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Blueprints and Property Descriptions
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MC - Moon Called
BB - Blood Bound
IK - Iron Kissed
BC - Bone Crossed
SB - Silver Borne
RM - River Marked
FB- Frost Burned
SF - Silence Fallen
NB - Night Broken
FT - Fire Touched

AO - Alpha & Omega
CW - Cry Wolf
HG - Hunting Ground
FG- Fair Game
DH - Dead Heat

Sd - Star of David
Se - Seeing Eye
Fg - Fairy Gifts
Gr - Gray
Ip - In Red With Pearls
Si - Silver
Rw -Roses in Winter
Ug - Underappreciated Gifts
Re - Redemption
Ho- Hollow
Hj - Hopcross Jilly

This is a breakdown of property descriptions within the Mercyverse. Some of the more major sites have blueprints attached.

A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I | J | K | L | MN | O | P | Q | R | S | T | U | V | W | X | Y | Z


Adam Hauptman | Blueprint
Adam | House Details

Location: Finley, Washington

From Chat Transcripts:
  • the house is pretty isolated; has 5 to 10 acres behind and beside himChat 2008-05-16

From Moon Called:
  • sprawling adobe edifice(a mansion)pg9-MC; with a superb riverfront viewMC-10
  • the bedroom window view is of Mercy's dilapidated old Rabbit that she keeps for partsMC-10
  • has a picture of Mercy in his bedroomMC-232
  • the house smells of a fragrant mix of woodsmoke and the pungent air freshner favored by his housekeeperMC-59
  • at the end of a dead end road; directly in front of his house is a turnaroundMC-64
  • the house is clearly visible from the riverMC-69
  • unless he has company the house was usually dark; werewolves, like walkers, do very well in the darkMC-60
  • it has a high-ceilinged living room just off the entryway; with a white Berber carpetMC-60
  • dining room is large and open with patio doors that look out over a rose gardenMC-61
  • flower beds line the railed porchMC-60
  • the dining room floor is oak parquet with a matching china closet and table that seats fifteenMC-61
  • owns a fainting couchMC-61

From Blood Bound:
  • has five bedroomsBB-130
  • has a safe room in the basement that was reinforced to withstand a full grown werewolfBB-190
  • it has silver coated barsBB-191
  • there's a little sitting room outside the safe room, with a couch, a matching easy chair and a big-screen TVBB-191
  • half of his garage is a dojo; complete with wall of mirrors, padded floor, and air-conditioningBB-82

From Iron Kissed:
  • has a master bedroom with a ensuite bathroomIK-108
  • there's a second bathroom on the second floor just off the stairway; which currently has a broken door frame and hole in the wall courtesy of AdamIK-102
  • the house in IK smells of lemon cleaner, Windex, and werewolvesIK-96
  • Adam and Mercy share a back fence, his street turns off a quartermile before hers doesIK-187
  • the kitchen is in the back of the houseIK-97
  • and had been built to cordon bleu specificationsIK-97
  • has a set of Henckel knives in the kitchenIK-193
  • the formal living room is done in shades of whiteIK-97
  • has a new antique fainting couch to replace the broken remains of his old antique fainting couchIK-98
  • has a groomed gravel beachIK-192

From Bone Crossed:
  • the basement safe room has no windows to the outsidepg30-BC; the cageBC-30
  • the basement is thickly carpetedBC-74
  • the safe room key is typically hung on the wall across the hallwayBC-74
  • has a monstrosity of a couch that's big enough for 6+ wolves in his TV room in the basementBC-104

From River Marked:
  • has a theater roomRM-21

From Night Broken:
he only time I used the dining-room table was on Sunday breakfasts or holidays when everyone didn’t fit in the kitchen.
“She likes the peach room,” I said. It was the bedroom next to ours.
“Blue makes her sad,” he told me. The blue guest room was across the hall and next to Jesse’s room.

