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Werewolf | ID Card of Adam Hauptman [Alpha]
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Adam Alexander Hauptman

BossMC-133 | SargeMC-222 |  AdamyaMC-37

Appearances & Mentions:

Mercy Thompson 1: Moon Called
Mercy Thompson 2: Blood Bound
Mercy Thompson 3: Iron Kissed
Mercy Thompson 4: Bone Crossed
Mercy Thompson 5: Silver Borne
Mercy Thompson 6: River Marked
Mercy Thompson 7: Frost Burned
Mercy Thompson 8: Night Broken
Mercy Thompson 9: Fire Touched

Alpha&Omega 3: Fair Game

Graphic Novel: Homecoming
Graphic Novel: Hopcross Jilly

Short Story: Redemption
Short Story: Hollow


[Pack Affiliation] See Columbia Basin Pack | Alpha See Werewolf Ethology
[Former] See Los Alamos Pack | Alpha

Classification Description:

  • Deep silver fur, almost blue, with an undercoat of lighter colors. Like a Siamese cat's his muzzle, ears, tail and legs deepened to blackMC-62
  • Yellow eyes
[Force Changed] Vietnam War
  • changed, as was David Christiansen, by a werewolf warlord they were sent to assassinate; only survivors of a six man teamMC-116

@64 years old

"he'd been born just after WWII" BB-268

Childhood spent in the deep SouthMC-56

Name Unknown

Name Unknown
she used to threaten to shoot Adam's fatherRM-188


See Jesse Hauptman

Other Relatives:
[Mother-In-Law] See Margi

Significant Other:
[Mate & Wife] See Mercedes Thompson Hauptman
[Ex-Wife] See Christy Hauptman

Finley, Washington | See Blueprints and Property Descriptions

Neighbours, Friends & Acquaintances:
[Former Neighbour]See Samuel Cornick
[Friend] Bill, a contractorHo-

[Former]Ex-military SergeantFB--- Army Special Forces Ranger- Long-Range Recon Patrol - LRRPMC-116 | Honorably discharged in 1973RM-168
[Present]CEO of a security contracting firm for various government agenciesSB-06; his security company protects Amercian nuclear technology from foreign handsSB-28; deals primarily with government contractors but since his reveals as a werewolf his business had started to boom on other frontsRM-04
[Present]Runs a security business with a bunch of ex-solidersBB-83
[Present]Consultant and negotiator in Washington, D.C.IK-112

See Carlos
has a lawyer he kept on the payroll for his security businessIK-47
has three or four werewolves from his pack employed at his security businessBC-58

was actively looking for someone to do most of the traveling for his security business but hasn't found the right person yetRM-04

[Present]a truckSB-17
[Former]SUVIK-147; an ExplorerBC-82

Physical Description:
  • 5'10" and 180lbsMC-30
  • Rich Chocolate Brown eyesMC-42
  • his scent is rich and exoticMC-263
  • Face and coloring were Slavic: dusky skin, dark hair, wide cheekbones, and a narrow but sensual mouthMC-42
  • Strikingly beautiful featuresMC-89
  • Has a military posture; shoulders just a little stiff, back just a little too straightMC-25
  • Dark; naturally curly hair; usually kept too short to look anything but neat and well groomedBC-05
  • has a dimpleBC-84
  • His coloring is a bit lighter than Mercy's--which left him with a deep tan and dark brown hair that he kept trimmed just a little longer than military standardsIK-147
  • His wide cheekbones made his mouth look a little bit narrow, but that didn't detract from his beautyIK-147
  • build of a wrestlerSB-16
  • usually looked like a man well into his thirtiesRM-73
  • Mercy thinks he keeps his hair short because his face embarrasses him and the short hair removes any hint of vanitySB-16
  • heads turn when he walks bySB-28

Character Traits & Facts:

Education, Work Experience & Languages:

  • can speak RussianMC-48
  • lost a lot of things fighting in VietnamRM-30
  • he notices things; part of it is being a werewolf but a bigger part comes from his time as a member of a Long-Range Reconnaissance Patrol in the jungles of VietnamRM-147
  • is apparently a very good bossFB-
  • has connections with the DEANB-

Spirituality & Personality:

