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Spoilers & Speculation / Re: Speculation Mercy #12 SMOKE BITTEN
« Last post by BillG on June 22, 2019, 01:52:36 am »
Mmm, yeah; the enemy of my enemy might still be another of my enemies.
Spoilers & Speculation / Re: Speculation Mercy #12 SMOKE BITTEN
« Last post by Patti L. on June 21, 2019, 06:17:49 am »
Mercy & Co. are pretty good at doing what Jack Carter did in the "Eureka" TV series, turn 2 or 3 problems onto each other to solve them all with minimal damage.  It's how they discover which will fix what, and implement it that drives the plot, to a great extent.
I read a speculative TV script someone did for Eureka once, where they were trying to bring vampires, werewolves, and military black ops trying to use them into Eureka.  It was an interesting premise in its way, but it didn't work for the formula of "Jack-the-guy-with-the-average-111-IQ saves the day by pitting one or more problems of apparently minor sorts against the big one".
Spoilers & Speculation / Re: Speculation Mercy #12 SMOKE BITTEN
« Last post by pondhawk on June 21, 2019, 05:40:14 am »
 :o  :D
The Price / Re: Rumpelstiltskin
« Last post by Melanie on June 21, 2019, 03:47:28 am »
“The Price” Is the true story about Rumpelstiltskin. Published 1999 in Silver Birch, Blood Moon.
So that means well before the Mercyversum books.
Nevertheless, the Mercyversum is magical and maybe something leaked out in a similar way like in Fire Touched:

“Are we feeling Underhill?” asked Adam.
 “Yes,” said Aiden. “This is what happens in places where there are too many doors in too small an area. Her magic leaks out.”
“Even though the doors have long been closed in the Old Country,” Zee added, “there are places that people avoid because the spill of magic lingers.”

We know that Ariana wrote “”Magic Made” which contains the story of “Rumpelstiltskin”.
A book, that contains many fairy tales and also hides the Silver Born,
which absorbs magic from fae and returns it to the origin of all magic. (Silver in Shifting Shadows)

Silver Born:
Chapter 6: "It's a book written about the fae by someone who was fae," I(=Mercy) told him(=Tad). There's a lot of information in it and a lot of fairy tales retold from the other side." I had to laugh. "Gave me a whole new perspective on 'Rumplestiltskin' "
Chapter 15: "Ariana has a fine sense of irony," observed Adam, reading the title for the first time – Magic Made was embossed on the cover and spine in gold.

Could it be that the knowledge of the true story about Rumpelstiltskin made it’s way from Ariana’s book to Patty
and inspire Patty to write her story “The Price” about Rumpelstiltskin?

That would mean that “The Price” is in a certain way Patty’s first Mercyversum story. bOuNcY bOuNcY

Spoilers & Speculation / Re: Speculation Mercy #12 SMOKE BITTEN
« Last post by Melanie on June 21, 2019, 02:28:01 am »
O&F Podcast, Ep. 196: Patricia Briggs
In this Podcast Patty reveals that in Smoke Bitten there will be two main threads:
1. A wild werewolf pack moving into the Tri-Cities area and trying to take Adam's territory from him.
2. There will be something that has escaped from Underhill - in Fire Touched, Aiden said that there were Fae prisoners left behind in Underhill when it had kicked the Fae out, and that those prisoners somehow became something else (mindless mutant Fae maybe?). Now that Underhill is open again, some creature is going to escape in to the Tri-Cities.

Navigating the Forums & Forum FAQ / Re: The Help Thread and Test Thread
« Last post by Patti L. on June 20, 2019, 06:05:09 am »
Hi, Koalty_Time
You posted this, so yes, you can post.  Just watch for threads or boards that are "READ ONLY" - that may be where you're running into the first trouble.

Starting a thread is usually done by starting at a sub board.  For instance, in "
    The Hurog Family >
    Patricia Briggs' Books >
    The Weres >
    Characters Board (Moderators: Elle, Has, Zealith, Patti L., Midangel)"
You move from the main page to Patty's books.  From there, you select the sub-board "The Weres" .  Then you get even smaller, you go into "Characters Board".
On the top RIGHT you should see a series of tabs (or one giant tab, if you will, with breakouts) saying "

    New Topic
    New poll
    Mark Read"
Select "New Topic"

That opens a page that looks a bit like you're sending a private message.  It asks for a subject title, and a message icon.
Then you type into the body of the box.
You may preview or post.

Navigating the Forums & Forum FAQ / Re: The Help Thread and Test Thread
« Last post by Koalaty_Time on June 20, 2019, 05:37:57 am »

I have no idea how to post on this forum. I also can't start a new topic either. I'm familiar with basic web code from the early Gaia Online days but there's no new post button. Or is it just me?                                 
Spoilers & Speculation / Re: Speculation Mercy #12 SMOKE BITTEN
« Last post by BillG on June 20, 2019, 02:03:11 am »
I’m thinking about smoke screens and speculating fae or werewolves this time. We just had witches, and vampires before that.

Perhaps Goblins would be an interesting antagonist. I know they seem to be on good terms with Larry, but there was that goblin in the beginning of Storm Cursed who was definitely not a friendly, and goblins are definitely capable of deception...

Given that Larry The Goblin King felt he needed Mercy's trust strongly enough to reveal a great secret, it could well be that some rude goblins are in her future.
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