Andre | House Details

Location: Just outside PascoBB-277
  • a pretty little house mostly hidden behind a huge pole buildingBB-277
  • sat on a couple of acres of land next to the wildlife preserve near Hood ParkBB-277
  • has a gravel drive
  • pole barn that's motor home sizedBB-278
  • neighboring houses but they were closer to the highway than Andre's houseBB-278
  • the pole barn, along with strategically planted foliage, protected his privacyBB-278

Angus Hopper | House Details

Location: Issaquah, WA
  • close to the airstrip and hanger but well hidden by the treesHG-21
  • like Bran's house it had been built to take advantage of the natural topography, and the surrounding trees effectively hid a good deal of its bulkHG-23

Anna Cornick | Apartment Details

Location: Oak Park, IllinoisAO-15
  • 4th floor studio apartmentCW-10
  • a card table with two battered folding chairs; a futon and not much elseCW-10

Asil | House Details

Location: Aspen Creek, Montana
  • has a porch swingCW-123
  • his greenhouse has an air lockCW-170

Asil | House Details

Location: Spain
  • small, well made house, built for a warm climateCW-120
  • has carefully tended orange trees by the doorCW-120
  • bench with clumsy jointing between two of the pieces that formed the back; positioned to catch the shade of the biggest orange tree when the sun was high in the skyCW-120
  • the main room is half shop, half kitchen; the room should have looked utilitarian but with hanging baskets of plants and painted flowers on tiles in set in the floor it was welcomingCW-120
  • cobbles laid by Asil outside the door to keep the mud at bayCW-121

Aspen Creek Motel | See Motel Details

Location: Aspen Creek, Montana


Bran Cornick | Blueprint
Bran | House Details

Location: Aspen Creek, Montana
  • has a drivewayCW-82
  • has a study with a seldomly used fireplaceCW-83
  • has a basement with a narrow hall lined with steel doors, complete with thick iron bars ready to be set into the brackets on either sideCW-91
  • the far room at end of the hall (in the basement) has a huge TV screen connected to a variety of sleek black boxes and speakers by a rainbow of spiderweb of cablesCW-92
  • has 3 or more bedrooms: spare-bed roomCW-82, Bran's roomCW-222 and Leah's roomCW-223


Charles Cornick | Blueprint
Charles | House Details

Location: Aspen Creek, Montana

From Cry Wolf:

  • a simple ranch-style house, painted a rather pleasing combination of gray and greenCW-25
  • tucked up against the side of a hill and looked out over a series of fenced pastures occupied by a few horsesCW-25

  • a garageCW-94
  • the living room floor was hardwood; a parquet pattern of dark and light wood that edged the room in a Native American patternCW-25
  • thick, soft-looking Persian rugs covered the central part of the living room and dining roomCW-25
  • against the far wall was a huge granite fireplace, both beautiful and well usedCW-25
  • comfortable-looking couches and chairs were intermixed with handcrafted bird's-eye maple tables and bookcasesCW-25
  • there is an oil painting of a waterfall surrounded by a pine forestCW-25
  • the kitchen has light gray granite countertops that contrasted with dark Shaker-style oak cabinets that were just irregular enough to be handmade like the livingroom furnitureCW-26
  • there are stainless steel appliances trimmed in blackCW-26
  • the bathroom is a big room with a claw-foot tub, a large shower stall, and a white porcelain pedestal sink; a linen closet is in the corner of the roomCW-28
  • bathroom has an industrial-sized first aid kitCW-28
  • oak dining tableCW-96
  • only tv in the house is a small tv in the dining roomCW-96
  • his bedroom is greenCW-226
  • there's a doorway to the basement along a short wall between the kitchen and dining roomCW-32
  • the laundry room was in one corner of the half-finished basement--the rest of the basement was a weight room equipped with an impressive thoroughnessCW-32
  • there's a porchCW-70

From Hunting Ground:

  • not extravagant or particularly largeHG-55
  • no one lives near them on the mountain roadHG-02
  • fir trees lining his front yardHG-02


