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Wolf Mates
« on: August 04, 2007, 01:38:38 am »
Okay, so I've found yet another way of interrogating Patty about the relationship dramas in the Mercy series.

After reading Alpha and Omega it occurred to me that relationships with werewolves can take place on different levels - the human level, and the wolf level.

In Blood Bound, we see that Sam's wolf has claimed Mercy, whether or not Sam himself actually has.  I don't recall that it has been discussed on which level Adam is attracted to Mercy.

What I want to know, is whether it is possible that two wolves would claim the same female?
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Re: Wolf Mates
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Absolutely.  If one male is much more dominant than the other, the less dominant male will usually step aside (unless, of course the woman refuses the more dominant male).  If they are close in rank, often they will fight until one of them is dead.