Author Topic: Bran and the fae *Cry Wolf Spoiler*  (Read 4364 times)


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Bran and the fae *Cry Wolf Spoiler*
« on: August 01, 2008, 10:09:39 am »
Unless I was mistaken, in Cry Wolf it was suggested that Bran is over 1200 years old and was the wolf that spawn a lot of legends including Bewoulf.  So my question is does the Fae know about his past and that Bran was the Berserker? 

I always thought the way that Fae lord backed off Mercy so quickly when she found out that Mercy had the protection of the Marrock was a bit odd and extreme.  However, it would make a lot more sense if that Fae lord knew that Bran was the Berserker and would explain their extreme fear of him.
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Re: Bran and the fae *Cry Wolf Spoiler*
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Both "Hunting Ground" and "Silver Borne" show proof that the Fae do know about Bran, his age, and his rage.

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