Dana Shea | Houseboat Details

Location: Seattle, Washington
  • in an area with 4 docks, the only boat secured to the fourth dock[/sup]
  • two story tall houseboatHG-32
  • it looks like a miniature Victorian mansion, complete with gingerbread trim in every color of an ocean sunset: blue and orange, yellow and red
  • had a door, just like a real houseHG-36
  • paintings of butterflies and moths lined the hallHG-37
  • the rooms on either side were small and cozy, decorated in purples, pinks, and blues -- as if a team of Disney animators had come in and decorated it to make the perfect fairy abode
  • one room held an artificial waterfall that burbled with manic cheer; a twin-sized bed took up the rest of the spaceHG-37
  • the hall emptied into a cozy kitchen and a narrow stairway lit by skylights and lined with flowering plants growing in various pink, powder blue, and lavender pots
  • at the top was a large room, one side entirely of glass that looked over the water; almost like a greenhouse but used as a studioHG-37


Edythe Campground | Details

Location: Columbia Gorge, Washington
  • near Stonehenge and MaryhillRM-45


Honey NB
HONEY’S HOUSE WAS FARTHER OUT THAN ADAM’S AND mine. It was maybe a little bit bigger.
Honey’s house was stucco, as most upscale houses in the Tri-Cities are. In the dark, it looked white, but I knew that it was a pale shade of gray set off with dark gray trim. The rear-porch lights were on, so I led our procession to the back door into a mudroom.

I started toward the living room but heard noise upstairs; it sounded like cheering.
The whole upper floor of Honey’s house was one room. She and Peter had used it for parties, but one wall was set up with a projection screen so it could be used as a theater.

There’s a bathroom off the bedroom you’ll be in, and we’ll fill this with water there.”

Adam and I got the formal living room. Jesse opted into the giant upstairs room

Down the hall, third bedroom on the left

The room was one of those bedrooms that builders throw into huge houses because they know the kids aren’t going to get a vote about what house their parents buy. Honey’s house was huge. This bedroom was maybe ten feet by nine feet. Just big enough for a twin bed and a chest of drawers. I hadn’t seen Honey’s suite, but I was sure that it wasn’t ten feet by nine feet.

Honey didn’t have a table big enough to seat the whole pack

Honey’s suite was a bedroom, office, and bathroom, all done in shades of cool gray. It surprised me until I remembered that this had been Peter’s room, too. The gray suited the man he’d been.


Kyle Brooks | House Details

Location: House in the hills of West RichlandMC-135

Dick & Jane
  • a pair of life-sized Greek-inspired stone statues in the foyer and commissioned by the house's former owner; called Dick and Jane by Kyle; both of their faces had a dreamy, romantic expression as they looked up toward heaven--an expression that somehow didn't quite go with the spectacular evidence that the male statue wasn't thinking heavenly thoughtsIK-176
  • Jane's naked body was dressed in a short plaid skirt and an orange halter top; Dick generally wore only a hat--and not on his head; at first it was a top hat but now it's a knitted ski cap, purchased by Warren, that hung down about two feet with a six-inch tassel on the endIK-176
  • Jane had a straw cowboy hat with an ostrich feather pointing jauntily up, just like the first ten inches or so of the ski hat Dick wore somewhere south of his belly button. The long tail of Dick’s hat drooped down until its pompom end hung just below Dick’s knees.FB-276
  • Kyle has Christmas wear for them and he usually dresses them up the day after ThanksgivingFB-267

From Moon Called:
  • a huge, modern, air-conditioned monstrosity with a swimming poolMC-137

From In Red, with Pearls:
  • four-thousand-square-foot house on three-quarters of an acreIR-401

From Iron Kissed:
  • has a TV so big it wouldn't fit into the living room of Mercy's trailerIK-02
  • has an upstairs TV room with an obscenely comfortable leather couchIK-02
  • the touches that made Kyle's house a mansion rather than a house: stained glass, marble and oak garage doorsIK-174
  • vivid colorsIK-176

