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Re: Question about Cry Wolf - no spoiler!
« on: August 04, 2008, 01:58:09 pm »
Patty and I talked about this several times, so I think I can answer with some degree of authority (if not, Patty can always tell you I'm wrong, it won't be the first time!).

When telling similar tales, it's harder than the average reader might suspect to try make the characters have a distinct voice.  Told in first-person, it would be all-too-easy to have Anna start "channeling" Mercy, and end up with cloned heroines.   That would be a huge mess to fix, and switching viewpoints makes it less likely for that to happen.

First person is also a difficult viewpoint for both the author and reader.  It makes it hard to get to know the main character, who is only "seen" in the reactions from others.  With a strong character it works pretty well, but with a character as damaged as Anna it would be too easy to lose her character completely.   

Finally, third person (and head hopping) is fairly traditional in the romance genre, as it allows the thoughts and feelings of both parties to be seen by the reader.  Since Cry Wolf leans a bit further toward paranormal romance, it was a logical viewpoint to use for this series.

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