and acceptable compromise in LeahCW-293
  • no one could link to a dead woman; when Blue Jay Woman died he'd tried to hold on to herCW-239

From Hunting Ground:

  • can lie so well that no one but Samuel or Charles can tellHG-83
  • the secret is to convince yourself that you're not lyingHG-84
  • very good with wordsHG-47
  • no one notices him unless he intends it. and he is a bard. he goes everywhereHG-47
  • the Marrok's company owned a few hotels and they had hefty investments in some othersHG-55

From Blood Bound:

  • quiet and calm until he ripped out your throatBB-181
  • never been one to tell his people what they're limits areBB-149

From Iron Kissed:

  • he despises his mate, but his wolf decided that he'd been alone long enoughIK-136
  • when Charles's mother died, Samuel thought that Bran would die right along with herIK-136

From Bone Crossed:

  • What Tim did to Mercy brings Bran's wolf to the surfaceBC-108
  • has a sweet saltiness along with the typical 'mint and musk werewolf' scentBC-102

From Silver Borne:

  • has to follow the letter of the lawSB-109
  • Sam wanted Mercy to keep his loss of control from Bran to spare Bran from having to kill Sam/SamuelSB-54

From River Marked:

  • gave Mercy away at her wedding to Adam; argued with Zee over who would have the honorRM-33
  • could disguise what he was and he usually did so; every once in a while, though, he let the reality of what he was outRM-34
  • he was an old, old wolf and powerfulRM-34

From Frost Burned:

  • not really a texterFB-13
  • pack bonds are music to himFB-139

Character Traits & Facts:

Education & Languages:


Talent & Skills:

Health & Fitness:

Personality Quirks:


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