From Silver Borne:
  • has several safesSB-127; big one with all the electronics and another better hiddenSB-129
  • huge and somehow delicately designed, it settles in among its neighbors like a sly cat among poodles; the size is right, but it's more graceful and comfortable in the desert light than the rest of themSB-128
  • has a library on the second floorSB-130
  • smaller bedroom and bathroom on the second floor decorated in Thomas the Tank EngineSB-130
  • has another smaller bedroom and bathroom done up in Princess decorSB-132

From River Marked:
  • his house is big enough to have a theater roomRM-21
  • Kyle prefers Persian carpets, marble countertops, and leather chairsRM-21

From Frost Burned:
  • he and Warren lived in an upscale neighborhood where every house had ample garage space and driveways to catch the overflow; usually, there were no cars on the street unless someone was having a partyFB-70
  • Kyle leaves the porch light on all nightFB-70
  • there's a dog door for Warren at the back porchFB-72
  • after the events of 'In Red, with Pearls' the house next door remains emptyFB-77
  • Kyle and Warren's bedroom is on the second floor; Warren keeps the blinds drawnFB-79
  • balcony off the master bedroom; with a planter and lawn furniture on itFB-81
  • master bedroom has brocade drapes from the previous owners; Kyle loves the fabric but there's six inches between the bottom of the curtains and the floorFB-82
  • sliding glass door on the master balcony that Kyle is going to replace with french doors next summer along with the drapesFB-82
  • master bedroom decorated in a minimalist and very civilized styleFB-82
  • master bedroom is supposed to be soundproofed but it doesn't work on WarrenFB-86
  • has a gun safe in the closet of the master bedroom; two handguns (Warren's .357 and Kyle's 1911) and the Spencer repeating rifle that belonged to Warren's fatherFB-91
  • master bedroom has an ensuite bathroom; the walls are marble slabsFB-92
  • guest bedroom has no rug and beautiful stone floorFB-111
  • ensuite bathroom for the guest bedroomFB-112
  • a room in the basement decorated in cool tones with a small windowFB-120
  • kitchen has a dishwasherFB-233
  • garage has attic space accessible by a rope ladder; skylights with finished walls in a light teal with a dense cobalt carpet; no lights or furnitureFB-234
  • garage has metal shelving lining the wallFB-241
  • the garage and house are connected with a doorFB-240
  • there's a big room in the basement; largest room in the house with a pool table and a stairway leading to an outside door into the backyardFB-240
  • has a hot tubFB-244
  • theatre room has two love seats and a three-seat couchFB-245
  • the house has a landlineFB-251


Leo James | House Details

Location: Naperville, Illinois
  • on fifteen acres; big enough for the pack to hunt on but they still have to be quietAO-59
  • has a graying cedar gate with a keypad on a post in front of itAO-59
  • more than a century ago the house had been little more than a cabin; it had been fifty acres thenAO-60
  • it's first Alpha Willie O'Shauhnessy and a handful of fine German stonemasons had built the house with a craftmanship that would have been prohibitively expensive to replace nowAO-60
  • several of the windows were thickened on the bottom with ageAO-60
  • dark paneling had been bleached light; electric lights replaced the old gas chandeliersAO-62
  • Willie's pride and joy; the huge hand carved granite fireplace; with a cherry wood mantelAO-62
  • pinkish-purple on the upholstery and walls; dainty Victorian-era chairsAO-62


Maryhill Museum of Art | Museum Website

Location: Maryhill, Washington

Mercy Thompson | Trailer Blueprint
Mercy | Trailer Details

Location: Finley, WashingtonMC-09
  • has three acres of landIK-96
  • has a pole barn that serves as her home garage, with electric lights and no windowsIK-280/282
  • trailer is a 1978, fourteen-by-seventy-foot modelBB-175
  • has new siding and newly painted gray porchIK-68
  • shares the back fence line with Adam's houseMC-10
  • a barbed wire fence seperates Mercy's and Adam's landIK-96
  • decorated in parents' castoffs meet rummage sale with just enough nice stuff(courtesy of Samuel) to make everything else look horribleIK-97