  • his control is very, very good, but when he lost it he went berserkIK-112
  • very good at honor and duty; he was a man who could make the hard choiceSB-58
  • is staunch and trueSB-82
  • has always had heroic tendenciesSB-109
  • he was pretty black and white about right and wrongBC-62
  • not so much for following orders as written; prefers the spirit to the letter of the lawSB-109; the line between black and white is the one he draws
  • lost a lot of things fighting in Vietnam; his humanity and belief in God were just a few of themRM-30
  • Adam got mad for three reasons: first was frustration, second was if anyone was trying to harm someone under his protection, and third was pain-physical or otherwiseRM-83
  • usually he is pretty straightforwardRM-84
  • used to taking responsibility for the world on his broad shoulders; if there was a problem, and he thought he could help, he wouldRM-155
  • had a hot temper, but he was always, always in control because he needed to protect the ones he cared about—even if it destroyed him insteadFB-

Talents & Skills:

  • competence is his forteMC-30
  • has been Alpha in the Tri-Cities as long as there'd been a pack in the Tri-CitiesIK-40
  • he can really cook but mostly didn't botherIK-97
  • told Warren, who told Mercy, that he lost his virginity under the bleachersSB-24
  • bowls like he does everything else, with a deadly earnestness and decisive style; controlled powerSB-28
  • had a lot of experience dealing with scared peopleRM-105
  • was very good on cameraFB-
  • looked at Adam, because people just do. Humans are not immune to the reassurance that he brings with him like an invisible cloak; part of it is being Alpha, and part of it is just AdamNB-
  • reputation as a hero and a pillar of all that was good and civilFB-

Health & Fitness:

  • looks like someone who could carry a great deal of weight without effortBC-31
  • bore the cost when he declared Mercy his mate and that declaration wasn't answered; it left him weaker, crabbier, and less able to help his pack stay calm, cool, and collectedSB-26
  • shot four times with DMSO/silver nitrate/ketamine tranquilizer; broken leg; guttedMC-

  • always meticulous in his dress and groomingMC-107
  • doesn't like to swear in front of womenBC-05
  • wears sunglasses in publicBC-55
  • wears suits 6 out of 7 days of the weekBC-82
  • reads biographiesBC-82
  • likes footballBC-210
  • is mostly uninterested in children(other than his own) until they are teenagers or older and, capable of interesting conversationSB-30
  • almost a celebrity in the Tri-Cities, but hoping the fascination with him would die downRM-99
  • his phone does things that Mercy's computer struggles withRM-159
  • couldn’t handle Walmart on a quiet dayFB-
  • Adam always drove the speed limitHo-


With Mercy:

  • one of his jobs was to make sure Mercy didn't run around telling the world about werewolvesMC-146
  • Adam would die for his mateBC-60
  • was not given to playfulness, except with MercySB-16
  • sees Mercy as tough and capableSB-21
  • loves Mercy's motherRM-30
  • gave Mercy one of dog tags on a thick gold chain for her to put her wedding rings on while she worked; the dog tag meant more to him than the ringRM-52
  • likes it when Mercy defends him; he hasn't had that happen a lotNB-
  • would wake up in the middle of the night and put his head against Mercy's chest to hear her heart beatHo-
  • he had nightmares that Coyote hadn’t come in time to fix herHo-
  • he forgets sometimes that Mercy is as much a predator as he isFB-

With Jesse & With Christy:

  • Adam would sacrifice the world for his daughterFB-

With His Wolf:

  • has a hot temper, worse even than most werewolvesIK-111
  • doesn't like being a werewolf, hates it; thinks it makes him a freakSB-115
  • his wolf is a creature of the momentSB-18
  • doesn't trust his wolfSB-117
  • wolves love to run, but even most of them don't love to run the way Adam doesRM-52

With His Pack:

  • some Alphas had to depend upon bars to control new wolves, Adam wasn't one of themMC-24
  • Adam is one of five or six in the Columbia Basin Pack to have come out in the openBC-56
  • calls members of his pack 'my children'BC-73
  • has been an Alpha for more than twenty yearsSB-19
  • his home is the den, the heart of the pack; the place they go to feel safeSB-24
  • at any given time there are a couple of extra people sleeping over at Pack HQRM-21
  • put all of his abilities, physical and mental, to protecting the pack from anything that would hurt themRe-
  • Adam seemed to viewed Ben as a challengeRe-
  • it was his duty to protect the pack, and Peter most of all had been his to keep safeFB-

With the Cornicks:

  • sometimes he and Samuel have trouble being in the same room togetherSB-15
  • doesn't know if he could take Samuel in a fightSB-110
  • bound to the Marrok as an Alpha by blood sworn oathsSB-117
  • Bran failed to see when he’d been worried that Adam’s temper meant that he should be kept out of the public’s eyeFB-

With the Vampires:

  • Marsilia considers him a colleague, which would surprise himFB-
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