  • has a gun safe; SIG 9mm with a silver loaded magazine; .444 Marlin with lipstick-sized silver bulletsMC-58
  • has a damaged end table in her living roomBC-29
  • has a newly installed dog door Mercy can fit though in coyote formBC-197
  • has an oak tree outside her bedroom windowBC-307
  • front porch has four, steep unyielding stairsSB-44
  • had gas heatSB-164
  • explodedSB-165

Mercy Thompson | Garage Layout

  • has a laundry room and shower at the back of the shopMC-03
  • there's a fridge in the laundry roomMC-04
  • the office is on the side of the garage, next to a parking lot customers useMC-08
  • has a cloth next to the office phone to hold the receiver so it doesn't get covered with greaseMC-08
  • single cement step outside the officeMC-47

Mercy Thompson | Garage Details

Location: Kennewick, Washington
  • is in the older industrial area of KennewickMC-09
  • at the edge of an area that's about as close as Kennewick comes to having a high crime districtMC-05
  • bought the garage from ZeeMC-16
  • makes half her income refurbishing old VW classicsMC-20
  • works on anything German-made: Mercedes, Porsche, Audi, BMW, the odd Opel or two; mostly old stuff out of dealer warrenty; has computers for most of the newer ones when they come inMC-08

This one is Garage Cam One. There’s also Outside Cam One, Office Cam One, and Garage Cam Two.”

Mid-Columbia Seethe | House Details

Location: Canyon Hills
  • two-story sprawling hacienda surrounded by an eight foot wallMC-164
  • double wrought iron gatespg164-MC;large enough to drive a semi throughMC-166
  • it has underdeveloped scrub outside the gatesMC-166
  • interior grounds were elaborateMC-166;formal French style garden, with organized beds and meticulous groomingMC-167
  • next to the Spanish style adobe house it looked oddMC-167

  • grapevines lined the wallMC-167
  • there was a cobbled path past a swimming poolMC-167
  • around the corner of the house was a broad swath of lawn; across the lawn was a two-story guesthouse almost a third of the size of the main houseMC-167

  • the guesthouse entry hall was decorated aggressively in the colors and textures of the American Southwest; clay pots and kachina dollsMC-167
  • soaring ceilings of a living room led to a hall that connected to a sitting roomMC-167
  • the sitting room was half again the size of the biggest room in Mercy's trailerMC-167
  • it left behind the Southwest theme though the colors were still warm earth tonesMC-167
  • it had comfortable seats with soft fluffy furnitureMC-167
  • there was an upright piano tucked in the corner of the sitting roomMC-169

  • an alcove sheltering a wrought-iron, spiral staircaseMC-173


Samuel Cornick & Ari Brewster | Condo Details

Location: Richland, WAFB-29
  • 20 minutes from Mercy's GarageFB-29
  • right next to the river, where land prices were at a premiumFB-30
  • what he paid for the condo could have bough a huge house anywhere else in townFB-30
  • complex less than ten years old, built of stone and stucco and groomed to within an inch of it's lifeFB-30
  • has a garageFB-30
  • front door is fiberglassFB-30
  • walls were painted bright colors; the carpet was whiteFB-32
  • open floor plan; kitchen, dining room, and living room shared the same spaceFB-33
  • dark brown leather couchFB-33
  • phone is on an end table next to the couchFB-35
  • two story condoFB-47
  • has a spare bedroom with an ensuite bathroomFB-37
  • the windows in the living room have blindsFB-49

Stefan Uccello | House Details

  • lives in a ritzy neighborhoodRM-03

Stonehenge Memorial | Memorial Website

Location: Maryhill, Washington


Tim Milanovich | House Details

Location: West Richland, WA
  • a few miles from Kyle's houseIK-173
  • a block so new that several houses didn't have lawns and two buildings were under construction a block overIK-173
  • half of the front was beige brick and the rest was adobe the color of oatmealIK-174
  • it looked upscale and expensive but it was missing the touches that made it a mansion rather than a houseIK-174
  • there was an unused air to the living room, as if everything had just come fresh from a furniture stores; the walls and Berber carpet were in the same color scheme as the houseIK-176
  • has no more personality than an apartment, as if he didn't  have enough confidence in his taste to make the house his ownIK-176
  • uninspired living room but nice; everything was good quality without being excessive
  • one corner of the room had been set up as an office; there was a dorm-sized fridge next to a well-made, but not extravagant, oak computer deskIK-176
  • the long wall opposite the door was dominated by a large TV with waist-high speakers on either side of itIK-176
  • comfy-looking chairs and a couch, all upholstered with a medium brown microfiber designed to look like suede, were scattered in a manner appropriate to a home theaterIK-177

Thomas O'Donnell | House Details

Location: Kennewick, WA
  • lived in Kennewick just off Olympia in a modest-sized house with a neat yard in the front adn an eight-foot white fence that enclosed the backyardIK-68
  • one of the cinder block houses that were fairly common in the area
  • painted blue and had shutters but that didn't stop it from looking industrial
  • there is a washer and dryer just inside the back doorIK-69


Uncle Mike | Bar Details


Uncle Mike | Trailer Details

  • was brand newRM-49


Warren | Blueprints
Warren | Duplex Details

Location: Richland
  • "half an A duplex with a big maple taking up most of his front lawn."MC-132
  • has a college-studen aura defined by lots of books and secondhand furnitureBB-59

Wharton Family | House Details

Location: Spokane, Washington
  • a Victorian mansion complete with a pair of towersBC-116
  • the brick porch had been freshly tuck-pointed, the gingerbread work around the roof edge and the windows bore a new coat of paint

Witch's Cabin | Cabin Details

Location: Cabinet Mountains, Montana
  • small porch with old green paint peeling offCW-231
  • not much to look at, a small log cabin like a hundred other such places in the wilds of Montana
  • the logs were grayed by years of sun, rain, and snow
  • the cabin was baked up to the forest, with twenty feet cleared around the front and one side
  • inside, there was barely room for the narrow cot and small table that were the only furnishings; there's a narrow ledge of a mantelpiece about the fireplace

Wulfe | Lair



Zee | Non-Reservation House Details

Location: Kennewick, WA FB-198
  • a small Victorian nestled in a small cluster of houses
  • the house needed paint and a little work on the porch; the yard was tiny; both were surrounded by a wrought-iron fence that was suitably elaborate for an iron-kissed fae's home
  • back door has a fancy brass knob
  • furnished sparsely and none-too-fancily despite its Victorian appointments, which included the original light fixtures and fine woodwork
  • the living room had a matching couch and love seat that were comfortably worn
  • a small flat-screen TV adorned the wall between two built-in bookcases filled with paperback books
  • a handmade rug softened the hardwood floor
  • to the right from living room, a door opened to an eat-in kitchen that had a 1950s-style table for two that had passed shabby and hit antique
  • on the wall next to the table was Zee's wedding picture
  • there are typically Victorian narrow and steep stairs to the second story
  • down the hall next to the bathroom was a half door-two feet wide by three feet tall with a white milk glass knob, that typically would have hidden a linen closet or a dumb-waiter; hides dark wooden stairs that were even narrower and steeper than the ones to the second floor; they twisted as they rose so they took up only the same amount of room as the narrow linen closet had; four steps
  • the warded room was narrow and long, wide enough, if barely, for three people to stand shoulder to shoulder; the floor carpeted with layers of Persian rugs that were worth a not-so-small fortune
  • unmatched bookcases lined the wall on one of the long ways of the room, ranging from hand-carved museum pieces to boards separated by cinder blocks
  • the top two shelves of each held a selection of unpainted metal toys; the rest of the shelves were filled with various sharp-bladed weapons
  • books, and there were a lot of them, were piled on the floor won the other side of the room; the wall directly across from the doorway they'd entered was entirely covered by an enormous mirror
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